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Answering the call of your purpose with Kimmy Mac

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Luanne: Awesome! We are live! So hello hello everyone it’s Luanne Mareene here from and the Hand Analysis Academy and I am doing another beautiful interview with somebody very gifted from my community in the podcast Answering the Call of Your Purpose so just a quick reminder what this is all about is I have a great community and now you’re watching this you’re one of us as well and I have a lot of amazing people in that community who have gifts who are doing work with people who are living their purpose and I wanted to interview them and hopefully some of their tips and what they’ve done in their story will be inspiration for you to follow your purpose. So, with that I want to introduce you to the beautiful and amazing Kim Mcmahon, hello Kimmy can i call you Kimmy or Kim?

Kimmy: Hi! You can call me Kim or Kimmy whatever you like.

Luanne: Awesome! Welcome welcome to Answering the Call of Your Purpose. It’s great to have you here.

Kimmy: It’s lovely to be here.

Luanne:  Awesome! So we’re gonna just jump straight in because I always have these particular questions that I ask and you know we don’t do the whole big intro thing because it kind of comes out in the story anyway but tell everybody watching what are you doing right now in your life and your business and your purpose. 

Kimmy: Okay so I live in beautiful Bondi Beach in Sydney and currently I’m working from home and I have a web-based business. I create beautiful healing energy mist that help you with anything from motivation to actually healing the soul and and going through the ups and downs of life and I’m currently really busy getting ready for all the christmas orders and making gift packs and I’m doing some oracle cards and yeah just generally looking after myself and yeah loving what I do.

Luanne: Well that’s that’s awesome so and I just want to give a little shout out to you I have probably every single one of your mists yeah and they are they’re truly truly amazing because we met a couple of years ago now i think well probably three because it was before we were locked down right so when we could meet came to Sydney and I was just blown away I think I walked into the room we were at an event and there was this just beautiful aroma and I’m like thinking where what is that smell and you had them in your little bag there and they were kind of hidden I’m thinking pull those out remember I don’t know if you remember pull them out let’s get them out and just the I mean I think you just I’m going to go more into this but I think sometimes you you don’t actually realize how powerful they are because I mean I know you do but I send them to all my clients you know I just because I know the power of them and yeah it’s just been amazing give them you know my daughter has them my friends use them I’ve sent them off as you know one of your remedies but I want to ask you what what you know what really led you to where you are today doing this work, no, I don’t know what you were doing in a previous life kind of thing but Yeah, what led you here?

Kimmy: Oh look you know I think there was a it’s been quite a journey right through my life from a young girl I  always felt like I was a healer of some sort like I was either healing somebody’s dog or healing something and I always wanted to be a nurse or a vet but I it was always in me to be helpful to people and I think I was 2021 I had my first experience with bowen therapy and that was real that was a long long time ago and it was really powerful to me and the guy that I went to did bach flower remedies and and I don’t know I just fell in love with not with him but the whole healing process and I always knew that I wanted to do

this when I kind of grew up even though I was 21 but at the time I was I had a mortgage and I had a corporate job and there was no way I could just drop that. I needed it and I had things to do. So I was always in the back of my mind to do this and because in my early 30s I had the chance to study natural therapies and and that’s when I really got into all of this and had my own little massage business and and Reiki and I used essential oils and study bush flower healing and parked it for a while and I think when I met you a few years back I’d just started to get back in and I’d had the the spray mist had just started and I was was a bit lost I’d say my marriage was a bit rocky and I’d been off to a retreat with another goddess on in one of your groups and that was kind of a catalyst for her saying you should be doing this stuff because it’s part of you and I think at the time I was trying to be a fashion stylist or something I hadn’t even acknowledged all the stuff that I’ve learned all my life up to now was my purpose and it was what I did so naturally every day and why wasn’t I doing it as a business so there was a couple of like catalysts along the way but I think when I met you I signed up straight away to go to be in your group yeah I’m just that sort of person you know I don’t have to really study things too much to know I just have this knowing that’s like that’s what I need to do and I think you’ll remember at the time I was I was pretty shy and I was hiding all my stuff because I you know I don’t know I just was very much an introvert and had these products I absolutely loved but what if nobody else liked them and yeah I think meeting you was probably what propelled me to where I am now that next catalyst for me along my life because I’ve become so much more confident and I believe in myself so much more and yeah so thank you.

