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17 May

They will laugh at you, but do It anyway ❤️❤️❤️

Hi everyone Luanne here, Chief-Goddess at Goddess on Purpose. Checking in today, I have been a little bit under the weather last week or kind of this week leading...

03 May

Face up to it Goddess

After an amazing 6 days of looking at our Purpose design in our hands, more wisdom is dropping in each day. The power of knowing the wisdom staring back...

03 May

Queen of the Underworld (read time 3 min)

March is my little Goddesses birthday.  Affrica Paikea turned 11, and she has been one of my greatest joys. She wanted to do a live video of her dancing...

03 May

When you let control go … (and it hurt)

2 and ½ years ago I was stopped at 8.00am at the USA customs in Los Angeles  with 2 little kids aged 8 and 10.  We were returning back...

03 May

Are you supportable ?

Are you supportable ? Asking for help and doing what it takes ❤️❤️❤️ welcome Pamelah to Aussie land and “funky town” we turned on the weather to welcome you...

03 May

Claiming ownership – Mastery

Claiming ownership – Mastery Gift Marking training How are you going? Have you got a cup of tea? Thanks for joining me, its been a while. I’m really honoured...

10 Apr

If you truly knew me then you would know that …..

Hi Gorgeous, I’m back from the Gold Coast where I saw my sister from another mister show.  She was awesome and what I got from watching her pour out...

15 Mar

The Queen of the Underworld.

Cuppa with Luanne – lessons from a maiden for the Gift marking webinar <3

22 Feb

How do you handle feedback?

Can you handle feedback ? (or like that actor who says “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH” 😉 Jack Nicholson style Hi everyone! Luanne here, cuppa with Luanne today, except...

01 Feb

Getting through that anxiety

Hi everyone, Luanne here. I thought I’d do a quick check-in today, going live. I’s been a while since I’ve done a Live. I’m only just doing a video...

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