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Answering the call of your Purpose with Jo Worthy

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Luanne: Beautiful. So, hello, hello, everyone and welcome back to the podcast to Answering the Call of your Purpose. I’m Luanne Mareen and I have a beautiful guest here today, Jo Worthy. Hello, Jo.

Jo: Hello, Lou. Great to be here.

Luanne: Oh, it’s so awesome to have you here and just before we jump in with these beautiful questions that I want to ask you and just get all this juicy information out of you, I just want to remind the people who are watching us, what this podcast is really, you know, designed to do and it was really just a brainchild idea of mine to interview people who really inspire me, who I’ve had a connection with and who’ve answered the call of their purpose. And just get some of these juicy tidbits out of them, so that if you are searching for your purpose and you know, want to answer that call that you can take that information as well and then we’re going to share some links where you can find the beautiful guest. So, that’s basically my intention for this. And so, with this, Jo, I want to just, let’s just dive straight in. Before I say that, I want to say, Jo is the beautiful author of this gorgeous book here which was… Yeah! You’ve got twenty-one lessons in creating a deliciously divine life. And, look it is just… I mean like, everything like Jo, you can see the beautiful flowers over here and it’s just gorgeous in itself. Just even holding it can feel the energy. So, Jo, just jump in with us now, and just let us know what are you doing right now, like right now on the planet?

Jo: What am I doing right now? Well, I’ve actually just created a brand new community. And it’s called the Magnificent New Self-love Celebration group and it’s really a group of women. I put a call out there for the people pleasers of the world. The women over 40, that are people pleasers and want to reclaim their power. So, I’ve just started this amazing new community and I’ve also just created a six-month program that aligns with the people pleasers. That’s the name of the program. It’s actually called “People Pleaser to Personal Power”.

Luanne: I love that.

Jo: The program with six masterclasses over six months. And, so, that’s what I’m really doing at the moment which is so, so exciting. I just feel like, the most aligned I have ever felt in my life. In my particular business for the last seven years, I just feel like, you know, you just know. You feel it. You feel it, you know it that you feel that you are on the right path and that you are aligned and you can make a real difference. 

Luanne: Totally and it kind of feels it dropped in because we’ve been friends for a long time now. So, can you share with us what lead you to where you are today? And I know it’s been a whole journey, we kind of talked off air just before but what led you to create this beautiful community, this beautiful program, writing this amazing book? 

Jo: Well, you know what? It’s been as you know, Lou, as you know we’ve worked together on and off the last seven years and it’s been even prior to that, it’s been this massive journey and really, really connecting to every little bit of determination, resilience, courage just to keep going. There are times where I felt like, “oh my goodness, this is just too hard” but I had to really keep digging deeper and I think the fact that many of my life lessons have turned into blessings and I know that sounds a little bit of a cliche but it is so true. I teach what I know deeply. I so, and I think that has really led me where I am now. And why I am so passionate about the people-pleasing to personal power is because it took me many, many years to stop being a people pleaser. To really embrace my power within and part of that was obviously, really realizing what my purpose was. And I know you are asking more about that. That freedom, the freedom that can bring you and that deep realization that you can actually help other women through what you’ve been through. That got me to where and you know what I started my spiritual journey many, many, many years ago, in my twenties the law of attraction. That studying Louise Hay and Florence Scovel Shinn and I went way off my path. But there’s no coincidences, is there?

Luanne: No.

Jo: We think we’re going off our path but what we’re learning is so many juicy valuable sometimes so painful but valuable life lessons so we can teach others. We can lead the way. We can be those light, you know, those light beings that lead the way for other women and help them. And I’m really passionate about making, you know, I think I always have been, whatever job that I’ve been in, it’s to make a difference.

Luanne: Yeah, I love that, I love it, so, because you, I mean and this is not a podcast about hand analysis at all. You can find your purpose anyway but when you said lessons and they were your blessings but you told that exactly what we’re here to do, right? It’s your secret source. What you’re here to learn is what you are here to teach and you’ve really mastered that. But with that, from what I’ve seen on my end just watching you and working with you and just being around you is like, you’ve really embraced those lessons. Oh yes, you write about them, right? Yeah, you did so much work and that’s not for the faint-hearted 

Jo: No.

Luanne: Not for the faint-hearted at all. And, so, that’s what led you here. But you also, so, I’m hearing you also had a spiritual background as well and you know, some so many times even reading your story you could’ve just given up. It’s like “no, see you later”, you know. Not, not in that way but it’s like “no, I’m just going to get on, I just know I can’t do this” but you really dove deep. So, that takes care of. So, then what do you believe is your purpose?

