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1 video – 7 ways to repurpose it

Hi there, Luanne Mareen here of LuanneMareen.com where I help healers, coaches, councilors, mystics, trailblazers, and people who have a message for the world identify their life purpose so they stop struggling and trying to find it. I teach them how to be present with that and also to make profit from their passions. 

So I wanted to get on today, I had a moment. I just had this moment, where I wanted to share with you, I hear so often people and coaches and healers and they’re like “How do you show up so much on social media?” Now I don’t show up that much at all, I don’t think I do. I think what’s happening is that I’m consistent. There’s something about being consistent. So I do a couple of things and I want to show you today how I use one piece of content and it goes to four different places. 

So what I do, so every week I go into my own private group and this is what happen to any vlog I did outside of my private group and also this message. And I do a message for the group for that week. It’s normally around about 9-10 minutes, sometime I get it shorter but normally there’s a lot of explaining to do with that one so what I do is this, one place that it shows up is in my Goddess Inner Circle group, and it shows up in there. I shoot the video actually on my phone that way and I do it live this particular message, I do it live in the group. Before I upload that video, I actually save it to my phone. So its in my phone because when you upload your videos to your computer and you want to download them, you can download them again but its always not in high definition. If you put it in your phone, make sure that the high definition button in there is actually ticked then it will work. So it goes one into my group as a Live video so that’s one. I put it to my phone, I put it straight, I download it here into my Instagram account. So I do an IG Tv account, it gets uploaded into there. So that’s two. The third thing that I do is that I put it straight into YouTube. So I have a YouTube channel, I’m going to show you my YouTube channel. So there’s my YouTube channel, so that’s three. Goddess Inner Circle Live, IG TV, its gone to my YouTube. Now when you are in IG TV, here’s a little tip, you can then share it from your IG TIV to your Facebook Business Page. You can actually upload it straight into your Facebook Business as well but this kind of cuts that out. So you go into your IG TV video and then there is a link there that says share to, when you upload into your IG TV it will say share to Facebook. So I always put on share to Facebook and it goes over there. So what have we got, we got Facebook Live as one, we got YouTube, we have got IG TV and we have got it on the Facebook Business Page, so that’s five ways. 

The other way that you can then do is the 6th thing that I do with this one video, is I go and create a blog post. I’m too excited today. A blog post, and in that blog post on my own website, I will put that video from YouTube, I will embed it from YouTube. Then I will also now I’m starting to put that same one piece of content and I share that over to LinkedIn. Now apparently LinkedIn is the old Facebook was like 6-7 years ago so its kind of weird I’m in the healing industry and you don’t think LinkedIn is part of that. Hey People are looking for new careers, they are looking for their purpose over there which is my niche so why wouldn’t I show up there? So you’d be really surprised. I post things probably as an experiment and people watch it so I’m going to keep on that. 

So how did we go, Goddess Inner Circle Private group, then we put it up to YouTube, IG TV, Facebook Business Page, Blog, rhen we went to LinkedIn, Instagram, it also goes to Instagram as well. So that’s seven, I really should write what I’m going to say in these videos but when you are inspired, you are inspired. 

So minimum of seven places with one piece of content. And I haven’t even talked about you can then get that video transcribed and then put on your Blog Post as well or send it as an article. So one piece, it took me seven minutes sometimes a little bit longer, and I’m going to do exactly the same thing for this except I didn’t do it on my phone, I did it on my computer. I didn’t do a live video, but its going to be uploaded straight into all those places. 

Okay that’s it from me, you can comment, share, like, subscribe and you can go over to LuanneMareen.com I’ve got a free business report there, if you are healer, a coach, councilor, psychologists who wants to embrace your Life Purpose and I know I spent a lot of time and energy and money searching for it when its right here, go over there. There’s a business report there that you can actually download and then some of the marketing things that you should do in your business. So its a free report, go and check it out. 

Okay, many blissings, bye for now. 

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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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    Thanks Luanne, just the overview summary I needed to move forward in social media platforms.

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