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Answering the call of your Purpose with Gigi Gem

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Luanne: Hello everyone! This is Luanne Mareen and welcome to Answering the Call of your Purpose podcast. I’m very excited to have you here and welcome our beautiful guest Gigi Lindros, hello Gigi! 

Gigi: Hello! 

Luanne: Yeah so before we jump in and I’m going to ask you all these questions about your Purpose and how you answered it Gigi, I just want to do a really quick reminder for those who are new to this podcast what this is all about and what I’ve found working with spiritual entrepreneurs, there’s always something that they have done to find their Purpose and so this is the reason why I want to interview and people like you, Gigi as to know well what is your Purpose and how did you create your business from that? If that’s something that you’ve done, so this is what this is all about. And I always choose my guests very wisely because they inspire me as well so Gigi, welcome welcome! 

Gigi: Thank you thank You! 

Luanne: I want to just start, go right in here, so what do you do right now in your work and in your business and what led you here today? 

Gigi: Okay, so I am a “web designer extraordinaire” which means that I not only create websites landing pages and courses, I also support with strategizing your business so it works with a beautiful flow and is automated. So there is no more overwhelm or no more waste of time for you. 

Luanne: And you did mine so everybody she is the extraordinaire! I’m going to go to my website and go to her website, we’ll put all the links below just going to put that there. But what led you to that Gigi? Because I know there was a whole backstory that led you to this piece and how are you implementing your Purpose in it? 

Gigi: Yes, what led me here I think is my curiosity. One of my foundations, it’s like the drive on me is curiosity. I just always go with that kind of flow and then also I like when I try something and if it doesn’t work, I move on to the next thing which has been quite challenging because it felt like I never could stop anywhere and really dig deep into it before I moved on to the next thing. But with and what happened was that, what led me to what I’m actually doing now as my business is that I like technology and I like design and I like communities. I’ve been in your community for many years and I started doing it in weeks. It was started doing websites, one was for viking feast, the other one was for a cafe out in a bed and breakfast with so many different things and I never published them but they were like my vision boards and that way, I learned the technology because I really love to see the colors, to see the fonts, put all my ideas into one place and strategize them so they all look “oh that will work in that area there” and that will work, that’s how it started. 

And then, I remember it was one one of your events, we were like you did Persephone or something? 

Luanne: Yes yeah yes that’s true, all perfect yeah yes! 

Gigi: And I remember this is years ago and I remember I said to you like “it feels like I’m living my Purpose and I don’t know what it is” I remember it so it was like a weird feeling was like, I was in the middle of my own Purpose and I had no idea what it was. And I can’t remember your answer on that but I think you said something with this sign and then it’s like “okay I still didn’t connect it with the with one” but that’s how it started and that’s how I got into it. And then on top of that, I read my hands. You did my hands, you read my hands and then it was another step into the right direction, the flavor of it’s like, “oh I’m on the right track so then my Purpose is family and community. And I knew that because I loved to create little evenings with 600 candles from Ikea, yeah so I did that. I created food and I made this cozy atmosphere for people to come and listen to my stories because I’ve got so many things on my string on my balls. It’s unbelievable! So I need to kind of boop but that’s how it started and then I felt this community, I love the community and just listen to people and I wanted to incorporate all of that into one business. That was my drive, also my curiosity to see if I could use everything that I learned about trying so many different things in my life. See how much of that I could bring into one business. 

Luanne: Wow! 

Gigi: So that’s how it is. So some of it sometimes like, some of it that I’ve learned during these are coming in now even yeah and it’s still I know I haven’t where I am today is not where I’m gonna stay. I’m gonna keep on going with the web design and everything; strategizing and support and business and all that. And go into further and further and further so there’s no end station there. It’s like keep on going with it. 

Luanne: Well that’s what I kind of say, well it was like what do you believe your Purpose is? But you just told me it’s family and community. In our business, we have the choice to express it through that but like I always say, business is not your Purpose it’s an expression of that. So yeah and it sounds to me like you’ve expressed it in all different types. Like I remember coming to your viking night, 

Gigi: yes right 

Luanne: What an amazing community of at least tell people where you’re from if they haven’t guessed or whatever 

Gigi: If they haven’t guessed, I’m my name, I’m Swedish. 