Jo: Well, a very wise woman now, you might want to rephrase and I often sort of don’t get it completely right but when I hand analysis with you, Lou, you said that part of my purpose was to be an author speaker in the spotlight and a healing message to the masses 

Luanne: Yes.

Jo: I may not have got it perfectly right.

Luanne: Totally, oh, yep. 

Jo: That really spoke to me, so, I ended up writing my book. And I really did start speaking and I put myself out there and the really interesting thing is, this is what courage is though, isn’t it? Like, doing the things that scare you the most and public speaking would have to be one of those things. I was like a nervous wreck. It was one of my biggest fears but I was determined that I would still do it. I was determined to put myself in the arena as Brené Brown would say and get my ass kicked and be finally be okay with that. So, to be an author, yes, I wrote the book. To be a speaker, I put myself out there. Healing message to the masses while I’m working with the masses but I have a very much healing message with the life path that I have chosen and the lessons that I have been through but it is more than that it goes. It’s actually because that’s quite… that’s generic. But now I’ve realized what my niche is, is to actually help through my writing, through my speaking, and through my message is to help women with their mess about being a people pleaser.    

Luanne: Yes.

Jo: You know that and it’s so common out there like, women particularly, I’m sure there are guys out there but I’m a woman and I work with women so, I talk about women. So, many of us have been people pleasers or are still people pleasers and we have this constant need to want to be liked at the very least of not loved and we fear rejection. It is full of anxiety and stress and overwhelms when we live like that so, to come out of that and I call myself a reformed people pleaser. Like this freedom, it’s like living yourself out of your emotional prison. So, I’m very passionate about it, so, that is my real purpose. If you really want to niche it down is to help women that are people pleasers. All the perfectionists as well because they’re the sort of women of you know, coincidentally.. not coincidentally the women that I attract and the women that I can really help.

Luanne: Yeah, and you can do that because like you said you’ve been there and we all. You know that fear of rejection t’s really interesting because we, you know even just talking about speaking and I remember so, I’m just going off and on tantra. I remember when we first started we and I used to take videos. Remember those days we would practice speaking.

Jo: Yes.

Luanne: And I already, like you were passionate and maybe you were shaking in your boots but I think we actually do criticize ourselves. We didn’t, you know, but you were amazing back then and you are amazing now, right? So, it’s like, gosh, we really, not mean to ourselves, we are, we are a little bit mean to ourselves. But when this gift that you have is there, it’s just there. It’s in your hands, it’s in your energy, it’s yeah, it’s there. I just want to remind you of that.

Jo: But you know what, that’s the valuable work that you do, Lou, and I now starting to do is that we see the gifts in other women. We see their light and we need to remind them because back in those days when you said that I was amazing did I think that I was amazing? Oh my goodness, not. I didn’t see my amazingness. I didn’t get to that light that gold inside of me and now that I have, now I can really, I can be very authentic about helping other women.

Luanne: Yeah, yeah and it’s like that you know the cliche like as your light shines you know, you shine the light for others, right? Miriam Williamson. So, you had it, so that’s your purpose, you’re helping these people-pleasing women to come out and turn that around. Then, but how did you answer that call? How did you, you know, what happened for you to went “Oh, I need to work with people”?

Jo: Because I often work with, so my thing is, is to help women predominantly over forty go from like what I said that people-pleasing to personal power but deeper than that is to help them with their…help them be more courageous to be more confident and to live consciously. So, when I started living consciously and realized that I was stuck in that people-pleasing mode, and it was not serving me and the universe kept giving me quite harsh lessons around that, I have to wake up. We have to keep, we, every woman, every person in this universe needs to do the work and we need to start living consciously so, we know where to actually put the work in. So, I realized that I had to start really being conscious that “okay, I’m a people pleaser” that has been one of my burdens that I have carried around and I can change. And if I can change, I’m no more special with anyone else, if I can change, other women can change. And it’s like, I don’t want to live in this anxiety anymore. I don’t want to fear rejections. Publishing this book, oh my goodness, I fear rejection and you know what, I did feel rejection. It was like the worst thing that can happen was to be rejected, I got rejected. You know, it’s okay now. It’s okay if people reject me because they’re not my people. And I need to teach other women that it’s okay to be rejected because the people that are rejecting you, they don’t matter..that doesn’t mean they don’t matter, they don’t matter as far as…they matter as a human being but it doesn’t matter if they reject you because they’re not aligned with your values and your truths and who you are. 

