Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose

"I help women around the globe get their lives and businesses on Purpose through embodying Purpose, Presence and Profit"

—Luanne Mareen, Global Goddess Gatherer, Divine Business Mentor & Goddess on Purpose

Let me take you back a decade or so…
I was 27 and was working at one of my many jobs (variety is the spice of life so they say).
I was on the path of preparing for the soon to be married life, when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. That was a major wake-up call that lead me in my path of why do I have this, what’s really important, why am I here, what’s my purpose.

Then the miracles began…
My first miracle was that I survived a catastrophic multi car crash, almost being rolled over by a truck because the anti-tumour medication made my so groggy—my body couldn’t handle it. The car was a total wreck. I opened the door and got out without a single scratch. That’s when I realized that there was a higher calling for me. I needed to trust it and take my life into my hands.

My second miracle was my son. After the radio therapy I discovered I was pregnant at 12 weeks. I was facing two risks: one the health of my baby and the other my going blind. I had to make a decision. And that was to pursuit my highest life expression, no matter what. I also decided that I wanted to do whatever I could heal the root cause of the tumor.

The third miracle was that I totally recovered and never looked back. In fact, my health and vibrancy blossomed and I was graced with yet another child—my beautiful baby girl.
There was only one problem…

I was trapped on the treadmill of raising a family and making a living. Being a busy mom of two, I was working very hard growing our family business together with my ex-husband. In fact, I went right back two days after I gave birth to my daughter, feeling guilty if I wasn’t showing in the business helping there and feeling guilty spending time with children.

All of what was important and fulfilling, yet I knew none of it was fulfilling my higher purpose. I was trapped. Whatever spare time I had, I dabbled with various personal growth modalities, seeking for answers, seeking for breakthroughs, something would free me to have it all.
Fast forward to today…

“The True Spirit of my work is to give women the joy of seeing their own beauty and power, to help them remember that they have special gifts to share, and a greater purpose to step into for their own passionate fulfillment and for the happiness of the world around them.”

Today I live the life of the Goddess. I giggle a little bit as I write this as she has a funny sense of humor but it is the truth. I had to confront after 13 years of marriage that I had to leave and be really true to who I was. Everybody has their own identity and purpose. After successfully growing and selling our family business I was ready ready to totally immerse myself in a transformational businesses which was so rewarding and exciting.

I have in the last few of years ignited a global Goddess movement that has freed the lives of thousands of women from the shackles of the illusion to pursue their utmost desires and dreams. I have transformed in front of my own eyes from a shy, disempowered wallflower who’s watched other people’s success and happiness from afar, to a feminine juicy leader who inspires even other paradigm shifters, side by side.

After attempting to move to Los Angeles I was called back to Australia in the most “interesting” way – more of that later. I thought I was moving there on a journey of helping even more women re-awaken their Goddess Essence and light up again, in the world.

Then I returned to Melbourne to totally surrender to what the Universe had in mind for me. Did I like it at first ? Did I fight to keep it all together – Yes I did. And then even more changes happened. After successfully running 3 years in a row the Goddess on Purpose yearly events – where hundreds of women (and some intrepid men) joined in for life changing event, I stepped back – guided by all my skills learnt previously and what was the next adventure.

And now the hiatus is over and I declared 2017 the year of Inspiration.

I get to teach, speak, mentor, coach & inspire from this space, while all the time supporting people to truly follow their Life Purpose.

The most important thing in my life are my children. Living by example from a life that was once so busy and go go go – missing important moments, to one now of living fully in the present, creating a lifestyle that I love and where connection, community, love, balance and Purpose is always in my heart.

Always remembering it’s not what you are DOING it’s who you are BEING


“I help women around the globe get their lives and businesses on purpose through embodying Purpose, Presence and Profit. I do this by identifying the #1 thing holding them back and help them turn it into their biggest strength, so they can express their feminine essence and enjoy a juicy abundant life.”


I have a quirky sense of humour and see laughing as the fire that ignites and connects others
Was once a Croupier in the high rollers room
Owned a Fish n Chip shop while holding a full-time job for Lion Nathan (why I love Guiness) and working part-time at a bar.
Am Maori and proud of it although people always confuse where they think I am from
Love wine and food with great company (who doesn’t)
Started on my love affair with Self-development after doing an Owner Builders course
Am wicked at spreadsheets
Am known for my music playlists and was a Dj in a previous life 
My dog is called Nala – a gorgeous black staffy and my cat is Dora (really A’Dora)


Luanne xo

Luanne has been featured in, interviewed by and is the creator of Goddess-ence oils, roll ons and cards