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Answering the call of your Purpose with Julie Lewin

Full Transcript of call

Luanne : Hello everyone and welcome to “Answering the Call of your Purpose” as a new podcast series that I am bringing to you inspired for people like you to remind you of your Purpose that I have got some amazing leaders, mentors and guides that will be sharing their tips and their gifts for us as well.

First of all I want to introduce you to the amazing Julie Lewin! Good day to you Julie and you are the actual first person in this series that I am interviewing so it’s an honour! I know I have interviewed you before because you are a wealth of knowledge and I just love your work. So for those who don’t know you, what do you do right now?

Julie : So right now, I am in business with my beautiful daughter Tash Lewin and we are calling ourselves the Mother & Daughter Duo and we are spiritual catalysts and soul work midwives. We are helping women really tap into their soul work, soul Purpose, what the soul wanted to achieve at this human being that we are. There’s a lot of potential leaders in our community and we are helping them from that grassroots level to get over their limiting beliefs, clear the runway and clearing those deep seeded beliefs that are stopping people from stepping into their soul leadership and we have been doing that for six months now and it blows our minds at how fast our clients are transforming and we literally are cataclysm when people come on work with us at that intimate level… stuff happens and it is like huge stuff happens quickly and we just hold that container and we’re there to support our clients to make that journey.

I am saying to one of clients this morning that we all have to go across the valley floor to get to that next mountain and crossing that valley floor has obstacles and as the midwives, we actually can tell you when to breathe and when to push and we hold that for you. Sometimes, it’s all about just waiting because it’s not the right time. If you try to push when you’re not having the contraction, the baby just comes up against the… and anyone who literally had a baby remembers but in business, it’s the same. If we try to push when we’re not having that contraction, it’s like we push ourselves out of flow and that’s when we lose it. Remember, when I was literally in labour, when I lost my focus that’s when all the wheels fell off and I just say “I can’t do this, I want my mum and want to get home soon” and it’s the same in business. Isn’t it?  

Luanne :  It is! Basically you help these people. Are they men and women, do you do both or does it mainly women at this stage?

Julie : It’s not working with men, but it’s women that we are working with right now.

Luanne : And then you help them create a business on Purpose?

Julie : Yes so this is what we found with our clients. That they’ve had mentors in the past who coaches in the past, who try to direct them into a direction    that actually is the way from where their soul is lit up in their hearts and they are feeling not heard, they are feeling not seen and they are thinking “oh my ideas are just crap” and so we’ve come along with our clients and we are listening. We are really hearing them and we’re going “that’s amazing! Let’s work together and let’s see how we can make that happen”.

Luanne : And that is one part of that, right? And you’ve put up a great statement about mentors who because sometimes they have a system or they have a roadmap and so they kind of put you on what works for them but without looking at what is this person’s Purpose? So that’s the foundation before you put them into the program? And you’ve got your amazing gifts as well that you do that.

I want to go back to so you have that and you’ve been doing that for six months and you’ve been surely doing other work way before this?

Julie :  Yes, so I’ve been doing intuitive work for 36 years and I started out doing looking inside of the human body and seeing where the blocks are in their body and as time went on, I began saying to the universe “It’s no good for me just telling people what I see and send them away, that’s really pretty silly” and so I said to the universe “show me how I can help these people” and so I started seeing a movie with the solution and so I would imagine the solution and people were saying “what are you doing to me?” and I said “Oh can you feel that in your physical body?” and they are saying “yes”.

So I spent many years developing that and then ultimately I was accredited as a healing modality and for the last five years maybe I have been working on teaching those templates to people and that’s been a journey in itself. I tried to share my 36 years of work on a weekend and all I did was I overwhelmed people. So, I did that for a few years and people loved it but they really only got to practice a few of the templates and that wasn’t matching my vision of how I wanted this work to impact people and so that’s when I came in mentored by you because I thought there is something missing. I am not quite figuring this out quite rightly and you said “oh honey, you don’t give it to them all at once, that’s too much” and so I listened and I broke it down and instead of teaching 50 templates in a weekend I thought I can do 12 and then when I did 12, I noticed that everyone is still doing two or three, and so I thought “let’s do it again over six weeks and do two a week” it’s still too much! So, less is more and I go back and do one a week over twelve weeks and we just graduated last night. I cannot tell you how profound the impact has been on the lives of these people because they’ve learned all 24. And so, I can’t help myself and I sneak in a few more…

