Acceptance, Sanctuary & Truth

Hey beautiful ones Luanne here, oh my goodness its been another Monday I didn’t even know what day it is half the time but it feels like Monday. Getting into things, I hope you’re doing well in your isolation but you’re getting fresh air and still keep connecting and with people. 

I’m doing our purpose weekly message and keep connecting, Keep putting in the groove what you’re doing to keep positive and what are you doing. 

Over the weekend I have been shredding and shredding, and shredding. There’s still boxes of stuff as I’m de-cluttering, creating space, I love doing that, creating space. There are boxes of shredding just old stuff and I actually found some great content that I have produced before that I never get around to sharing so I’ll be sharing some of that today. 

So I’ve got two cards there, I think I’m going to do four cards today. Right, so our first card today is Acceptance. It says “I unconditionally accept, cherish, and love myself as I am.” Beautiful heart there in the middle, she’s holding here heart. And I think we are all in a place of acceptance right now. We are quite limited to what we can do, we can actually physically connect with, businesses have stopped or have gone under, and for those out there who do have your own business your coaching business, your healing business, you know its all about tricky now, we’re all looking for new methods or new ways but we still have to come back to this acceptance of where we are right now. Even sometimes I’m feeling like I need to get out there or these days are going by but then falling back into or just coming back home to or there’s not much I can do. It’s kind of the ones that we want to control things, we’re in a total time of surrender. Yes there are things we can do to keep our own well-being okay but sometimes your just going to go okay this is what we’re doing here and do the things we need to do. You know, apply for those grants if you need to, take the time, it can be quite overwhelming, go into the websites, every thing is down at the moment. But its okay. Just accept where you are and connect into your soul, to your purpose. So that’s number one, Acceptance. 

Our second card is sanctuary. Oh that beautiful sanctuary. “I am divinely guided gently, and lovingly.” And to me this card means the sanctuary that we are in. Having to come home, stay home to our physical home, and lets make it as beautiful as we can, as nourishing as we can, as delightful as we can. Our sanctuary is where we’re supposed to get energised in this kind of down time, energetic down time of just focusing on what our next steps are but not going into too much forward planning like five year plans. I was looking at some of y worksheets that I was shredding, and I saw these 10 year plans, 5 year plans, 3 year plans, right now we’re going day to day. You know new things are popping out day to day but make your space lovely, have your cups of tea, your candles, I’ve got candles everywhere. And just make it nourishing for you. So that’s number two. 

Our third card is Truth. Truth. And you can see that person looking in the mirror and these are huge times of truth and the message is “I live my truth.” And there’s a, I’ve been kind of, over the last week, seeing people’s truth or projection and just be kind, be okay. Okay let’s check in, I want to be diplomatic here. There’s a way of speaking your truth. When people come from fear, they think they’re speaking their truth when they’re really not looking in. Look in the mirror, if you could say that to yourself in the mirror then you can say this to this other person. When you’re speaking your truth make sure there’s a positive outcome around it or a place where that person can actually reply to you rather than this whole blame thing. And living your truth has never been more important now. What’s important? I’m guessing that, well for me definitely I can speak about me, is that some things that kind of mattered before doesn’t really matter now. And moving forward when this is all over, because this will be over, there’s a certain way that I want to focus on. There’s a certain way that I want to be. And still be in that now but there’s, it’s cutting out that stuff that we kind of no longer need. So keep speaking your truth, and I’ve been watching a few videos of people and the truth is all coming out now, the truth of how we’ve lived, have we over bought things that we don’t need anymore, or that are just beyond our means. But what’s really considered important to you like certain friendships, certain clients, certain ways of being. So that is the third card here. 

And I felt like just having a fourth one. So this will be the overarching for all these rave this week. Please let me know if these means anything for you. And our fourth card today, how appropriate right, Faith. And it says “My life is divinely guided.” And for me it does feel that way, even though its shitty, and we want to go out, and people are going stir crazy but its still having that faith you know, people are kind, all these toilet paper saga. My prediction is that hair dyes will be going to disappear from their shopping lines because you can’t get your hair done. And you know, who really cares, let the grays come out. But still have faith that the next step will show up for you. You know, there are people around you who love you and if you’re feeling isolated please reach out. I’m kind of liking it at the moment. I am a person who will go all out, have events, connect with lots of people, do lots of things and then I just have to go back in again just to regenerate and just having faith you know, don’t get anxious because you’re not showing up on social media all the time. People won’t forget you, just stay in your truth as you’re in your sanctuary, and accept where you’re at. 

So those are our four cards, I love that last one Faith. Have faith, have faith in mankind, have faith that the divine is working it all out and surrender and just trust in that. 

So that’s the weekly purpose reading, I will be coming on and doing a five day series about purpose, I will put up the links very soon, I’m still getting that ready but I want to kind of share, these are just free lives about living your purpose and what’s important and how these lessons are showing up for us and what path we’re on. are we living the truth of our own path. 

So love you beautiful ones. And we will see you soon.  Bye for now. 

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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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