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Answering the call of your Purpose with Adele Michael

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Luanne: Welcome everybody to another episode of Answering the Call of Your Purpose, I’m Luanne Maureen and I’m here with the beautiful Adele Michael who you will be listening to very soon. What I want to just say as a reminder is, you know the purpose of this whole podcast or blog cast or whatever we call it is to… I’ve always been fascinated with purpose and my journey to get on that but not also mine. I want to have conversations with people who have done the same. So, they’ve found their purpose or first they’ve listened to what it was and then I love the way that I see them expressing that again with our beautiful guest today, so that is what this is all about.

I want to just start right off the ball, Adele so welcome and you’re coming to us from?

Adele: North Carolina in the Central South of the United States!

Luanne: Yeah beautiful! We love Zoom. We can go all over the world. So I want to open firstly if you go you can find Adele and the link will be below you can go straight to her website. 

I actually jumped on your website, I like to just have a little research here and what the statement that came out to me today when I first went there is that you posted this piece it says… “most people will never manifest the abundance that they deserve never ever, ever.” And then you go on to say “ouch” and I’m like “yeah ouch” and then you said, you said it because you’re a huge fan of the truth. So we’re just going to jump and can you tell us what are you doing now and where did that come from?

Adele: Okay, so what I’m doing now is I work with women who are coaches, consultants or service providers much like you do, who want to take their business to the next level but they are avoiding marketing and sales. And I don’t know if you’ve heard this but I’ve heard this a million times, “I love what I do but I will not market or sell or I hate it” and so that’s where that statement came from, it’s like “do you know that a business is in business because of customers and clients and if you don’t let people know what you do they can’t come to you” and I am so guilty of that! In my past, and I’ve worked really hard to get over that and so that’s what I help other people do now and I call it “braving visibility” like being brave enough to be visible, right? It’s not about being someone you’re not, it’s about being yourself in your full glory and letting people know how you can help them so that’s where that statement came from. 

We have so many ideas, so many prescriptions like you know you should be seen but not heard. Women should be demure, we should not be bold or brassy, we shouldn’t market… that’s another thing that I ‘ve heard so many people say “well, I don’t want to be pushy. I don’t want to bother people.” Are you bothering somebody if you let them know how you can help them with a problem that’s really bothering them? Is that pushy? I don’t think so. I think there are ways to market in a very authentic way to you that gets the message across in a very gracious way. I don’t think we have to be with the bullhorn and the heavy sales and the sleazy sales, that’s not what I’m talking about but I’m talking about letting people know how you can help them. 

Luanne: I totally agree with you that the worst thing that I feel as well because I do work with like kind of healers and those entrepreneurs very similar to you but it’s they are so great at their craft but really terrible at showing like saying “i’m here like i’m here” which is yeah it was all conditioning so but then I want to ask you what led you to where you are today? Like so you deal with abundance and money and sales and all those kinds of things and I’ve known you for a few years now and I was always attracted to the way that you expressed it. What if I go and sign up and this is nothing against the males, but their teaching was very different to your teaching or because we’re the feminine right? With these different ways and so sorry I’ll go, what led you to where you are today to this work?

Adele: Well thank you for seeing all that because I think there is so much room for us to encourage each other to use our natural gifts of intuition, emotional intelligence, knowing where the energy is going, “oh that you know that person looks a little off today let me see if I can can talk to them and see what’s going on”. We know stuff because we know stuff. And it’s not really been honored in our culture but it’s time because if you leave the left brain intuition, energy emotional awareness out you are leaving out half of the picture and I think that’s one reason that we’re in the trouble we’re in right now with our systems and our societies

is that it’s not balanced. The indigenous people would tell us that it’s like you have been raping the earth for years because you do not understand how to revere mother nature and it’s time it’s past time really. 

So how did I get here Luanne? I don’t know, it’s been a long journey how did I get here.. . 

Luanne: Yeah but tell us please 

Adele: Yeah, well when I was young, I really loved going to Church and I loved singing hymns and I thought about God a lot and I knew God was not what they were telling me at Church. I knew it wasn’t a big guy in the sky so from early on I was fairly spiritual and I had a revelation in my 20s that I really wanted to work with people so I went to counseling school, got a master’s in counseling but what I’d been taught really didn’t help me help people the way I wanted to. So I left the South where I was living and went to New York City and worked in television and I worked for a very well-known American journalist and then worked in corporate video. And so I got the service side and the communication side and somehow I needed to marry both of those, I did eventually learn hypnotherapy and I had a hypnosis practice but there again, I was able to use my intuition and my emotional intelligence to help people. I worked with athletes and I worked with all sorts of other people and had a very successful practice, was very successful with my clients and eventually realized that I didn’t want to do therapy so much as coaching. 