Luanne: Well well and I love that because I’ve answered the call of my purpose you’ve answered the call of your purpose right said there is that catalyst and you do like I think you do meet people along the way that know that next step and no I really love that I didn’t know I didn’t I couldn’t even remember that you had a corporate job you know because this is I just know you as you know this amazing woman with these healing sprays that’s you know and how can you do anything else but everything leads to a to a point right so yeah it does when you answer the call. So what do you believe is your purpose?

Kimmy: Look, I think i’m here to I feel like I’m a lightworker I’m I feel like I’m here to expand my light on the planet and to help people and I know that I’m already doing it and you know I am here to be happy and to have a good life yes that’s a given but yeah I really think I’m living my purpose now and I’m growing all the time and I’m learning all the time and I think that’s what it is it’s not like you I’ve reached it now it’s like well what’s next you know so everything for me unfolds on a daily and weekly basis and I just live with as much as I can with integrity and and you know you know just yeah just like to live um with integrity and purpose in my life. 

Luanne: Yeah and you know and I always say you know our purpose is not necessarily a business right but the but people that I meet like yourself it’s like, well it is part of our purpose let’s you know if you get to do that every day and help others and then be rewarded for that yeah it’s part of it and it is lifelong you know it is lifelong we get to we get to choose that. But how did you answer the call like was you know sometimes the people and we don’t always have to go through that dark night of the soul right you know it’s like yeah this happened I had a half thing and then that made me wake up but you know what you know what made you answer that call or yeah?

Kimmy: Okay well this is probably a little bit personal

Luanne: No. Thank you. Thank you. 

Kimmy: Well for me it was I think I turned 50 and my husband was a bit rocky you know he was he’s 10 years older than me and I think he was going through a bit of a time and thinking to himself is this it is this our life and and I not that he was you know being naughty or anything like that I just noticed that he was changing and I was worried what happens if he decides that I’m not enough for him um and he would argue that because he absolutely wouldn’t but what if everything turned around and I was on my own and here I am blissfully being his housewife and doing my you know I worked for him for many years as well as doing you know sort of my part-time passions and I didn’t have superannuation I didn’t have a wage and I thought i’m really vulnerable if it so happens that he decides one day that he’s found somebody else or whatever and I just thought no I really need to you know pick myself up and figure out what I want to do because I was becoming his story so he was he’d retired and he was hanging around home and a lot and he had lots of hobbies and and they weren’t my thing so I was being dragged along with all of his stuff but  sort of thought well what do I love to do and what’s my thing so I think the slap from the universe was him getting a bit you know dodgy in his energy and it really called for me to step up but also I was like well I’m 50, what am i going to do for the next 50 years?

Luanne: Yes and the right question.

Kim: Yeah and that was something that i really needed to look into so that was a bit of a journey on itself too because I didn’t know what to do you know I knew how to be a stepmom a great stepmom and I knew how to be a great wife and a great bookkeeper for a builder yeah and I had all of these other tools I was I was you know making sprays and remedies for people for free and doing all of that but it wasn’t a business it was just something I did naturally you know.

Luanne: Wow

Kim: Yeah that would be what kind of pushed me to this next step.

Luanne: Yeah but I love that you said because sometimes when women are in that situation like they’ll kind of project it onto their partner right it’s like you have to change you’ve got to make me where you kind of did the opposite and you said “Oh if I, this is about me” like you took that into your own hands and did the work that you needed to do and how and so tell us how how are you two now?

Kim: This is interesting because the first thing I did was I made a trilogy called The Love Trilogy and so it was all about there was three sprays one was Forgiveness then Self-Love and then it was a Twin Flame and it was all about if you’re in a rocky relationship or if you’re looking for love if you haven’t actually fixed the past or forgiven the past and you don’t love yourself then you’re going to be vibrating at a frequency that’s going to keep attracting either the same experiences with your partner that trigger you or if you’re not with a partner you’re going to keep getting that same dickhead come you know but in a different form he might look nice the same things are going to happen so I learned through making this about taking responsibility and and the mirror work and you know learn about how to really workshop myself not make it about other people and that’s a process in itself that’s a lifelong process really I’m still trying to get good at that one but he was like he just danced around me like because I was joyous when I was making the remedies and everything was smelling beautiful and he can’t even smell the product he had a damage to his brain and he can’t smell or taste but I could see that it was more frequent what I was doing because he was giddy and he was excited he was helping me and I needed to make bigger batches because I was making more orders and I wasn’t really good with maths and so he was like “do it this way” and he got really excited and it actually lifted our relationship to a whole new level which was, it was pretty special. 

Luanne: Oh what a great story. That’s so beautiful because ultimately the masculine wants to support the feminine right? When we’re not kind of do the you know in that that feminine but and oh what a beautiful story.