Luanne:  Yeah, I love that. It’s so interesting because I remember when we would have the goddess circles, right? And she had all those years back and some people would bring in new people that didn’t know me but they would be sitting there and I’m like “ oh, she’s not coming back”. No, I could already, but she’s not…because of what you said, because of the consciousness, you soar it, so you meet it, right? You made friends with it. It was that shadow stuff, so, oh, I love it. But again it doesn’t matter, she’s been and who knows, so, this is the thing, Jo, like you’re even somebody reading your story and they’re like “Oh my goodness, what I could never do” it’s Jo there and years later that person is like, “I remember that story that Jo said” you know, or so, you don’t have to be attached to that outcome. No, I’m not saying that to you but people who work with this like, if you attach yourself after the outcome it’s going to be a whole world of hurt because you’re that expectation, right? Whereas you just “stuff it I’m just doing it my way” which is so, you know, so Inspiring, so it’s right. So, why do you think it’s important to do your purpose work?

Jo: Oh my goodness, because like I said before it sets you free. It energizes you. It helps you get up in the morning. It’s like that fire in your belly, it;’s like reigniting that spark. It’s like everybody needs to find their purpose. I mean I can’t be more passionate about that because I know what it’s done for me. And I see people when…I see women that I work with, I see their lives light up. I see that when they actually feel like there’s…that they actually connect to that goal I talked about, that light, that value that they have and they need to be reminded of it. So, it’s like, who doesn’t want to live like that? Who wants to live in mediocrity? Because that’s what you do when you don’t find your purpose. Purpose doesn’t… as you know, well you are the master of the purpose… you’re the expert in purpose but I know personally from my journey that it’s like, without not having a purpose, it’s like you wake up in the morning and you go… you’re just doing… you’re going through the motions and you’re thinking there must be more to life. 

Luanne: I know. 

Jo: I spoke to someone, only yesterday when I did a one on one and it’s like “I don’t know my purpose” they said. And they are feeling like they’re going through the motion, so, we’ve been discussing that and we’ve been… I have to use that… it’s a very catchy word “unpacking” you know? That’s what I use in this context and helping her to realize the beautiful gifts that she has. I may look differently, because I’m also intuitive, so, I also use oracle cards and I’m very intuitive as well but I do have my traditional methods and talk about values and goals and it will come together. Without purpose, I can really just summarize that you’re leading this lacklustre life, you’re leading a life that is not fully living.

Luanne: Yeah and yeah. You know when you were saying that it’s like I was relieved that you know if everybody was on purpose, everybody knew their purpose, right? What a different space we would be in. Imagine like right now when we’re taking and recording this interview, the world is in a lot of chaos but imagine if people did, you know? But it does take somebody to “no I’m over it, I don’t want to be mediocre” like you said so, that’s why it’s so beautiful. So, then knowing your purpose is mine, and you can do find it in many ways: values and astrology, numerology, hand, it all the different ways that you can unpack that. But knowing it is one thing and what else do you think it takes to actually express that, live that and so, you know, what I mean by that is somebody I think it was Kathy, she said: “you also know your purpose but you also have to know your values to align to that.”

Jo: Yes. 

Luanne: For me, you have to do your shadow work no matter what, right? So, that’s it. So, what’s it for you, Jo?

Jo: Definitely, the shadow work and that’s sort of like, I think that part of your harsh lessons is to bring your shadow and make them show your triggers that you need to work on. All triggers, it’s like, you know, they’re going to teach us the most and the relationship and the lessons that we get from other people. You know, whether it be the rejections or whether it be the judgements or whether it be the criticism they’re really the juice that helps us rise above and really reveal some of our shadow sides that we need to keep working on, so, I’ve really invested in my personal development. I really invested in healing even more so than the last twelve months more than any other time I’ve looked at my shadow side and had to be really honest. Why am I reacting like that? What can I do differently? And you know, using gratitude and forgiveness, like forgiving myself because you know, none of us are perfect. 

Luanne: That Is beautiful because I was just going to say well how do you, you know, we’ll talk about triggers but what do you do with them and so, your thing is forgiveness, right?

Jo:  Forgiveness is been a massive… I wrote a chapter on Your Worthy of Forgiveness and it’s a massive one, I mean some of us have more people to forgive but the…

Luanne: Yeah, truth.

