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11 Oct

A woman should have ….

A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE …. Enough money within her control to move out… And rent a place of her own even if she never wants to? or needs to…...

29 Jun

Can I challenge you to Show up Beautiful ?

Hey gorgeous Beautiful , I just did a live on facebook about Stop Hiding Out. I know I’ve probably banged on about this before, but I actually have decided to...

15 Mar

What to do when you feel flat.

What to do when you feel flat …… and what to do with it.

03 Nov

Stand up for yourself

Yesterday my children showed great courage for standing up for themselves. This is what they did and it made me so proud and a great lesson for us all....

27 Oct

I’m retreating

Hola gorgeous At least once a year I like to go away on retreat just for me. Something that I am passionate about, something I will grow from and...

27 Aug

When speaking your Truth is just Projection

Todays sharing is regarding how we “React” to certain situations. Do  you feel you need to “Speak your truth” aka project my stuff onto another because I feel wounded...

07 Jul

The Inner game of Standing out – are you ready ?

I believe anyone wanting to make a positive difference with their work need to read this. There is a new generation of Thought-Leader emerging.  There is room for you...

06 Jul

Perfection and why its ridiculous

We have all done it. Not shared something with world because it wasn’t quite ready.  Wasn’t “perfect” enough. Blah blah blah. Perfection gets us all at one time or...

05 Jul

Raise your standards woman !!!

So I read this list – and it is totally OK for all of it. Some of it you might say argghhhhh it’s ok but it totally sucks –...

04 Jul

When A Woman

This is interesting because I look at quotes and pics and always come  Up with 2 meanings. There’s the obvious one here when a relationship is over (the guy...

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