Luanne :  Exactly! So in six months you’ve been doing this and so you’re teaching practitioners your work. Because I think this is a big part of your Purpose. You’re a wonderful and such a gifted person and it’s almost like it’s the Service to humanity and no one is going to do it like you. I know they’ve got their own flavour but it is such a gift to everyone to learn it and you’re just breathing, healing and beautiful work and alignment for people everywhere.

So I wanted to bring that phase of the business out too and that’s been kind of you’ve been doing it for a long time and you’ve got to the point where it’s easier for you to and it’s joyful and then you’ve got to play over these uplevel people over here too. So I loved that! So my next question here is what led you here today? Or when did you answer the call of your Purpose?

Julie : It started when I was a 25 year old mum with a 7 month old baby thinking about leaving my husband. I didn’t want to be a single mum so I guess that was in the back of my mind and then I had a clairvoyant reading and that one hour changed my entire life and so I accepted the call right there and then but did I accept gracefully? No. I was kicking and screaming probably, 20 years of that journey and I go “no, I am done I am not doing this anymore” and then it invigle it’s way back. When I thought about the alternative to living a highly spiritual life from a highly metaphysical life. You know diving into physics and that energy realms like living a life with that not in it… it didn’t work for me. I just become incredibly sad and sick. I made myself sick a lot and I believe that if we don’t:

  1.       Answer the call and then take action on the call, the universe provides the energy for the call but if we’re not acting on it, it backs up in our body and it hits on those limiting beliefs that we have and if we still don’t act on the call, we then can get unwell. And the longer we leave it, the more dense that blockage becomes.

It’s a bit like we don’t have beavers in Australia but I am sure people know what a beaver is. And a beaver builds like a wall across the stream to back the water up and the water can trickle through but it still backs up. If you think of, when you have a limiting belief, it resides in your energy channels that the Chinese with their acupuncture and their knowledge with meridians, that’s what I am talking about. If you have a block in your meridian, it becomes like a beaver then in a stream and it just backs up and then what happens is the force of that goes like that and that’s when you have a problem. And so, I learned that the hard way because sometimes I’d step away from the call and then I’d get sick. So then I had to deal with that and then I’d go along and I would enjoy the journey and I’ll go “this is all too much, all too hard, all overwhelming, I don’t want to do that anymore” that it would keep coming back and that’s how you know that it is your call when it won’t leave you alone. It’s pushing you in the middle of your back and it won’t leave you alone regardless of what else arises in your life.

When I lost my voice after cancer surgery in 2000, I actually lay in bed at night and I said “God if you give me back my voice, I promise I will share what I’ve learned”. So I’ve got my voice back after a year and this is me sharing my work with the world.  

Luanne : It is so profound and I love the beaver story. It’s like you get the 4 by 2 or you get the mat truck. It’s just going to come and bow you down and I guess you said “it was all too much” what is the journey right? We can fail and forward in so many ways but depending on there’s lots of pieces to put together and if we come out and really try this “okay I need to correct here” but it does find us. I am very similar to you and I think a lot of people are like “Oh okay it looks this way but if I stay attached to it looking that way, nothing else expands”. So I have to correct a few times myself.

Why is it so important to do our Purpose work?

Julie : I think because we are the not of the planet but of the universe, because there’s a lot of energy and we looked at where we are at 50 or 2000 year and we’ve just crossed that 26 year mark so we’re now in a completely different energy trajectory and the world and the universe have put us here for a reason and that is to help raise the level of consciousness on the planet and that we can almost slingshot into that trajectory and create what the universe has next for the universe.