Luanne: Yes and I just love that heritage that you have because it’s very similar to the maori heritage but different but similar. That warrior type, the tribe 

Gigi: Yeah, the tribe, 

Luanne: The Tribe, the community, and now you’re doing it in this flavor and yeah I just always even time I’m in your presence or I see you even online, it’s like you really care about this community. You’re growing and deprived and yes inspirational, beautiful. So, how did you answer the call of your Purpose? 

Gigi: What does that mean? 

Luanne: So that means, I read your hands, yes right? Because knowing your Purpose is not answering and sometimes we get a little nudge on our shoulder or it’s like “oh yeah we’re really going to step into that now” 

Gigi: Yes I think it was after when I’m slightly older than you but you know where your life is divided into different lives? It’s like oh that was like a different lifetime so you feel like you lived maybe three lives when you come into my age and then you probably leave a fourth if you’re lucky living that long. But when the kids grew up and we moved back to Melbourne at the time, my kids started school and they didn’t grow up. They started school, I was sitting there. What shall I do and I’m a travel agent business travel agent and I did more things. 

I had a sushi restaurant and it’s like crazy crazy different things. So I said that I didn’t want to go back to the travel agent’s work so I thought well what should I do? I need to do something, I had that desire within myself to create something for myself and I wanted to create success. I wanted to be successful. What that meant to me was different for everybody but I just wanted something that worked that I felt proud of that generated an income obviously and hopefully like more income than I put my work into it if you know what I mean. So I wouldn’t get exhausted. So that the kids went to school and I had that desire inside of doing something then I started the search and that’s when we connected and it took 10 years probably, it took 10 years for me to move into it and so it was a desire within myself. Yes so I think if the trigger was that, the kids started school like my immediate attention to the kids went out the door to school and then I had that space of creating something for myself and now even now they’re 18 and 16, now I have even more time to kind of dig even deeper into my Purpose or my joy yeah so I wanted to create something with joy. 

Luanne: I love that! So you answered it with just and I mean that’s actually really interesting saying it was over 10 years and but you tried different things and I was kind of the same. We did goddess and I think you were actually one of the very first people that came to one of my goddess evenings way back 12, the shadow or something? And I remember you, no it’s is it very swedish to bring flowers? 

Gigi: Yeah you always bring a gift 

Luanne: Right and I didn’t even know you came with another person and you bought me these flowers and I went, “oh my goodness! Nobody else bought me flowers just you” yes but again, that led me to where I am now and where and the same for you and you already said it there’s going to be another phase 

Gigi: oh God yeah I know that and it’s exciting! So we never as business owners as you know, we never stand or we shouldn’t stand still it’s not normal so you have to just keep on going and growing and being uncomfortable in that but it’s also exciting because it’s like, I wonder what I can do if I try this. Yeah if it doesn’t work, drop it and do something else. 

Luanne: I think the sad thing is, when people don’t try, they’ll never know. At least we know, well that didn’t work, let’s try something else oh yeah that did work well. Why do you think Gigi it’s important to do your Purpose work? 

Gigi: It is kind of everything. I just want to feel I live my full potential yeah not just take the just water. I want to live my life’s potential and the life potential is in many ways it’s not only my business but I just want to in that area too, yeah for sure that’s the only answer. 

Luanne: Yep so knowing your Purpose is one thing, knowing it’s one thing right? You had to handle it or you just knew it. 

Gigi: How it occurred to you but I didn’t know what it was? 

Luanne: Yeah but what else do you think it takes to actually step into that or embody that and live that like sometimes? I mean we had our beautiful friend Kathy and she talked about it well knowing my Purpose but then I need to know my values or somebody else said I know my Purpose but I need to do shadow work to bring that up. What’s one of your practices or modalities not that you have to do or that you’ve that’s helped support you? 

Gigi: Yeah it is actually what really helps me is my morning routine and I try to think positive thoughts just before I fall asleep. So when I wake up I hopefully have unless I had a really bad dream then that follows you for a while but is the morning routine and that is I get up and I do 20 minutes yoga and then I have a tea or lemon water and then I take my dog for a walk and just really mindful of where I look while I look at the trees we live in a suburb, so I walk around but I look at the trees I try to look at the flowers and then when I get home it can vary because I’m a bit, I don’t like to do the same things all the time so sometimes it can be something I could do breathing exercise or one morning, I don’t do it but it is the morning routines that keeps me sane. But then also the other thing is to be brave and try to get out of my head trying to think my way into how this is going to work and who is going to like it and who is going to buy it. It never works that way, you just have to do it and be do and don’t be perfect. It’s just, I had that in my mind all the time doesn’t need to be perfect and I’m gonna look back at that in two years time and I’m gonna laugh my head off that even put that out but it made me go to the next step and see what works with people and connect with people. 

