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3 things I got from the weekend Beautiful

Gorgeous Beautiful

Wow – Just wow !!!!

I trust that you have landed back home well with inspiration of your Gifts and understanding of how to embody and use them effectively.

On reflection after nearly a week when we started to Gather I am feeling so so so much these 3 things are top of my list right now:

Tribe and connection: Each woman and man present now knows they will forever be part of a tribe that they can call on at anytime. The love in that room was off the scales (I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it). I know you have walked away with a sense of connection to maybe someone who you never knew before. The experience was different for all – but the commonality is that we are all one in our own uniqueness. Friends connected more deeply, New friendships were forged and we are all sisters and brothers.

Gifted: We all have gifts (even if they don’t show up in your hands right now – penalty avoided ;)). When you have consciousness around them – then the awesomeness can be embodied. Shine your gifts gorgeous one – own them all.

Inspired Change: When you commit to coming into the space that was created, it is impossible not to change. Impossible. Perhaps you left with more love in your heart (that was a given), perhaps you are inspired to let control go 😉 and let the flow in, perhaps you now have the courage to fully express the parts of you that you kept guard of – you are safe to be you, in fact the world wants more of you.

I know I will be speaking to some of you soon – either doing your Hand Analysis, or about joining my 10 month program Step Up and Shine on Purpose.

I wanted to share all the photos with you so please get a cuppa, sit down and remember the amazing time that was had with the community. FACEBOOK PHOTOS 

One thing that I forgot was to ask for feedback. There was one last form that I always share so I can hear what you felt about the weekend. What you were challenged with or what you want to celebrate. COULD YOU PLEASE PLEASE FILL IN THIS VERY SHORT FORM FOR ME. Feedback is the breakfast of champions, and I would totally be honored if you can.

Everyone who does this, as a thank you I will send you the Playlist from the EVENT. All the music we had that will again anchor you back to the magic.


And in closing: If you are back home and thinking more about your Purpose then I will extend the offers for the rest of the week that were made: Hand Analysis $497 now $297  BOOK HERE Level One Hand Analysis Training save $500 now $1497  Aug  BOOK HERE Goddess on Purpose Teacher Training save $500 now $1497  Feb 2019 BOOK HERE Next years TWOGG event $147 save $100 BOOK HERE STEP UP SHINE ON PURPOSE PROGRAM – please hit reply and lets do a 30 min chat to see if this is right for you.

Again thank you so much Gorgeous one. I hope to see you again next year and of course there are others ways we can work together – lets hold that intention.

Keep connected to you sisters and brothers and you can also join the private Facebook GroupGODDESS INNER CIRCLE

Talk soon.

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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
Goddess, please share, like and follow my blog!



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