So I’ve been getting a lot of training and just the business of coaching and how to coach. So I think the person we met through Rachel Jane Gruber, I was taking her course and I realized that I like to sell. I like to have sales conversations because they’re really coaching conversations and so I started doing that but in my local group, my local area, people didn’t want sales training so then I went into abundance and recently I’ve realized, well abundance is something that nobody wakes up in the middle of the night saying I need more abundance… I need more money but they don’t say any more abundance. I realized that the people I want to help really need to come into themselves and be visible in their own terms and at their own pace. I’m not saying you have to blast out there and be lady gaga but hiding your light under a bushel basket is something I did for a long time and it just doesn’t work because you cannot live your purpose if you’re not shining your light. Would you agree with that? 

Luanne: I absolutely agree yeah! I love this definitely, wow! So knowing that they’re coming to and I remember you used to do this coffee or lunchtime events? 

Adele: Yes 

Luanne: So what do you think… though again this is about your Purpose, what do you believe is your Purpose, Adele? That’s such another big statement right? 

Adele: What I do, it comes so naturally to me. I mean I’ve had a lot of training but it comes very naturally to me so I don’t think it’s that special but when I look around I say oh it’s a value though. It is to bring light to the value of each person that I work with, like shine the light on their value. Because we have all these stories that we’ve been told that we’re not valuable and it’s not true. It is really not true and I’ve had my own struggles with working through that, I still have parts of myself that come up and go “you’re not working hard enough, you’re not valuable” it’s like that’s yeah no stop so I think it’s shining light and showing people some really simple things that they can do to feel better about themselves and feel more abundant because I do believe it’s an inside job. We know about energy, we know about frequencies and vibration and if you can bring a frequency or vibration into your being of what you want, then you’re already in the state that you want to be in so your outside world starts to look different… show up differently. Yeah did I say that in a way that made sense? 

Luanne: It did well to me and I’m sure it resonates with people who are watching this. I don’t think you’d be attracted to this conversation yeah definitely that I totally make sense. So your Purpose is to shine that light but how did you answer the call? I like the way to talk about Rachel Day and again she wrote the books “breadcrumbs” and it’s like follow the breadcrumbs and first you’ve got to hear that but yeah what made you answer say “oh yes I’m going to work with people and shine the light on them and shine their value”?

Adele: When I left the South, I went to New York City, I didn’t actually didn’t have a job. I did have a place to live with some relatives for a while and people would say “well you’re so brave to do that” well I couldn’t not do it, there was something in me that said “you have to do this” and so I did and I just don’t think my life would be very meaningful if I weren’t doing this work. So how did I answer the call? I just couldn’t say no. I knew that life would not be very… it wouldn’t be…. what’s the word I want to use? It wouldn’t add up if I hadn’t answered the call. 

My family and I have a tendency to depression and I think it would have been easy to fall into that and that just wasn’t something I was willing to do. I do believe in past lives but I feel like each of us has a shot. That’s in that in Hamilton, right? Did you see that? 

Luanne: No 

Adele: Oh I hope you’ll watch it! It’s about the early history of the United States. It’s rap and multi-racial, it’s fabulous, it’s on disney plus I don’t know if you get that in Australia but Hamilton… but one of the songs is I’m gonna take my shot, I’m gonna take my shot and I think each one of us has opportunities along our life path for that? I don’t think we just get one shot, I think we get lots of shots but if we step up to it then a whole new vista opens up that would not have been possible if we hadn’t stepped up into that. And that’s what your program is called, right? 

Luanne: Yes! step out and shine. And if there was another version of step up and shine which is more personal but yeah, step out and shine yeah and I love that I’m gonna take that shot. Wow! So if you could give me the name of that, I will put that in the link below but that is so true! And answering the call for me when you’re just talking there is a doubt… to me you trusted it. It felt like trust. It’s like okay it’s not a blind trust or blind faith it’s like “okay there we go, I’m gonna take and trust I can take that shot.” 

Adele: Yeah! I’m an experienced somatic processor so if my gut says yes then I might be, my mind beat might be afraid but I know that I have to work my way towards that. I think the other thing I would say Luanne is I have gotten a lot of support to take those steps now. I went to New York, I didn’t have a lot of support except my family, my cousin said “oh yeah you can come and live in our attic for a few months” which was great and gave me enough time to get her job and get her an apartment but one thing I love about the coaching world is the people you meet and what they’re up to and what they encourage you to do and what the coaches encourage you to do, I just don’t think we can do it by ourselves. I really don’t.

Luanne: Yeah and I don’t think we’re meant to, I don’t think we need to do anything by ourselves really except go in and have those private moments for sauce… but we’re here to be connected. We were talking off camera before, I think it’s so important like this leads to the next question… Why do you think it is important to do your Purpose work? 

