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22 Feb

Are you Fully IN or Fully OUT ?

10 Feb

Why we cringe putting ourselves out there?

Cuppa time with Luanne and why we cringe putting ourselves out there. Come and join me tomorrow with the gorgeous Pamelah as we go over through the anxiety as...

01 Feb

The Importance of Showing up

  Hi everyone, Luanne here and happy Friday Fly Day! Just a quick check-in (a bit wobbly here with the selfie stick here) to say hello and to hope...

24 Jan

The Power of saying you Stuffed up

Hi everyone, Luanne here. Happy Sunday, happy Sunday everyone. What’s the time here? It’s 10 to 7. I know it’s a busy time for people, its dinner time, those...

24 Jan

My fear of rejection

My Facebook live share where my fear of rejection came up big time. Hi everyone. Luanne here. Just waiting a minute until I go live. We’re live. Yay. Yes,...

10 Jan

Still suffering from a 2017 hangover and what to do about it

Happy New Year, how are you going on day 9 into the New Year ? Honestly when I started writing this ,  I thought I was still  suffering from...

21 Dec

Are you an Innovator ?

Hola Gorgeous, Today I had the pleasure of doing 4 Hand readings for amazing people and was inspired to share a little bit about the Master of Innovation being...

20 Dec

How to ramp up your Self-worth Goddess

Self-worth is a huge thing for most people. As per Hand Analysis I explain what this means. If its your Life lesson you need to learn to be responsible,...

30 Nov

What I got from “Walking the Edge”

I’m back from my “Retreat” time more inspired, more embodied and more curious than ever. Curious, because something shifted majorly for me while I was away. It’s hard to...

20 Sep

I am not your Guru – what stood out

  Last night I watched this movie by Tony Robbins.  Amazing and emotional and here are some of my thoughts on this. Have you watched it yet ? If...

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