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3 ways Hand Analysis Supports Your Purpose

Hey there, gorgeous one, Luanne Mareen here of and the Hand Analysis Academy and today in this video I wanted to share three ways that hand analysis can really support you especially when we’re in this… I can’t even find a word… these interesting times. This interesting world-changing event in history. These times now. 

The first thing is that you can get clear on your true soul’s purpose. And why that would support you is because I believe that we’ve all come into this moment in time, at this moment in time with all these things happening and in one way we’re here to change the consciousness of the planet, right? Change the way we’ve been doing things for history and in your hands, you can actually see your epigenetics and past life you know but when you know your soul’s purpose this lifetime especially if you’re a healer you get to really work with that. You really get the gift of knowing with clarity where you need to step up, step out, step into this part of yourself. So, that’s the first thing you can get really clear.

The second thing it shows us is where is the resistance. Where is the resistance that stops you from fully expressing yourself and going with the theme of the past life theory? And it’s my belief may not be yours but a lot of people in my community and my tribe even you might even be not thinking and feeling this yourself is in previous lives we died because of our purpose. Right, we died because we stepped out and we did our healing work and then all of a sudden it wasn’t cool anymore. Cool? It wasn’t what people wanted. People were scared of these gifts that we had so we either burnt at the stake, hung or just you know taken off the planet. And so, we’re coming back into this life and we are trying to step out trying to live up to our potential trying to express love, make decisions be grounded and we still come up with resistance, so, your hands will show you where that resistance is. And that’s another shortcut to knowing which area you need to work with. You know you need to work with and we can do all this theory and all this other study but it’s actually right here. So, when you see or feel the resistance like “oh, it’s that marking” or “it’s that lesson” and then you have the choice to either work with it so you move through that resistance or stay in resistance the choice is yours. 

And the third thing that hand analysis actually helps you with is it shows you who you should be working with. Now, I had a beautiful conversation today with somebody who was inquiring about the certification program, and I’ll put a link here or you can go to the hand analysis academy if you want to like search more into them. And so, we were talking about… she’s got this beautiful modality that she uses and then we were talking about how you could integrate hands into that. She was saying…she loved what her healing modality was and I’m like “oh, okay” so, this is where it’s really interesting because she didn’t quite know and I know a lot of healers are like… well my work‘s for everybody. It’s for everybody and it is but then there are only certain people who will want to do that work, right? If you get what I mean, go back to step two, many people are in resistance but for those who are not in resistance and they actually can find you because a lot of healers can hideout and we’re just praying and doing all our magic stuff, they’ll find me and I’ll find me but I’ll stay behind this computer I won’t put up a photo of myself or I won’t post something and so they can’t, but I’ll go back to this original story is that this hand analysis can actually show you who you should be working with and well  I was talking to this beautiful soul today and I’m like yes, my hands show that I am supposed to be working with healers and also powerful healers that can make an impact. So, the first thing that I was resistant to was that I didn’t want to work with healers. I didn’t think I wanted to work with healers, I had this consistent misconception that you know… oh, goodness. I may be that bedraggled healer would probably be the misconception that I had. And now, I am one but I embrace it. I’m not bedraggled at all. I’m just kidding but really I was not… there were aspects of myself because that is my whole purpose is to be this healer and making a public impact. I was not embracing, I had the mask on. I was in doing work out in the world. I was trying to be successful in making all the money not going very deep because healers go really deep into themselves they find out about themselves so they can transform like the catalyst but they’ve got to do it for themselves heal o heal themselves. So, the hands can show you who you are working with whether if you’re working with a creative artist in the spotlight perhaps you’re being a spiritual mentor to leaders. So, there are many different combinations but that actually is the third thing that you know how hand analysis can support you and your purpose.

So, what do you think? So, you can comment below. If you’ve got any questions about this, just pop them below, you can share, like or I’d say comment, didn’t I? I did. Comment on this video. Until my next video, have a beautiful day. Many blessings, bye for now. 

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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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