I don’t know about you but I think about this a lot. I am a world of my own, I live on this planet that is a world within the solar system that is a being within the universe and we’re made up of energies, atoms and so I see the planet as a being not a human being but a being and we’re just selves in that planet, in that being make up. And there is space around us but that’s literally if you go deeper under a microscope, we are just cells or moving. So I see my life as a macrocosm but the planet is a macrocosm of my macrocosm. And I’ve really feel that hundred percent and I feel when you understand that, that’s a responsibility that goes with that.

Luanne : Yes I agree with you. I think we are in the age of Aquarius and the age of love and going to the Pisces thing that we’re coming back to love so 3D moving to 5D and all that kind of thing, but I totally believe in the vibration. It’s all about energy and raising our vibration and really doing that Purpose for work.

So then, knowing your Purpose is one thing, what else do you think it is taken for you to express and live that like did you have to know your values and your different relationship stars or what other tools did you use to express that Purpose?

Julie : What tools did I use? That’s grown over the years but in the beginning, all I knew was that I had to develop my psychic ability and develop my intuition. So for me, what I did was I became really good at moving into different dimensions and I know that sounds weird but that’s where I honed my craft is to be able to operate at different levels all at the same time. And literally at the same time like I had this stuff happening to my body that informs me. So I’ve learned how to read my body, I’ve learned of this difficult body language and I also have learned to read nature. I looked for signs and symbolism like when the clock gongs or when the fire alarm goes off, or when the police siren goes, I stop and pause and go “what am I just thinking or saying?” because that’s the truth. That’s the universe saying to me “take note”.

My clock goes off every hour on the hour 24 hours a day but I don’t hear it every hour and when I do hear it, it is significant. And we just had a koala in our tree in the front yard. Like that’s been my lifetime dream is to have a koala pop into my yard but when I looked up the symbolism of that it was slow down. Slow down community family. So I took that message on board and I thought you know what “I do just have to slow down”. So reading nature signs and symbolism, that’s been a really big part of what informs me.

Knowing what my core values are. Frank and my marriage hasn’t been all smooth sailing and I challenged anyone to say that any relationship is smooth sailing but underpinning that, we both had the number one core value was that we both wanted to raise our children together. So regardless of the conflict that we had personally, it actually outranked our personal desires and now we’re here 38 years later and we had a very solid marriage and a very amazing family unit that anywhere along the journey, I could have changed trajectory and I didn’t and I think that was part of my Purpose because I think that me answering the call, part of that call was for Frank to be supporting me. And if I had not stayed true to the call then I would not be living the life I am today which to me is amazing. I love my life.

Luanne :  It’s like you’re saying are we living all different life dimensions at the same time in different dimensions and that movie “sliding doors” it’s kind of like that. But I also like so we didn’t take that opportunity but we always come back to our core Purpose eventually and also business and relationships. Be spiritual growth, your catalyst ever so we’re all doing both.

So I wanted to ask, who is the favourite person you have worked with for your soul Purpose and why?  

Julie : Let’s talk about Nat, because Tash and I were working with Nat for the last 6 months. She became a client of ours and she didn’t actually tell us that she’s going to become our client. She just  put our program online and I discovered some extra money in our bank account and I went “where did that come from?” so it was kind of like right as Covid hit and I mean literally the weekend Covid hit she put our program that we hadn’t finished that we are not even sure if we are going to do and universe went “no, you’re doing this” and that’s why I really like this as a case study.

So Nat wanted to create her own oracle card set and now the interesting thing is we like to know the background and what made you decide that you wanted to do something like that and she said “well I have this calling. I have this Purpose”so we go “tell us about it” she said I don’t yet know how to articulate it so we have a process where we helped them articulate it so we took that three day and I guided her and after 20 minutes she said “you don’t know this but you’d help me more in half an hour than my last coach helped me in 6 years”. And that was because we had the tools to help her articulate that. Why I love working with her is she’s willing to do deep. And when you have a calling that is like the sirens in the ocean calling them like they would jump overboard to get to that.

So she had this calling and she responded to our message and not that we are the ones and we take her deep and we are a catalyst. A couple of weeks in, she said I did not know that I would have such personal development such spiritual development working with you to create an oracle card set. But when somebody wants to create an oracle décor, write a book, they have to know who they are to bring their wisdom out. So we work from there first and so she’s been with us for six months now. We do weekly mentoring with her and she is working on her oracle décor the artist had started. She’s writing a book like a memoir and she’s got her 21-week online program and she’s probably videoing that this week and she also has written a book for her oracle deck so she’s got 4 projects that she’s working on.