Adele: Wow! I think life is hard and I think this last year has really been very difficult for so many people we’re talking to in early 2021 right now. As I said I believe in past lives I believe we’ve lived before and we’ll live again but this is the time that you came in with these features, with these skills, with these desires and I guess the other thing to say is every step you take, takes you closer to your purpose and your purpose may have different expressions, right? But if you don’t take the next step then you don’t know there’s not a next step after that, right? 

So why is it so important? I mean, I think that’s what we came here to do and if we don’t have the opportunities or the resources with the support to do that, that’s one thing but many of us do have the resources and the support. It’s often ourselves that we stop, we stop ourselves because of our own mental blocks or emotional blocks or I tried that before and it hurt. I don’t want to do it again. 

Luanne: Yeah and also oh doing the same thing and oh it still hurts! Okay let’s step back who can help me with this, right? It’s like whoa and I agree with you… it’s like well what else are we here to do right? And I also think purpose is lifelong. We get to express it in different ways and different teachings. I’ve seen all the beautiful different things you’ve done and me it’s like “oh okay I get to express it this way” what else am I gonna do? 

Adele: I was gonna say and I think that’s right. I think they’re different stages of life so you’re right now part of your Purpose is to mother your children. Well they’re not going to need this kind of mothering forever because they’ll be adults and out on their own and stuff like that and then you’ll have grandkids hopefully and you’ll be a grandmother; but that’s part of the Purpose but it’s part of the life path, right? 

Luanne: Yes it is! Speaking of children, like mine already don’t really need me anymore. I’m like real little cuddles in the conversation they’re teenagers now, one is fine to go on the bus and go where she wants to but again it’s the phase. It’s a phase of that and I know that you have so many tools in your toolkits and I always think “well knowing your Purpose like it’s written out on the statement” This is what my Purpose is but it’s one thing to know and one thing to implement it and do it and express it. 

So we’ve been saying we need tools, we need support but it doesn’t have to be the main one but what’s a number one thing that you use? One tool, one healing modality or whatever it is so that’s helped you express your Purpose?

Adele: My favorite and the one I go to all the time is hypnotherapy, right? And the reason is because when your mind is relaxed, it’s more impressionable. So that’s one reason I love guided imagery. When you’re just waking up in the morning or you’re just going to sleep at night, your mind is your brain is a little bit slower. It’s a little bit more receptive and so some of those ideas that are expressed in a guided imagery really help so I can wake up and not have had a not be in a great space and I can listen to somebody else’s guided imagery. I’m like totally different because they gave me an idea or an image. I was like “oh yeah I don’t have to stay in that ooky place. I can go into a more elevated place” so I think that’s my favorite tool. I think there are many ways to express that and I think that’s part of the way that I try to shine a light on other people is to, with words, really kind of gently challenge someone’s decision or judgment about something especially about themselves. Because it’s often not true; what we think about ourselves is usually not very valid

Luanne: Yeah right I agree and I remember learning hypnosis in my NLP course. It was this all in together and it was like, well this is just really like meditation, isn’t it? Like another… I needed that video guidance because there’s so much so many thoughts I think, how many thoughts go through our brain every day? Is it six thousand or something? And I’m thinking a lot yeah, so I really love that and the way again we’re talking of thing about this year of being kind of isolated and slowing down which has kind of helped a lot of people just go “whoa” 

It was so busy out there, we created just this very fast life… so it’s like what I think it’s helped people go. What is my Purpose or how can I say that evening? So I always like to ask you… can you give us an example of someone that you’ve worked with, you’ve helped and you know your practice? What was kind of what worked with that person and why? 

Adele: Well this was back when I was doing sales training, sales coaching. A young woman who I met at a networking group approached me and asked if I and we had a free consultation and she was a very talented graphic designer, brander but she was not selling her expertise. She was being friends; visiting (i’m just going to visit) and so her sales were down and and she was ambitious enough not for that not to be a happy thing and so we worked together and I helped her see that she could claim her expertise and that she could (in her own style) let people know how she could help them and what her prescription for them was like. 

I think you need a new logo and you need a new website and this is how I can help you with all that. Well that was maybe four years ago? She’s very bright and she’s very good at what she does and her business is moving six figures and it’s moving up. I just am so proud of her for how she took our work together and she’s really taken it far and she’s doing great. 

Luanne: So santa, you shone the light on her value, right? 

Adele: Exactly and helped her claim it and she did it. And so that was that was really exciting yeah! 

Luanne: So this is a question that’s not on the list here but I wanted to bring this up. So a lot, I have not put it on the spot here but we talked about the word “abundance” and just recently, someone was talking

she’s creating this course about manifestation but she’s like oh it’s just been done to death that word manifests and da da da and thinking oh wow what’s going on there but what are you what’s your take on the word “manifestation”? And I know abundance, I want abundance but you said kind of earlier “well nobody wakes up I want more abundance. I want more money” What is it with the word “manifest”? 

