10 Feb

Why we cringe putting ourselves out there?

Cuppa time with Luanne and why we cringe putting ourselves out there.
Come and join me tomorrow with the gorgeous Pamelah as we go over through the anxiety as it shows up in our hands. This week I’ve been working with my own anxiety in getting out there so will have some great stories indeed https://goddessonpurpose.simplero.com/page/71264-how-to-deal-with-anxiety-webinar

The topic today is Why we cringe while we’re putting ourselves out there and the reason why I want to do that is because I cringe every time I put myself out there. You might have seen, I put a post up today about how I am re-purposing some of my photos from events and even just recent ones and there was one there in my beautiful regal dress, I’m feeling very regal today so I thought I’d keep the theme going.

But even when I was doing that, the little part of myself going – “Oh what are people going to say? What are people going to think? Is it too much?” We run that belief in our head or my head, I will speak for myself. And I always work from inspiration, this is my theme this year, to work from inspiration. And since coming back from a retreat, I had a major break through and came back with this plan. This is how I work sometimes. A plan on some steps that I had to do to increase getting myself out there.

I started to implement my plan and then I had a bit of “Oh my gosh, okay, what am I going to do here”. And then I said something about putting something else out there that wasn’t the thing that I needed to put out there. I don’t know if you’ve ever done that before.

Today I got up and I was really inspired to put this offer out there, and for those on my mailing list, I’m already doing some coaching and I really wanted to connect with some people and put an offer out there to do some one-on-one coaching. I just went to my computer and just typed what exactly what I wanted to say from my heart. And it was for 5 people, what the offer was, and it was to apply here. And I knocked that out in about an hour.

I didn’t even think about the reaction, what is going to come back until I sent it. And then I went into my cringe thing and did me a little shrink thing, shut my computer down and went and took Nala for a walk at the park. After she’d had enough, we came back home, opened my computer up.

Already there were people who applied to do that. It made me think and definitely with these other things that I’m putting out there, I just went okay,  just because some people unsubscribed yet again, they saw this offer out there, it came from a really deep space in my heart and I wanted to share. And people have been asking me to one-on-one coaching for a long time and I really resisted it. And in the email that I sent out, I wrote why I resisted it and then I had a look at myself and then went that’s BS. And then okay let’s just put the offer out and see who comes in.

That wasn’t really what I was getting to, it’s more about that feeling that stops us from actually making these offers out in the world. And for me, you have to look back at your old beliefs and more patterns that run you.

And I remember I used to work at a real estate agent, I wanted to be the Goddess of Real Estate. But to be in that job, you have to do the  apprenticeship of that first. I had  to ring one hundred people everyday to get bookings for the qualified agents to go out and see if someone wants to list their house. And that really scared the beejezers out of me.

Somehow I got through it. I think I was in the job for only 3 months and everyday I would get on the phone and just ring them. And there was something in me that came from a place of,  “I work for this amazing business and if you want to sell your house and we can help you with that, lets book in a time”. And sometimes I wouldn’t get one person say yes. I would always get not right now, I never get anybody rude, it was really interesting some of the other girls did but I never seem to.

I think there’s the energy around that. Sometimes I would make my 100th call and I would say yeah I want to sell my house, thank you and then I would book in the other person to do that. but I had to really get through that fear of being out there.

It comes to the point where I’m really good at promoting other people, I don’t know if you are, you might be. I think women do this really well. If we find a great product or a service, we will scream that stuff out to anybody who we think needs it. That’s where I am at, I love promoting other people, I just love it, especially when I’m, aligned to it.

Why is it different when it comes back to us? And its that whole thing about rejection. It’s not a big one but its everything, its that fear of rejection, what are people going to think about us? Who am I to do this thing? And at some stage you’ve  really got to get through that, there are people out there waiting for my service or my product and the only way out there is to make an offer. Yes, people are going to unsubscribe all the time and I’m on a lot of people’s list and I see what they’re doing and you might trigger somebody when you put an offer out there. You could have been triggered when somebody sent you an offer going how dare they do that? Well for one thing they’re on your list, or I’m on their list. I’ve opted-in to be there and some people just send every single day.

Part of the information I love to read and you can actually leave the rest. It’s really interesting. And that whole cringe worthy thing, I’m looking at my daughter. My daughter who is 10, nearly 11. So this year, she wants to play football. And she’s never played football before in her life. I’m not quite sure why she did it and my first reaction was okay, I’m all for kids doing whatever they like, but I did have this thing going on in my head maybe she should just do cheer leading or why don’y you play netball or something like that. She’s like, no Mum I want to do football. So I checked-in and I spoke to myself is this about me or is this about her. And anyway, it was really about me so we’re booking her for football after we found a team.

So that was my thing, I don’t want her to get hurt but that’s the same thing as putting offer out there, or putting a post up in Facebook, what’s your opinion or how you can help somebody, just do it. What’s the worst thing, and when you think about, what other people think about you, they’re not going to tell you. They can tell somebody else and they can and have a winged about you and when that triggered by that a conscious person would know that they are triggered by that. I certainly will be triggered by things and I’ll go what’s is it about me that I need to learn from that? Its because I’m not being out there enough.

I don’t know if you’ve  got any thoughts or what’s your experience about that. That’s the thing, if you love what you’re doing, and you believe in it, get it out there. Don’t worry about what people will think, its a false being. Do the work it takes because the world need your services or your products or your wisdom.

So that’s it from me. Thanks for joining, bye for now.

Many blissings, Luanne!



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