7 things to stop doing now in your business

7 Things To Stop Doing Now To Grow Your Spiritual Business

Hey gorgeous, 

I have collated 21 ideas that will help you develop ways to grow your business as well as take care of yourself and create new, productive habits. I will split them up over 3 blog posts so stay tuned for next 7 <3  Post below which ones you like and will start to use today.


1.    STOP Ignoring Your Email List


Your email list is your lifeline to customers who spend money with you as well as those prospects who weren’t quite ready to make a purchase. Once they leave your website, if you don’t grab their email address, those prospects are gone forever.


Get in the habit of creating an editorial calendar and emailing your list at least once per week. Four times each month your prospects will see your name again and learn something useful from the content you share. Limiting your contact to just once a month or less is like asking them to unsubscribe from your list. They won’t remember your name and they won’t care about what you’re sharing. Keep engaging with your list.


2.    Change Your Habits


We all have some bad habits, from biting our nails to watching too much tv. But which of these bad habits are affecting your business? It’s time to acknowledge them and make small, consistent changes so you can focus more on growing your business.


I know you’re pressed for time every day, but the book Atomic Habits teaches how to create new habits in as little as a few minutes each day. The theory is amazingly easy to implement – simply do something little for a minute or two each day. Over time, you won’t have to think about this simple change anymore as it will be a new habit. Over time, you’ll have more positive habits than bad ones and you’ll notice a change in your attitude and business acumen. I have this book on audible and listen to it quite often. It certainly helped me in other ways with other habits so give this one a try.



3.    Take a Mental Health Day as Needed


Mental health is an important topic but not just for those with a specific diagnosis. Sometimes the stress of running your own business becomes too much and you’ll suffer from illness, fatigue, headaches, or will simply want to throw in the towel.


Instead of becoming a slave to your business, learn to take time off as you need it, to simply recharge your brain and to find joy in life again. No matter how you envision your day off – binging on Netflix movies or going on a nature walk in the woods – taking time for YOU is vitally important. Remember that airplane safety reminder: Put the mask on yourself first before helping others. In this case, take time off for yourself so you can better run your business and serve your clients. A cliche for sure but one we need to walk our talk if we are out there sprouting it.  And especially in these trying times right now – it is more important than ever.  You are not a machine, so be kind to yourself and take the day off when you need to gorgeous.


4.    Step Out of Your Comfort Zone


Certainly, you’ve heard the definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over yet expecting different results. Your comfort zone is where you’re safe. You know the routine and you’re somewhat happy with the results. You don’t face risks inside your comfort zone. This safe space is what makes it easy and enjoyable going to work.


But are you experiencing the business growth you want inside your comfort zone? Are you attracting new clients? Are your group programs filling up? Are you selling enough of your products? If the answer is no to any of these questions, then you need to mix things up and step outside that comfort zone.


Maybe that means trying a new marketing tactic. Maybe you need to re-engage with your email list and your social media followers. Maybe you need to reach out to influencers and pitch a joint venture idea. Sometimes you just need to take a risk to know if it’s the right choice for your business and for you.  I know – these are all going to stretch you right?  I always get the terrified tingles – which to me is “Ok do it Goddess, what have you got to lose?” then jump.


5.    Embrace Good Health


Just as you want to take of your mental health, taking care of your physical health is equally important. Most coaches live a very sedentary lifestyle being at the computer all day or on the phone with clients. But we all know that a sedentary lifestyle can lead to terrible illnesses and diseases, some of which can be life threatening.


Going back to our small habits, start small with making these changes. Carry a water bottle with you everywhere, even if you work at home. Make sure that bottle is within reach so you’re not searching for juice, seltzer, coffee, or soda. Next, schedule break times so you can take a walk outside, do some sit ups or pushups, or some simple yoga poses.


Another great habit to start that affects your health is meal planning. Search healthy recipes on Pinterest and take out any frozen foods the night before to defrost. You don’t need a 5-course gourmet meal to be healthy. Choosing easy recipes and planning the next day’s dinner the night before goes a long way to being organized and healthy.
The water thing is my bug bear. I am normally a 2 cup of coffee goddess before anything else touches my lips, but gradually introducing more water and herbal teas now. My body thanks me for it and so will yours.


6.    Wake Up 20 Minutes Earlier


Let’s plan a way to make your morning routine less chaotic. The easiest way is to wake up 20 minutes earlier and to swear off hitting that snooze button. Just think how much you could accomplish in that 20 minutes!


The key is to NOT pick up your phone to scroll Facebook or to play games. You’re aiming to create productive habits, so doing a simple exercise, making your coffee, journaling, eating breakfast, or reading a spiritual or personal development book are wise choices. Even if you jumped in the shower 20 minutes earlier means you could enjoy it more than racing to beat the clock. This works well when I have my children with me and I have to wake them up ! Plus I love it when I get up earlier and the house is sooo quiet.  I get so much more done in those wee hours than the rest of the day when the house is bustling. 


7.    Go to Bed Earlier


On the flipside to waking up earlier, how about you go to bed earlier and aim to sleep for 8 hours each night. We often think of babies and toddlers needing so much sleep but the same is true for adults. Research has shown that adults benefit the most from 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night.


What keeps you up til the late hours anyway? Are you watching mindless tv? Catching up on work? Snuggling with your significant other? You can still do those things, just aim to do them earlier in the evening. Or look into purchasing a DVR to record your favourite shows or watch them on demand the next day. (most smart tvs have this recording available these days too) 


If you’re prone to waking up during the night, try melatonin (a natural sleep aid) and keep all electronics out of the bedroom; the blue light emitted hurts your sleep pattern, making you feel more tired in the morning. Also yo don’t want to wake up to those pesky social media notifications. Try to leave the phone out of the bedroom – you can do it. 


So there you have it gorgeous the 1st 7 of 21. Look out for the next 7 soon and for now here is a resource for your business that you might like.  It’s time for you to Step out and Shine Goddess. 

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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
Goddess, please share, like and follow my blog!



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  1. Kim

    Loved these, I am going start with little things to improve on. ??????

  2. Sherry

    Love all your advice on purpose. I live in the US. I’m thinking about Tarot Readings in my home. But, I’m concerned about the safety of strangers
    sitting on my kitchen. How do you overcome that? And what about special insurance for this line of work. What if some jerk decides to sue me over a reading? I hope these concerns aren’t to way out there for this blog.

    1. Luanne Mareen

      I hear you lovely – in Australia we have insurance to cover that, do you have that over your way? With a reading I always say take what you want and leave the rest. I have not had anyone come back to me which I think most will not.

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