Do you feel like some of these words are being overdone in the industry or what’s your thoughts on that?

Adele: Well it’s interesting. Are you familiar with Tosha Silver? 

Luanne: No. I’ll write that down in another one of your gems. 

Adele: Yes!  So Tasha Silver is an American writer and she’s an astrologer and a yogini so she’s very into hindu and vedic tradition. She’s also a student of Florence School Shin who was a new thought teacher back in the early early 1900s. 

Anyway, what she talks about instead of manifesting is really surrendering our desires to the Divine so that we are a conduit of good and abundance rather than demanding. She goes on and on… you’re not necessarily going to be so happy if all you do is demand the universe that you be given what you want. 

It’s a much better lifestyle to really go with the energy, to have preferences, to have desires and to be surrendered to the great divine. And it’s not easy to give up one’s ego, for me, when I asked to be a channel of the divine, things go so much better…so much better. 

Luanne: Wow! So tell me more about that!

So is this one of your practices? It’s like or did you just one day go “I am a divine champ” like how did you do that? 

Adele: Well it came from being really frustrated with trying to let my ego be the guy that’s like “I’m gonna make this happen, I’m going to manifest this” yes and it didn’t really work. So I think there are a lot of different aspects but for me personally, it’s twofold. It’s trusting that the divine wants the best for me and trusting that I am worthy of meeting the divine. 

Luanne: I’m just letting that come in… that’s amazing! So when I go again I want to bring… I kind of just want to leave it there but I just want to ask you this one question, because manifesting it feels very pushy but again there’s different phases. Manifestation was all the rage back then but then in a world what are we going to manifest? And I think this is where she’s kind of conflicted and where I’m kind of conflicted too like

I want… but how much do I need the big car? Do I need the big house? Do I need the… I just feel that materialistic is I think, she’s almost got well. There’s manifesting and materialism like I want to declutter. I want to have minimal things but I still want to have good…

Adele: Of course yeah! But here’s the thing; I do too. I’m going to Italy again in 2022. 

I really want to go! 

Luanne: That’s a desire from the Divine! 

Adele: But I have to give it up because the divine knows what I want. Yes it does and if that’s the best for me then that’s what’s going to happen. But I really think… How did I come to that? Well I’ve been really devoted to the goddess for a long time and I mean and to the divine feminine in each one of us. I just can’t think of a higher Purpose than to be a representative of the divine feminine here on the earth, so when I feel that it’s like… that’s my purpose. 

Luanne: Yeah wow! That’s beautiful. So I know we’re kind of nearly at the end here but where can we find you? We can put Facebook links or but where can we find you right now? 

Adele: On my website and it’s not spelled the way you would think it would be, so you’re going to spell it in the notes! I do have a newsletter, I do videos and videos about visibility. So if you’re our listeners would like that, there’s a sign up on my website or if you want to talk about your own visibility and your business, a free consultation. Happy to talk to your people! 

Luanne: So lovely! l hope we all go… if you’re watching this just go along and see all the beautiful things she has to offer us. So I want to always end on something. Well I kind of think it’s a funny question, it’s not always funny but can you tell us something about yourself that nobody knows? It doesn’t have to be a dark secret or something but it could be that you like. i.e. chocolate and chili? I don’t know but what’s the thing… that’s something that nobody really knows about you that you can share with us? Is it a habit or a thing you do?

Adele: Well one thing that not many people know is that I have been a Professional tarot card reader and past life regressionist. 

Luanne: Wow! 

Adele: Yes I was paid money to do all that and being a business coach, you wouldn’t think that I would do those things but I really love it because it honors the intuition and the feminine power of discernment. 

Luanne: Yeah I love that! So is there anything else you want to say before we sign off here, Adele? It’s been such an amazing conversation with you and loved it! 

Adele: Wonderful! Well I know that you’re doing hand analysis and I want to give you a shout out because what you told me my Purpose was when you did my hand analysis is right up there! I am the trailblazing successful author and speaker making a public impact and that’s been a guiding light for me because it’s not I mean… I’m not a trailblazing speaker or author yet but I aspire to be because you told me that was part of my Purpose and I would thank you for that.  

Luanne: Oh you’re welcome and I love that you’re looking at it. I love people whose hands they’ll look like on the wall though blow it up that’s on their phone so thank you! And this was definitely not about me but I appreciate that and you are a trailblazer, the way the trailblazer is the person who does it differently and it’s not done. You didn’t have a path to follow but you kind of did but then you make it your own so you’re a speaker! 

So anyway I just wanted to put that in there too, so thank you Adele! I’ve just been amazing and come and go and check her out and watch our next amazing speaker next week! So thank you!

Adele: Thank you, Luanne!

Luanne: You’re welcome

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