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15 Feb

I’m ready to toss in the towel?

Remember the days when you were a kid and it was a hot summer day? You whined at mum and dad to take you to the pool or the...

09 Feb

World Problem Solver vs Creating tangled webs

Gift Markings: Hal 9000 Creating problems to keep you distracted Posted by Luanne Mareen – Goddess on Purpose Want to get your hands looked at to see what gift...

17 Dec

Goddess on Purpose Monday Oracle Card – PROACTIVE <3

Hi beautiful one, Luanne here chief goddess, goddess on purpose. And today is the Monday oracle card. We’re choosing a card out of this beautiful deck that was created...

17 Dec

Goddess on Purpose Monday weekly message ❤️ (November 04, 2017)

Good Morning everyone. Luanne here chief-goddess, goddess on purpose doing our weekly goddess on purpose oracle card today. So… I hope you had a great weekend and back into...

22 Nov

A lesson in surrendering

The weather is heating up here in Melbourne and it also feels like the heat of my own Purpose is getting its flames fanned big time. Being aligned with...

13 Nov

Why you are not committing to your Purpose and how to fix that now

I’m still out in Attwood (by the airport)back home tomorrow after hanging out and supporting RJ with her new group of entrepreneurs. I love this environment. Lots of ahas for everyone...

03 Nov

How normal people find their Life Purpose

Kia Ora Gorgeous, Not sure if you are like me, but  I feel I’ve been searching for my Purpose for many years.  Before I “found clarity” around mine this...

11 Aug

Your design is different to others


27 Jul

Why it’s so Important to know your true WHY Beautiful

Hi Gorgeous, This week is all about kids. (School Holidays) I have my daughters BFF coming for two nights and my son is organising trips to the local Gravity...

29 Jun

Can I challenge you to Show up Beautiful ?

Hey gorgeous Beautiful , I just did a live on facebook about Stop Hiding Out. I know I’ve probably banged on about this before, but I actually have decided to...

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