7 must-dos before you quit your job LM

7 must-dos before you quit your job

Popular culture has given us satisfying images of telling our bosses to shove it while throwing papers into the air and shouting grievances at coworkers before making a grand exit. While we might enjoy playing that scene out in our minds, we know such dramatic endings are a bad idea. Instead, follow the seven tips below to make your transition smoother and leave on a positive note, so you don’t burn your bridges.


1.    Don’t Give Up Easily

Before writing off your current place of employment, see if there are any opportunities for movement within the company. Sometimes a department switch could be all that you need. Check with your Human Resources office first.


2.    Check Your Employment Contract

Make sure you are not under contract to finish out a certain amount of time. Breeching contract could result in serious complications to transitioning jobs. The most drastic being loss of wages.


3.    Think About What You Want to Say

Before making any announcements, think about what you want to say to your supervisor. Remember that this is not a time to air your grievances, but instead the beginning of your transition into a new season.


4.    Write Your Letter of Resignation

Your letter of resignation should inform your supervisor that you are leaving your position and clearly state your last working date. You should also thank your supervisor for your time with the company.


5.    Talk to Your Supervisor

The first person that you inform of your decision to leave should be your supervisor. Use this as a time to thank him or her and plan for your last weeks of work. You can use your letter of resignation for an outline to guide you through this conversation.


6.    Work Out Your Two Weeks

Don’t coast your last two weeks at work. Wrap up open projects, hand off important information, and inform clients or other coworkers that you will be leaving.


7.    Sort Out Any Issues with Your Benefits

If you have any unused vacation, sick time, or other benefits, see your Human Resources department about using them up or paying them out. Also, if possible, start the process of switching to new insurances or retirement plans.


Quitting your job is sure to be an exciting time, and that is all the more reason to have a solid plan in place that you can follow. Think of it as crossing your t’s and dotting your I’s one last time.

It can be a stressful time gorgeous but remember if you know you are here for a bigger purpose then be brave to take the next steps.


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