Jo: You know…

Luanne: Let’s start with our parents: love you, bless you, you only did what you could at the time but you know, 

Jo: Exactly. It starts in childhood and we need to clear all that and we need to forgive and knowing even from a parental point of view they’re doing their best that they could with what they had. And if we look at life, if we look through the lens of compassion and kindness doesn’t mean every day we’re going to be, you know, all kindness and compassion that there are days we’re going to lose it and that’s part of our shadow, isn’t it?   But then we can predominantly stay in that forgiveness and realize that people are doing their best that they can. My cat has just come to visit me. 

Luanne:   Oh, I love your cat. 

Jo: Come on! and if she’s so healing… talking of healing, really if we can come from  a different perspective that, the way, if we have to forgive someone that done something that maybe that that’s not aligning with our values that is not aligning with us and there’s maybe been criticism or judgement but it’s really, a reflection of how they’re feeling so, we need to take it off ourselves but there’s still stuff we need to look at to personally because…

Luanne: Oh, yeah. Totally. Like that old thing.

Jo: You’ll going to be completely accountable for our own stuff and a lot of people and that’s part of conscious living that we need to be accountable. We need to really look beneath the layers and go away, you know, let’s and give ourselves to a  mission to forgive ourselves for all the trauma and all the stuff that we need to heal from and why we attracted them in the first place. But you know, if I hadn’t have gone through what I’ve been through and some of it has been quite traumatic I wouldn’t have been the woman that I am now and that is so, I mean I say that deeply from my heart and my soul. I really do, so, it’s like you’re doing the work. I talk about “the work”. You know, digging beneath those layers and really becoming conscious of where you need to improve. When I say improve maybe there’s a different way of where you can be the better version of you.

Luanne: Yeah, and there’s always that opportunity for growth, right? I always say what’s a great thank you for that growth opportunity even if I want to go like that sometimes. It’s like…

Jo: It’s okay to do the finger. It’s okay to get angry, isn’t it? It’s like “I’m angry. That ‘s not acceptable behaviour” but then I’m going to learn from it. 

Luanne: Yeah, all of it’s welcomed you know what I mean? It’s just when it gets out of control, right? When anger turns to rage and then we’re right but then again that beautiful forgiveness. Yeah, again, so it’s forgiveness, look at the triggers and be conscious is what you pretty much said. Be conscious of what’s going on and not playing that blame game, right? You are in control here.  So, Jo, oh gosh, we could talk for hours. So, can you tell us a favourite person that you’ve worked with and I mean one of your clients, right? Not somebody who’s who you’ve done with it. So, just you don’t have to say their name or anything but just like, what was their transformation? Why was she a favourite person to work with? What were the qualities there?  

Jo: I thought about this question, I can’t select just one. I think I tell you what my favourite client is in general. When I say generically but I’ll also be specific. So, I’m not going to name anyone but my favourite client is not someone specific but they’re part of this equation is a woman who is over forty. They’re a woman for a start, they’re over forty, they’ve obviously got the people-pleasing tendencies and perfectionist tendencies and they’re willing to… they’ve already quite spiritual in a sense, they’re already and they’re prepared to do the work and they’ve had to learn. They’re also prepared to share their own wisdom. And then if they have a transformation through the work that I’ve done and I can witness that transformation, there’s nothing better than that. So, I’ll give you an example, if I’ve been… okay, I will use an example of one particular client. 

Luanne: Yes, yeah. 

Jo: Yes, It’s probably better to be more specific but I think any woman that you can see a transformation that you’re working with is a favourite for some. To be more specific, I’ll give you an example just probably what you’re looking for. Twelve months ago, I like a particular woman who joined my masterclasses, now, we didn’t know each other physically we only knew each other through…

Luanne: Sorry, Jo, sorry, Jo. I have to Sorry, I just have to… Oh no, it’s all good. I always get delivery. Sorry everyone, I just get a rung, just delivered, I’m like, Oh okay. Okay. So, tell me about this woman. Sorry, we can try and cut this out, maybe I won’t. Yeah. 

