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3 Steps to Unleash Your Hidden Healer

Hey there, gorgeous one. Luanne Mareen here of and the Hand Analysis Academy. And today I’m sharing three steps to unleash your Hidden Healer. What I mean by Hidden Healer is that most that I worked with there’s healing types, right? They can be coaches, they can be doing really transformational work, and alchemists. And what I find is there’s a difference between the hidden healer and the ones who are doing it and these three steps can help, hopefully, you know, you can bridge that gap there.  

So, the first one that I want to talk about is to really take ownership. Take ownership of your purpose, take ownership of your vision, and take ownership of your dreams and I’m not saying that they have to be really huge and really out there but you do have to own that “I really want that thing,” “I really want to show up in this way,” “I really, really do” and it’s kind of a hand on heart moment with yourself. Own it. Don’t be all wishy-washy about things, right? Just own it or don’t own it. Don’t be in the middle kind of floundering around       

And so, the second thing I want to share is top listening to your inner critic. And Inner critic is this little internal voice that says “wow! If I really show up and I really go for that vision and that dream and my purpose and express that, people aren’t going to like me, right? People are probably going to think ’oh, what is she doing now? She’s been crazy’ or they can say ‘wow! She’s really out there’’ okay?” and It’s that inner critic voice that will just go “no” and try and keep you safe and you know, it’s just little inner girl there’s little Lou on your shoulder and she’s like “no don’t go for that. Don’t take that risk” because she doesn’t feel safe. So, a good way of dealing with that is just going “that’s okay, little Lou or little Susan or little Sharon. It’s okay. I’ve got your back. I’m all grown up now, it’s not real” and so, then she can feel relaxed and then you can step forward and it’s not that you’re ignoring her, you’re making her feel safe so you can pretty much pull up your big Goddess bloomers and really step out there while she’s safe. So, that’s the second thing.  

And the third thing is again, you’ve probably heard this many times but you really to unleash that hidden healer is to get out of your comfort zone. And I know that’s kind of scary, it can feel really weird because isn’t it Maslow’s or the seven… what are the seven? I can’t remember. There are seven needs that we have. Now, one of them is that we need to feel safe and have control over things and another need is that we need excitement. We need things to change. But one is driving, one is in the driver’s seat, in front of the other. So, yes, we do need to have things secure but we still need to stretch ourselves. The way to unleashing your hidden healer is to just get out of your comfort zone step by step based like that rubber band like you keep stretching it and stretching it instead of flinging back it stays bigger, it’s stretching. And I know it can be really difficult but when you have the right support and you have the right tools and you’re a healer right? So, you’re obviously doing the work inside but sometimes you do need that outside help just to go “come on, it’s okay, it’s okay. We’ve got you; we’ve got you.”   

So, those are the three steps or just three I mean there are many more other steps maybe I’ll do them in another video but you know, this really came up to me as I’m talking to people on regular basis and you know again, so I’m just going to go over them.  

Don’t listen to any critic, she’s safe, let it be safe. Take ownership of your purpose. “I’ve got those in the wrong way” but take ownership. Take ownership of what your dreams are and don’t make excuses and then also get out of your comfort zone.    

Right? So, that’s it for me. You can comment, like or just send me a message and do any of these resonate and which one are you going to deal with first? You know, you may have the whole three, maybe just one must be might coming up for you. So, until next time. Many blessings to you and bye for now.  

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