What happens is as you grow, we’re able to help her plug it all in and we’ve got a big map of her vision and now she sees where she’s going and she wants to be a world leader. And to be a world leader, you have to have a map of your vision and we’re helping her with that. And what we loved about it is she works with us for an hour and she goes one, she does the work  every single week. And when you work with the client that does the work and then she’ll come to our meeting and say “I’m lost, I don’t know what I am doing. I don’t know where I am going and we say “let’s dig underneath that” and we dig really deep and pull stuff out and then we clear it and next week she said “I feel better” and that’s what we love about working with her. She has a big world vision of helping people who blended families.

It is a great calling and one that her previous coach said “that’s not it”

Luanne : Oh wow! It gives me goosebumps and makes me kind of angry as well but I guess in some shape or form that she has to do through that to find you. I also love that she’ commited. Obviously your vibrations are a lot higher but you’re attracting go getter. She is different by Purpose in a different kind of energy. And to have somebody like yourself and Tash, the whole bed space it is bigger than just holding space. It is everything; your knowledge, space holding.

So before I finish this up, where can we find you? I know you’ve got a freebie for us and for everybody who watches.

Julie : Yes! So we have a website called and we’re using that word because we are awakening the oracle within the human. Initially it was the oracle deck but when we looked at what we really wanted to do with our students, it was to awaken the oracle within so that they could share their message to the masses and impact lives. My purpose really is to impact lives and I had a vision of a drop coming down to a single steel pond that I thought I don’t have to be all to everyone in the world, I just have to work with my inner circle and teach them to work with their inner circle and get them to teach and so the ripple goes out and then we can impact the world. That’s what drives me is that I can impact people to have an impact.

Luanne : So the link would be in the notes here to go and get that gift and what’s the gift?

Julie : Well the gift is we all have this moldy old beliefs in our psychic I supposed, in our mind and they rest in our body as well so we have a little gift where we help you identify what they are and then we have another gift where we have journal prompts that help you unpack that. And then we have another gift of a quiz to help you learn what your dominant intuitive language is. So when you use your dominant intuitive language, you can unpack those beliefs really a lot better when you know how the universe is actually informing you.  

Luanne : Oh that is amazing! And also about the quiz to unpack that but also how you can use it in your Purpose to do that intuition, I love that! So it’s been so much fun Julie so can you tell us something or a story that nobody else really knows?

Julie : What people don’t know about me is when I was 22, I was working at the commonwealth games foundation in 1981-82 and I worked in accomodation in ticketing section and I had learned how to use this remington NBI word processor with a big disk 18 inch disk and I think I was one of the first operators in Brisbane and the marketing manager came up to me and said “Julie do you think with that machine there you could actually process all the inquiries for the accomodation for the visitors for the commonwealth game?” and I said “leave it with me” and I ran home that night and I dreamt how to code it all and I woke up in the morning and I rushed to work and I said “don’t talk to me” and I spent all day coding up this program and I pressed ENTER and it didn’t work. I thought I did it right and I went  home and I dreamt the bit that I missed, came back the next day and did that and that’s how we process the commonwealth games accommodation in 1982. And then the ticketing manager came up to me and said “can you do that for the tickets?” and I said “sure” and so the last three months of the commonwealth tickets in 1982 were done in the Ramington NBI word processor.

Luanne : Oh that is gold! Kind of a show of one of your beautiful gifts is the processor. You can see something big and then kind of make it an easy to understand system which you do.

Julie : Yes I see patterns. I think that’s one of my gifts. I see the patterns in people and I say “well if we interrupt the pattern then we can create one that we want ”.

Luanne : Totally all the languages that you use now. Well thank you so much Julie, it’s been such a pleasure and been open and shared today. I wish you all the best as you are answering the call of your Purpose and lots of love for you.

Julie : Thank you, bye!

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