Jo: That’s okay! I can go during the day too and I’ll get just let them leave it on the doorstep. That’s okay. Now, so, this particular lady, she joined my masterclasses last year, the love worthy masterclasses that I created from the book and I hadn’t met her before. We knew each other through the… we didn’t really know each other just through the different mutual friends in the community. And she came in at a time where she was going through a lot of grief. She just lost her mother and she’d actually but even more than I put a lot of things to the forefront from just losing her mother as I can often do because there was a lot of trauma from her childhood. Now, I’m no therapist. People know that. I’m very… I use that disclaimer. But through working with me and being part of a group because not only was she going through the grief of her mother she felt very disconnected as a woman. She felt lonely. She certainly wasn’t living her life on purpose. And the fact that she did these 21 weeks through the 21 lessons and love worthy and then she’s continued to do come on retreats and do a lot of work with me, she’s really starting to claim her power as a woman and go through those layers of forgiveness and being really grateful for what she has and feeling more connected to not just other women, that’s great, but to herself. But connecting back to her heart and I see her and I just feel so proud of her because she’s “double work”, she’s willing to go beneath the shadows do the work and really start to start to value herself more as a woman and she’s a total people pleaser and now she recognized that behaviour as well and she’s really… and you know that  I haven’t spoken about it but you know that I do astronomy as well, it’s one of my passion. 

Luanne: Yes. I love your astronomy.

Jo: She’s a Leo but she was not really owning her Leo. She wasn’t owning her courage. She wasn’t owning all those beautiful, that generosity that big heart, that bold, bright, shining brightly and she’s starting to do that and she was allowing people to take advantage of her it was an old pattern which I could so see because it was me, it was me, you know, maybe even five to ten years ago. Just seeing her transformation, so, she’s probably one of my favourites but I have quite a few women that I just, in the masterclasses even after 90 minutes and you would know after with the powerful work after you’ve done as well. You see it in, you feel it and you see it. You see, you get to witness which it’s such an honor. You get to witness that woman’s face lighting up. Now, that might not seem like a massive transformation but I tell you what it’s actually much more valuable than what people will give it credit for because if they can be and they’re lacking that joy they’re lacking that… they’re feeling anxious, they’re not feeling confident they’re not feeling courageous and if you can spark something within them to actually bring that out event within 90minutes never mind a six-month program, I mean, it’s very difficult. I don’t, I’m not complacent about that. 


Luanne: Yeah, yeah. And you know change can happen in an instant, Jo, right? But you know if we really let it but I love that 90 minutes and you know you’ve been the witness for her doing that, that’s the, you know, that’s the container that you, you know, provided there too and she’s just gone “yep I’m safe, I’m ready”, you know, “let’s do this” and I love that, Jo. So, Jo, I know, again I have to get you back but where can we find you? Like, I know you’ve got a Facebook group and your website and again we’ll put all the links below here. So, where can we find you? 

Jo: Basically my business is my own, my brand, so it’s for my website. I love women that really are struggling particularly the people pleasers out there and the women that feel like everybody has to like them and really, really putting everybody else as a priority. My new tribe Magnificent New Self-love Celebration group, love to have you in. It’s a free group. I’m doing another challenge i’s self-love challenge in November, I ran one in June and it was amazing, I mean, I can say that it’s amazing but other women are telling me how amazing it is, so come into that group. I’m also on Facebook under Jo Worthy. 

Luanne: Beautiful. Thank you so much. And you can go and get the book from the website as well. So…

Jo: If you’re a friend you can direct message me as well. 

Luanne: Beautiful. Okay, so, let’s just end on telling us something that nobody… it’s interesting because pretty much everything is in the book, right? But…

Jo:  Always in the book!

Luanne: Okay. Yeah, tell us something that nobody knows, it could be funny it could be deep. It’s totally up to you. Tell us something that we don’t know about you. 

Jo: I do have some quirky habits. I think we all do if we’re really honest. 

Luanne: I so do. 

Jo: I have this thing about making the bed.

Luanne: Right?

Jo: I can not get into a bed that is unmade. Now, and they say apparently… I mean, I’m no expert on this but apparently, if you make the bed it sets you up for the day it creates a good habit perhaps. So, I always, usually like to make the bed before I come into my office. Now, if I’m having a really frantic day and I’m running behind schedule sometimes, the bed doesn’t get made but let me tell you I have to make it before I lay at night because the sheets have to be nice and smooth. So, I have this quirkiness and it’s funny just before we started recording my cat had got into my office wardrobe door was open and I have to go and shut it. So, I don’t know I’m a little quirky with things like that.

Luanne: I love that. I love that it’s…

Jo: That is not in the book. Oh my goodness, there’s a lot of things not in the book. It’s very revealing but there are lots of things not in the book.

Luanne: Oh, beautiful, Jo. I wish my kids would do that. “I’m like make your bed”. Anyway, thank you so much Jojo for being here. It’s been an absolute pleasure. Oh, I can’t wait for, you know, for people to see this very soon until next time. Everyone, thank you very much.  Okay. Bye for now. –

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