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10 Apr

What I got from the weekend – Community rocks !!!!

What I got from the weekend – Community rocks !!!! for other events xxx Hi everyone! Luanne here, Chief-Goddess at Goddess on Purpose. How’s your day going? It’s...

17 Mar

Powerful Leadership are you claiming your throne.

03 Jan

Taking Action in 2017

Today I received a few messages that I couldn’t ignore. Hi beautiful one. Luanne here, Chief Goddess at Goddess On Purpose. Today I wanted to share with you a...

21 Dec

Are you an Innovator ?

Hola Gorgeous, Today I had the pleasure of doing 4 Hand readings for amazing people and was inspired to share a little bit about the Master of Innovation being...

01 Sep

Calling in your Primal Goddess-ence

Tap into the Primal Goddess-ence within.  We all have it. Sometimes she appears out, loud and proud.  Other times she is a whisper we can not hear. Listen today...

04 Jul

Goddess or Gansta ? We all need ritual

We all have our own morning rituals. What works for some does not work for others. Only you know how your body responds, what gets you moving towards your...

23 Dec

Do you have an Apollo Life Purpose ?

This morning while on my walk – I was listening to my Hand Analysis mentor as I was brushing up (always constantly honing my craft) on Apollo purpose. This...

18 Sep

Discover Goddess Abundance by Being Open to New Opportunities

Discover Goddess Abundance by Being Open to New Opportunities An important aspect of self-development Goddess, is the ability to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself. You might...

15 Jul

Goddess Money Manifesting Tip

Goddess on Purpose Tip – Manifest your Dreams Hi there Luanne here Global Goddess Gatherer and Divine Business mentor at Goddess on Purpose. And today Goddess on Purpose tip...

12 Jun

Letting go Goddess

DATE: 16th July 2013 I have landed back home after 8 days in Los Angeles HOP mastermind (Hand Training and masterminding). I love travelling its one of my most...

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