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30 Jan

30 days done and dusted ….

Newsletter done, 30 day challenge done, except for this last blog : I wanted to share my newsletter for those who are not registered how I managed my 30...

05 Jan

My last status update – Ted ex

Kia ora, Day 5 of my blog challenge that today I added another challenge of Planking !! Yes Planking, I saw a message on my sisters facebook page and...

01 Jan

The Challenge with Challenges

Happy New Year for 2014 – the year of the Horse (or Unicorn if you choose – me its a Zebra ;). 2013 was one of the BIGGEST years...

11 Jun

30 Day Challenge – Day 14 Vision Quest

So funny, I literally just finished this video and you will hear in the video a text message came through. It said “Hello Goddess, my sweet and I are...

06 Jun

30 Day Challenge – Day 13 Stop Comparing

Excuse the low res video – there is no broadband internet where I live (I know how does that EVER happen ??) and I wanted to get this up...

17 May

30 Day Challenge – Day 10 You are Amazing

Was great to speak tonight at the Local Kinder mums event. Sharing the message to other women that have not really be “exposed” to the woo woo world as...

16 May

30 Day Challenge – Day 9 Goddess Ishtar – sensuality

Divine Goddess Ishtar – pleasure, sensuality, fun, letting go, creativity, abundance.

16 May

30 Day Challenge – Day 8 Gratitude Book

Gratitude Book – yay !!!!

14 May

30 Day Challenge – Day 7 Goddess Kali

13 May

30 Day Video Challenge – Day 6

In the “raw” and how to get 20 things to do to 1

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