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22 Nov

A lesson in surrendering

The weather is heating up here in Melbourne and it also feels like the heat of my own Purpose is getting its flames fanned big time. Being aligned with...

13 Oct

is it resistance or a clear no?


17 Sep

Introvert / extrovert


11 Aug

Your design is different to others


31 Jul

When you get stuck on your Why …

Sharing this video from Simon Sinek Ted x talk from a while ago. Many peeps are struggling with the breaking down of the old and the rebuilding of their...

27 Jul

Why it’s so Important to know your true WHY Beautiful

Hi Gorgeous, This week is all about kids. (School Holidays) I have my daughters BFF coming for two nights and my son is organising trips to the local Gravity...

22 Feb

Are you Fully IN or Fully OUT ?

10 Feb

Why we cringe putting ourselves out there?

Cuppa time with Luanne and why we cringe putting ourselves out there. Come and join me tomorrow with the gorgeous Pamelah as we go over through the anxiety as...

01 Feb

The Importance of Showing up

  Hi everyone, Luanne here and happy Friday Fly Day! Just a quick check-in (a bit wobbly here with the selfie stick here) to say hello and to hope...

24 Jan

The Power of saying you Stuffed up

Hi everyone, Luanne here. Happy Sunday, happy Sunday everyone. What’s the time here? It’s 10 to 7. I know it’s a busy time for people, its dinner time, those...

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