4 ~ Day Retreat

for Purpose seeking women who are craving a
deeper, desirable, delish experience with Self.

July 6th – 9th 2018

Join me in this intimate retreat

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Have you ever had a desire that you can feel in your body, in your essence? You’ve got goosebumps thinking about it? I also have this desire and I am called to invite a small intimate group of Feminine leaders who are ready to be held by us all.


Hi, I’m Luanne, I’m the Chief-Goddess here at Goddess on Purpose and if you’re new to my work or to me, I help people to identify their Life Purpose and also to embody that using Feminine Powerful Practices. And this is an invitation to you to come into the sanctuary for 4-days for the Purpose Embodiment Retreat.

I’ve been designing this for a little while,. formulating what it looked like. And now I have crystal clear clarity around that and I’m going to share that with you.

Have you ever wanted to know your Life Purpose? Your true soul’s purpose and the thing that you’re here to do in the world ?

What about the thing that hold you back from truly expressing who you are?


Do you know and feel that you’re gifted in a special way, yet struggling to use those gifts in the full way they are here to support you?

An Invitation to Feminine Leaders
for their next relaunch into the world

Are you burnt out, hiding out, overwhelmed and spiritually disconnected to who you really are?

When was the last time you actually honored yourself with the gift of time out to regroup with a nurturing, fun, deep, soul inspiring intimate group of women?

Here it is sister…. Your intimate invitation.

How do you relate to all 7 aspects of woman?

Being a Goddess in this modern world.

Learning and embracing each of the qualities both shadow and light for each Goddess will ultimately mirror to you where you can use more, or turn it down to have more balance and clarity in your life.

Know when and where you can use the Goddess-ence traits in your working life and also in your personal life.

Integrating lost parts of you that you have hidden.

Getting rid of any shame you may have collected through the years and be re-energized using your Goddess Given Gifts.

Learn to turn yourself on again so that you are charged with the life force energy that is so important to a Goddess who is on Purpose in the bedroom as wells as the boardroom.

  • Come and join me and up to only 4-6 other women in this intimate 4 day Purpose embodiment Retreat.
  • Set in a luxurious setting on the Mornington Peninsula – 4 days and nights 20th July – 24th July
  • We will dive deep into one on one work with me – of course Your Life Purpose reading
  • A one hour Reiki Session with a beautiful healer
  • A one hour relaxation massage
  • Bathing in the gorgeous Peninsula Hot Springs with a delicious dinner afterwards (in your bathrobes if you want J)
  • Gorgeous Group work and LOTS OF DOWNTIME for you to just be

If you allow me… here’s my story…


My name is Luanne Mareen. I am a speaker, author, master hand analyst, Goddess, and life purpose personal coach. I’m established as one of the most sought after personal coaches within the Australian self-development field. I also facilitate Goddess Gatherings & Goddess Playshops for sassy, sensual spiritual sistars.

I’ve been published in three books. And I have trained with some of the best and most renowned self-development, and hand analysis teachers in the world.

I follow my life’s purpose, and facilitate massive transformational change for women like you to help you live your bliss.

I attribute much of our business & person success to my business coaches and mentors in many different fields. My Journey took Me from working as a casino Dealer to living a juicy life on purpose I wasn’t always a successful businesswoman.

My journey to living on purpose, and doing what I love with a passion was littered with plenty of challenges, frustrations, and a ton of fear and self-doubt. Before I took the leap of faith into entrepreneurship I worked as a casino dealer… I was one of the chicks that deal cards at the tables. Admittedly I had a fun job, great friends, and lived in some cool places.

But the job never really satisfied my spirit…and my soul’s yearning for a true meaning of my life. It didn’t give me personal and spiritual satisfaction. And consequently I didn’t live on purpose. So after a succession of personal hard knocks I had enough. The biggest ‘knock’ was when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor aged 27.

It was inoperable and if left to grow at the rapid rate it was I would eventually go blind.

Even having radio therapy meant high probability of not being able to have children later on.  So decisions had to be made.

I wanted more from life. I wanted to discover my life’s purpose, and went in search of finding the “real me.” But I wanted a DEEPER experience in my body also.

I knew that all the learning from a headspace point of view would not be enough to be an Embodied Goddess.  I studied Tantra and other Feminine Presence practices to fully enable me to walk my talk.

The rest as they say is history. I’m grateful for the level of success I have experienced… both in my life and business. My path has led me to become a leading authority as a women’s coach.

I can teach you how to live a delicious life, embrace your Lifes purpose and take your business to soaring new heights. This intimate retreat will be fundamental in your journey.


Desire a deeper connection with your sensual, sassy, sacred self

Want to be able to move out of your comfort zone and experience new ways of being

Goddess Dream of turning on your Presence so that everyone knows you are in the room

Relish the idea of turning on the “real” you, regardless of what anyone thinks.

Desire tools and practices that you can take into your life to help support you in all areas Belong to an intimate group of sisters who will share the journey with you and be your mirror.

Want a soft space to really let go if you want to, a place of non-judgment, a place where release is welcome

Get in touch with your own body again and stop just “surviving” life.

Learn what your Life Purpose is on a deeper level and how to bring that out into the world

Breathe sparks into your relationships with self and significant others in your life.


Investment Application only

The retreat is specifically designed to be intimate with no more than 8 women.

All delicious vegan food will be supplied.

Accommodation is included – share room accomodation

All you need to do is to turn up, relax and enjoy

When you book for the retreat you will be sent to a form to fill out and then I will personally contact you

to discuss the retreat in more detail and what you are desiring as the outcome for it.

Here’s what’s included:

Private Life Purpose session with Luanne Mareen

Luxury accomdation space in a gorgeous house.