Luanne: Yeah I love that in the morning. I kind of struggle with the morning routine like so well not envious I really honor you for doing that some days I’m like yeah I’ll do three days in a row, I got my journal, have my little cup of tea and just write my thoughts and but when you say, you say it with such convictions like “yeah I do this, I do this” and it’s kind of the routine even though sometimes we don’t like doing the same thing, so you change it up too. 

Gigi: It can be shaked out, just shake and dance to something and it doesn’t matter if it’s moving, it’s moving the body and kind of getting your energy back into your gut or your womb or you just need to get it all back in. 

Luanne: Yes this is one of my favorite questions knowing all what you all do, it’s like did you shake it? Yeah it’s really helpful and helpful for people who watch and listen as well.

Gigi: Yes and obviously there are lots of other things; it can go for healing, some tapping and all sorts of things like on top of that but something I try to like a routine, I do every day except Saturdays and Sundays I’m not very good with, I want to lay in them. 

Luanne: Isn’t the 20 80 20 rule you know? Eighty percent of the time… 

Gigi: Yeah! 

Luanne: That’s great right? So then I want to ask you Gigi who has been one of your favorite people that you’ve worked with in your business and why? 

Gigi: Right yes, I wonder who that can be… No one of my favorite people is actually you and it is that I like fireworks. I like action takers. And I actually really enjoy seeing you galloping around like a mad horse and then I can just pull in a little bit. It sounds… it doesn’t, she doesn’t gallop around madly but I like the way you want to just go go go and then it’s easier for me, it’s probably easier for a lot of business owners instead of pushing people to do something, you can pull it back a little bit within your energy obviously, with it so you don’t feel like contained and like in prison but like a little bit or maybe we should come to school that way a little bit and then I like that! So that’s my favorite, you’re my ideal client and you also got a strong desire to create something that is on Purpose and that is meaningful for everybody or for your tribe in general for the whole world. I really like that, I think that makes my Purpose even stronger because it doesn’t make sense if I can make you be seen online, then to help you and your Purpose that is then that’s a proper Purpose if you know what I mean? 

Luanne: Yeah and I know you’ve got some other a lot of your clients are like me but I guess, there can be the other side of that where people are not just they don’t they just really struggle to give you stuff and then that’s your job so I love that analogy of like “oh we’ll just go!” 

Gigi: And it’s not like that, it’s like yeah you know? 

Luanne: Where they just nudged much you know? But that’s the thing like we can trust well. It’s me trusting you and one thing which I totally do and it’s like you’ll come back to “oh how about we just tweak this?” I’m like “oh yeah. For me, I had to let total control go and when I’m controlling like, she’s like and I can see you rolling your eyes on the other side but you’re just letting the event and then you go boom! And I’m like yeah you know great synergy and who you want to work with. 

Gigi: And obviously sometimes it can be quite nice to have other clients that are a little bit more careful they’re willing but they’re a bit more careful so you have to kind of guide them a little bit and that’s a nurture them and that is also really nice clients to work with obviously. 

Luanne: Yeah you can’t have too many! Well it’s a beautiful balance 

Gigi: Yes it is! I am a balanced Libra so I like the balance so I can’t just have a fire horse, I call you five horses or the action. Yeah you could if you’re really structured and I like the nurturing, that’s what we can nurture fire horses too. 

Luanne: Yeah and you do. So I wanted to, where can we find you? Like where can we find you online? 

Gigi: You can find me on 

Luanne: Beautiful and you’ve got a Facebook group too? Is that invite only or can people come and just join you? 

Gigi: Yes, you can join me! So that’s business gems 

Luanne: Okay yeah, you are a Gem, Gigi.  

Gigi: Yeah I’m a business gem but the funny thing people think it is just made up but it is my three letters in my name. So it makes sense and Gigi is my nickname before no one could say my real name so Gigi’s my nickname and Gem is a tactile marine like the first letters. 

