6 WAYS TO REMOVE PANIC and gain peace Infographic

6 ways to remove panic and gain peace even if you want to just scream

I know we are now in some “interesting” times gorgeous, and even thinking about going to the supermarket to gather some much needed supplies can even make me a little panicky.

But you don’t have to be using just some of these easy ways to come back to being present so that you can keep being peaceful and kind.

Here some of my suggestions:


  1. Keep staying in Gratitude

    Spend time each day reminding yourself how great your life is by appreciating the little things. Just having the electricity on in your house is something many others in the world do not have.  Stay grateful for the simple things and keep moving toward that more peaceful existence.

  2. Keep a sense of humour

    Think about something funny. It’s much more difficult to be in panic while you’re laughing. There’s something funny in nearly any situation (especially when you have children or pets). If you’re unable to find something at that moment, remember another time that was humorous.
  3. Count to ten before reacting

    Try counting to ten. Your mum probably told you to stop and count to ten at some point in your life, and mums give great advice (yes we do). This strategy is distracting and gives you the mental space to come up with a better alternative.
  4. Focus on your breathing

    Focus on your breathing. By focusing on your breathing, you’re taking the focus off whatever is making you anxious. A few slow, deep breaths can have a calming effect.
  5. Practice on being Patient

    Focus on being patient. Try slowing everything down before you feel a little panicky. Your emotions are much less likely to get out of control if you react more peacefully. Those who are patient have more freedom and options.
  6. Think positive thoughts

    Think positive thoughts. Panic is based on your interpretation of the situation. Avoid assuming the worst. Positive thoughts result in positive emotions and a happier life.
     I get it gorgeous, we are in uncertain times, and our brain wants certainty but panicking rarely leads to a positive outcome. Keep taking deep breaths, and with a little practice you will stay in your centred and present space so you can make the decisions you need to from a better place.
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