All meals and drinks – for your unique requirements

Shared room with a beloved sister

Your own private chef supplying vegan food (and her deserts are out of this world

Group sessions + lots of downtime for you

Hot Springs Peninsula Baths experience

Beach walking

Unique meditations/dance adventure

Reiki and Massage sessions for everyone

And a big surprise that I cant tell you just yet.

What’s NOT included: Flights to Victoria or Shuttle bus between airports (although we will certainly help you organise an easy flow to our venue

Travel Insurance
Personal items


What we will touch on over the 4 days

Some of the ways we will Embody our Goddess-ence will be through:

Group practices Individual practices Goddess-ence essential oils

Dance and movement Tantra Rituals

Gift markings and Hand Analysis work

Art of Feminine Practices

Personal ART class from a gifted Artist

Witnessing each other And more ……


Follow Your Desires and Come Out

Into the World by Going Deeper Into Yourself


What else does this retreat include:

Your own set of Goddess-ence oils – we will learn how to use these

Some take home notes and pdfs

Access to a facebook group for 12 months where we can check in on our sisters

2 x 40 minute follow up group calls to pump up the Purpose Embodiment experience


Here’s how to join us

STEP 1:  Click on your preferred payment method to secure your spot

STEP2:  You’ll be forwarded to an online Desire application. Fill it out and send back to me.

STEP3:  We’ll set up a time for a chat and get to know each other more before the retreat.

STEP4:  Prepare yourself for a retreat like no other

Book now by clicking below

The investment all inclusive:

$2497 aud

Early bird pay in full $2197 before 31st March

Yes Payment plans are available.

$450 x 6 monthly payments

Cancellation Policy included when you apply.

No refunds given but you will be able to pass this onto
another women should circumstances change or divert to any other programs.

Women who have worked with Luanne

Before Goddess on Purpose event 2013 I just had returned to my “regular job” (which I loved) in a limited capacity after my car accident. I was doing my best to “reclaim” my pre-accident life but I also knew there was “more”! My life was very complicated, money was very tight and I didn’t know why my health was about to decline.

The obstacles I had to overcome were so many! Leaving an abusive. Constricting relationship, financial issues, a life threatening car accident, 18 months of rehabilitation and many ardous court cases to fight for the best outcomes for my beautiful daughter – and that’s just the last three years. After experiencing GOP 2013 and attending some events at the Goddess shed, it became obvious that part of Luanne’s gift was providing/creating an amazing community which amplifies her personal support. Luanne’s approach to people and life resonates so well with me.

As a trainer and mentor, I appreciate her human friendly ear, openness and generosity. She also keeps me accountable. Luanne’s warmth and passion for what she does drew me to GOP 2013 and 2014. These qualities, combined with her business success and diverse knowledge and experience made me jump at the opportunity to be mentored by her. Since then, I have trained as a Goddess on Purpose facilitator, run several events on my own, resigned from my ‘regular job”, commenced a business mentoring program with Luanne, massively expanded my network, received confirmation of my “purpose”, and seen beautiful flow an effects in what I model for my daughter.

Luanne, at her events and one on one, is a gentle-spirited teacher who guides with the effectiveness subtlety, humor, encouragement, encouragement and empowerment of a master people person. I am genuinely at the happiest, most grateful point of my life and Luanne’s role in helping “pull together” my many dreams into a tangible plan to see them come to fruition has been so valuable and exciting.

britta morrisson

Britta Morrison

www.Britta Morrisson.com

Luanne, you have inspired and touched my life in so many ways. You guided me to find my true self and helped me believe in me again. Since continuing on my journey I use the knowledge and tools that you have shared with me and am still amazed and grateful how everything continues to just “fallen into place”. The energy that you share is amazing, it leaves you wanting more and more, I am eternally gratefully for our paths meeting. You truly are an amazing woman in every way.

rachel gardner

Rachel Gardner

Intuitive Psychologist I didn’t think I was struggling with anything at the time but I guess I was struggling with becoming more authentic in myself.. owning and wholly honouring all of my gifts. Although I absolutely loved what I was doing and I had a relatively successful business, I felt I had a calling to do something on a bigger scale in a much more public way. One of the major things that has changed for me is having a community that I can connect to Having a much clearer direction and purpose and feeling supported in following that path.

Feeling comfortable with my desire to be in the spotlight.. Public speaking !!! Being able to easily integrate both my spiritual side and my scientific side of my personality I am now beginning to do exactly that. Getting out into the spotlight and speaking to wider audiences about my relationship breakthrough workshops .. Holding spiritual gatherings for women to connect to themselves and each other. GO DO IT!!! Haha

Luanne can certainly guide and assist you to definitely help you to discover your purpose so you can truly follow your heart’s desire..

I would like to say that I highly recommend Luanne and the work she does as she has the capacity for being truly present with you. She is a genuine and heartfelt person who wants to be a part of really seeing you shine. Great big hugs and thanks go to you Luanne for making this year a spectacularly special one for me. I have not regretted anything from being a part of this program. I wish you extremely well in the future you are a beautiful woman and of course GODDESS. Xoxo

jacqui Christie

Jacqui Christie

Naturopath, Speaker, Author Before GOP I was very frustrated with being in a small shop and had lots of fears about moving forward in my business. The obstacles I had to overcome were mainly personal fears as well as lots of learning about business management. Luanne assisted with getting me in the spotlight…loving myself enough to want to bring my skills out. To shine J

I am more confident. I don’t want to fluff around anymore and get things done.  I know what works and I have a set plan to just do it.  I have better time management and I endeavor to share my gifts but also love myself more in the process .

Sidenote: I have had a 100% increase in sales instantly and shop size 3 x old size. Increased modalities at the center & Created jobs for 8 people.

karina francsoi

Karina Francsoi