Luanne: Wow I love it! And so before I ask you my ending question, it just got so fast. What would your advice be to somebody really thinking about their Purpose and searching for it? What would your advice be to somebody? 

Gigi: What would I advise keep on going, never stop and really tune in to… never stop looking for your Purpose but slow down so you can hear your Purpose. You can hear the voice and then just fall into it and just follow that as much as you can even if it’s scary. Sometimes you can change a lot of things in families and just lean into it and follow that and then obviously, I mean that the hand readings that you’ve done that really helps as well. You’re not going to tell people what’s going to happen in 2022, it’s not about that but it’s such a strong foundation of who you are. I mean, when I look at what you said about my hands I can really connect with that. So doing that as well, I actually absolutely recommend this as well to look at your house because you get your Purpose, you get your… I know this is not about hand reading but I think it really helps to get you a little bit so it’s a confirmation more than anything that you’re on the right track, that what you’re feeling is correct and then you have to explore it. 

Luanne: You kind of know that is that and that trepidation is like oh is it really right and then it’s there and what I love too Gigi, you use this for your own clients right? 

Gigi: Yes and that’s the thing! You can use it in your business, it makes it that unique sell, your unique selling point that you can add to your business and you can kind of add hand and then and I have that word hand analysis, so you can add it to nearly any business to be honest. 

Luanne: Pretty much yeah. Really, we’re similar actually but you can! 

Gigi: You can do if you’re working with teams. I mean seriously there’s so many. So I would do that but first of all I would just not stop looking and then listen to yourself and really have the guts to nurture yourself and do what you feel like you want to do and I think we get better with that after 50 because you kind of go, you can’t be bothered with what people think or say a little more. 

Luanne: You see somebody in their 30s even 40s, thank goodness that’s done. It’s a different but not even today, we all go through but then also a lot of the people or the kids they’re growing up a lot quicker and they’re more wisdom than when I was a kid, that there’s something which the world needs. 

Gigi: Yes 

Luanne: All right my love this has been amazing! So could you end on telling us something that no one knows about you or your husband might know about you? 

Gigi: Yes I think a few people know about, just a few people but I actually met Duke of Edinburgh which is the father or the husband to the Queen of England and father to Charles and Andrew and not a lot of people know about it but I was not pairing Windsor and we were out jogging in Windsor. I don’t jog, so that is amazing. That’s something you don’t know about me, I don’t jog. I was jogging, I was young. I was 19 and it’s a long park, it’s one kilometer so you can public and jog there and we’re just talking along my friend, my repair mom and her friend was a little bit ahead of me and I see this carriage come out with two men on there and two horses so just “oh your horses looks lovely” I think, so he stopped and he’s chatting with me for a while I can’t remember what he talked to me about but he was like “oh you are joking” just like normal stuff and the Mom and her friend is just standing like 10 minutes away like this… 

Luanne: You deserve it! 

Gigi: I had no idea and then my cheeks were red because I got red when I jog. I came up to my mom, the upper Mom and she said “Gigi, do you know who you were speaking to?” and I went “no” oh that was Duke of Edinburgh and I went “who’s that?”. I had no idea, I didn’t even know who is that one so as she said, “you spoke to the Queen’s husband” and I went “you’re kidding I couldn’t get in contact with Andrew because Andrew was like, he was really nice looking at the time” 

Luanne: Well oh my goodness that’s hilarious! 

Gigi: Yeah he’s hilarious! 

Luanne: Just like a normal person you know? Just a normal person, 

Gigi: He looked like he was actually kept taking care of the horses that’s the thing and then I enough a girl from the North of Sweden who had no like I was only 19, I had no idea I knew the Queen was I could recognize her 

Luanne: But yeah but you didn’t know her husband and if you go for 19 years, like you get blind. 

Gigi: Yes it was funny!

Luanne: Oh well thank you so much Gigi for having this interview, Answering the Call of your Purpose! Love you so much and again everyone, if you’re listening and watching go and check her out at and there’s some great opt-ins there for you if you’re looking at the website or strategy and all that so thank you so much Gigi! 

Gigi: You’re welcome, thank you. 

Luanne: Bye

Gigi: Bye 

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