09 Jan

Monday Goddess on Purpose card today: POUNCE

Hi there everyone Luanne Mareen here chief-goddess at goddess on purpose Doing a Monday oracle card for 2018. Happy new year to you and May all your wishes and...

07 Jan

Divine Spark #32

Celebrate Your wins, Your challenges and everything in between …. and keep doing that. #goddessonpurpose #luannemareen To get Divine Sparks straight to your inbox CLICK HERE

05 Jan

My Biggest Regret

Happy New Year! I’m sure that you have been inundated with all the Happy New Year !!!! emails  and so I am adding another 😉 Can you feel the...

02 Jan

Divine Spark #31

Reflection then Action. Less words, less noise, more focus, more flow. #goddessonpurpose #luannemareen To get Divine Sparks straight to your inbox CLICK HERE

28 Dec

Divine Spark #30

To know and not to do is not yet to know – so just do it and stop procrastinating. #goddessonpurpose #luannemareen To get Divine Sparks straight to your inbox CLICK...

23 Dec

Divine Spark #29

Hold and hug your loved ones just a little tighter today. <3 #goddessonpurpose #luannemareen To get Divine Sparks straight to your inbox CLICK HERE

21 Dec

Goddess on Purpose Oracle message for Monday except its Tuesday – PURE <3

Good morning there god is goddesses. Luanne here, chief goddess, goddess on purpose doing our weekly card.  Thanks for those who noticed that it wasn’t done yesterday, It was...

21 Dec

My quick review on Trello


21 Dec

Are you winding down yet?

So as a single parent – xmas can be challenging. I shared something via instagramon my thoughts and learnings about that last night. Huge big learning and as they left...

21 Dec

What’s the point anyway

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a Fika celebration with a small group of women I hadn’t met before.   Actually some I had known for a...

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