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10 Feb

Simplero vs Infusion and Leadpages – why I switched

I made the switch to save money and to give my head a break 😉 Entrepreneurs doing it on their own should take a look. I love Simplero but...

07 Feb

Survey Results are in!

Results are in – Yay to Michaelah from NZ and Sharon from UK and thank you soooo much for filling in my survey and I hope you got the...

24 Jan

Take what you want and leave the rest

Good morning everyone. Luanne here. Hopefully you can hear me okay. Just waiting a few seconds with a nice cup of coconut tea. I just wanted to check in...

10 Jan

4 easy ideas to kick start your year

Hi Goddess, as I start the year I made this quick checklist you can download and print out on what I am working on in my business right now...

29 Nov

How do you deal with Disappointment ?

My take on how I dealt with disappointment. It will come up every now and then. Don’t let it get you down though. Blissings Luanne

05 Sep

What is most important to you ?

Hola gorgeous ,   The past few weeks/months have been massive for me. How about you?   Everyone has been feeling a huge shift in and around him or...

27 Jul

What if you implemented 10% of the Good Advice you got ?

My thoughts today on if you could implement at least 10% of the Good advice or ideas you received what would happen? Taking a risk is needed in most...

04 Sep

Goddess on Purpose – Organising my thoughts

Luanne Hi, there Luanne here, Chief Goddess and global gatherer at Goddess on Purpose and today’s Goddess on Purpose tip is about organisation. Quite often people have been asking...

02 Sep

Organised Chaos – Achieve More by doing less

The overwhelm can creep in very quickly these modern days and its been in my conscious mind that I want to live more simply (still in Goddess luxury of...

17 Jun

How to re-align yourself to your Vision

Trusting your week has been one of growth and possibly sprinkled with a few challenges to stretch those muscles, and now back to joy and fun again.  Yes it...

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