Hi Gorgeous

Have you asked yourself the following questions at all ?


  • I don’t want to be maxed out in my time – balance in my life is important to me
  • I don’t want to be drained working with the wrong people
  • I don’t want to fail my clients – so best way not to is to not put this out there
  • I only want to work with groups now


If you have and you are searching for the support of a mentor and coach then this might just be for you.

I work with various people and groups and not often one on one where you I get to work alongside you the whole way.

I put this intention out:

  • I want to work with amazing people each month but not forever just enough time they get the gold from me
  • I want to be energized by seeing my clients break through and reach their desires
  • I attract people who own their own stuff and who are committed to the process
  • I want to work with a small handful of people one on one and hold their hand to embody more of their Purpose
  • I want fun and happy people to work with because that’s how I roll.


So if you are still reading this and you resonate with some of the above I am going to make this offering

I am opening up 5 coaching and mentoring places for the next 6 months.

Fortnightly calls with me, and email contact the whole time APPLY HERE

This is for you if:

  • You have want to launch a new idea, product or revamp your existing business
  • You want to know your Purpose and learn how to embody it with ease and grace
  •  You want someone who really “GETS” you – sees your soul and holds that space for you to expand
  • Want to cut through the fear and make stuff happen for you
  • Embody more of your feminine – Yes you got stuff happening but something is missing
  • You are single and tired of doing it all by yourself – the kids, the business, with no time for you
  • Want a coach but also don’t want to break the bank either

I’ve worked with many people over the years – of course first we start with Purpose and then there is the journey forward from there.

This is what some of my previous clients have said:

rhee-188x300-normal.jpegExperiencing coaching sessions with Luanne has simply enhanced my quality of life. Thank you. On a more complex level, the sessions stepped me through practical and smart thinking while allowing me to be in the present and feel emotions which were holding me back. Following these sessions I have left my job and taken up business opportunities as well as supporting community initiatives. I am continuing to study and learn. Luannes gentle guidance allowed me to draw from a better place inside me and to embrace my confidence and true self. I encourage and invite others to explore this opportunity with Luanne as I know they too will be enriched and enabled.
Thanks again my friend.   Rebekah Duthie


I must say since I have joined my life has moved forward in leaps and bounds the works is so paying off now. If your feeling the urge goddesses go for it. I am so glad I finally did xxx The truth is I have a feeling full of confidence the oils are really amazing. I have so many testimonials . Love you Lu. I am a better person, love me more, walking my talk a little more each day. Doesn’t matter anymore about what others think of me I am full of love and integrity so that’s what counts. Xx www.mysticenchantedinsights.com.au.  Margaret Ioannidis

Before Goddess on Purpose event 2013 I just had returned to my “regular job” (which I loved) in a limited capacity after my car accident. I was doing my best to “reclaim” my pre-accident life but I also knew there was “more”! My life was very complicated, money was very tight and I didn’t know why my health was about to decline.

The obstacles I had to overcome were so many! Leaving an abusive. Constricting relationship, financial issues, a life threatening car accident, 18 months of rehabilitation and many ardous court cases to fight for the best outcomes for my beautiful daughter – and that’s just the last three years.

After experiencing GOP 2013 and attending some events at the Goddess shed, it became obvious that part of Luanne’s gift was providing/creating an amazing community which amplifies her personal support. Luanne’s approach to people and life resonates so well with me. As a trainer and mentor, I appreciate her human friendly ear, openness and generosity. She also keeps me accountable.

Luanne’s warmth and passion for what she does drew me to GOP 2013 and 2014. These qualities, combined with her business success and diverse knowledge and experience made me jump at the opportunity to be mentored by her.

Since then, I have trained as a Goddess on Purpose facilitator, run several events on my own, resigned from my ‘regular job”, commenced a business mentoring program with Luanne, massively expanded my network, received confirmation of my “purpose”, and seen beautiful flow an effects in what I model for my daughter.

Luanne, at her events and one on one, is a gentle-spirited teacher who guides with the effectiveness subtlety, humor, encouragement, encouragement and empowerment of a master people person.

I am genuinely at the happiest, most grateful point of my life and Luanne’s role in helping “pull together” my many dreams into a tangible plan to see them come to fruition has been so valuable and exciting.

Britta Morrisson www.BrittaMorrison.com

So if you resonate with any of the above then please APPLY here and lets have a 20 minute chat to see if I’m the right person for you to help reach your goals for 2017, Embody your Purpose and have live by your Life Purpose Design.

Like I said there are only 5 spots available for this 6 month coaching program APPLY here before I change my mind 😉

luanne-small.jpgBlissings Luanne  xx

PPS: For those who still need detail this is a 6 month one – one offering that won’t break your bank – never to be repeated again