Kimmy: I think the the real message in that for me was that I had the key to my happiness it wasn’t having a husband that made me happy it was when i was happy he was happy because he just wanted me to be happy and my frequency was around happiness so how can you not be happy when somebody’s got a happy vibe so we were bouncing off each other so through me creating that those three remedies I got great healing for myself but also I helped heal whatever was going on with him because I healed myself.

Luanne: Exactly. It totally makes sense to me, it totally does and I love it because you’ve always you know since I’ve known you you’ve always talked about frequency right we’re all in and to keep our vibration and you always go into that and that’s why these are so powerful right because they yes they smell amazing but it’s actually what they do the  frequency so yeah so you did that and then also love the the trilogy series you know so isn’t it interesting that we do the work the best courses or the best you know products or services come from a place that we’ve come through you know we’ve had to break through and look at it in a different way and I hope you’re going to be running that course sometimes soon.

Kimmy: So I think I’m going to be doing it in line with Valentine’s day next year so I’m going to do a whole rebrand change the colors I might even change the forgiveness to something else because forgiveness feels like such a heavy word I think of forgiveness as giving space or feeling so I don’t know what it will be called yet but there’ll be something a little bit of a change and I would definitely be doing a love trilogy workshop.

Luanne: Because I did hear that you did one a while ago and i’m thinking “Oh she’s got to do another one” and you know what don’t kill me like as well you’re not just raising the vibration of you know just your household it’s it’s all of us from you know that goes out even bigger right Bondi, Sydney, Australia so and and I just you know you just inspire me so much with when you’re on purpose when everyone is on purpose and we’re not always on a hundred percent we you know we dip and we go up but everyone is a lot happier. Yes, yeah it’s just that search and that courage that you did to actually put these out in a bigger way so, wow that’s beautiful. So why do you think it will be kind of that’s why I think it’s important to do your purposeful work. Why do you think it’s important to do your purpose work?

Kimmy: Okay, well I kind of think this is a bit cosmic but I kind of think of love. So love is the highest frequency love’s what that all penetrating frequency right so if you think of love as a frequency so frequency are like waves traveling along, love can penetrate every other frequency but every other frequency cannot penetrate love. So if you are vibrating to love and that means what you whatever it is that you love to do so if you’re loving your job or if you’re loving your purpose or even if you’re loving the journey to the purpose you’re getting you’re getting something out of your passion then that’s the highest frequency you can be operating at so how can that not be good?

Luanne: Absolutely.

Kimmy: It’s about loving what you do and being an example of what you do as well, living and breathing it and just trusting that you know what you know and you really you can only deliver to the world what it is you know embrace everything that you’ve done in your life up until now and teach what you’ve what you have learned in your life to people because there are other people that need to know what you know.

Luanne: Yeah, they do, they do and and your school of love aren’t you and then hand another you are just an absolute school of love you know on the positive because school love can go on the native where they’ll shut down and that kind of thing we all can do that but yeah but you’re to be you know you have really put yourself and being okay with being vulnerable with your story but here you know with, what am I saying love you just gave me goosebumps when you talk about love that’s it because I just believe that you radiate love so especially in these days right there’s so much fear out there and even I was getting caught in it I’m like right I was getting angry I’m gonna get it and then when I had a chat with one of my friends who took me off to take me off the ledge I’m like oh yeah it’s about love about love, loving ourselves and then others right so purpose knowing your purpose is one thing but what else do you think it’s taken for you to live express your purpose more and I mean you know when you’ve got you’ve got your sprays but and I always like to for an example for me is shadow work we have to look at shadow work you know you can find out your purpose and your fingerprints but if you don’t do anything with it and look at the shadow you know that’s one what what’s not something that you use?

Kimmy: Okay I’m just, I might be a bit confused with the question. 

Luanne: No no. So like somebody somebody another person would say well you need to know your values right or do the values thing for me like you know to get on purpose you know you need to know your values first for me it’s like, I know my purpose but I could deal with the shadow right first or I’ve got to deal with relationship stuff i didn’t do a course of that or something so does that make sense or? 

Kimmy: Yeah yeah it does so definitely the shadows. The shadow work I think definitely. I think, whenever I go into a deep dive.

Luanne: Yes.

Kimmy: Meaning that something’s gone wrong and I’m unraveling that’s I find that to be a really good opportunity for growth so rather than let it completely crumble me away even though it does obviously you know like you can’t be perfect all the time I just have an innate trust that everything is going to be okay and I know that whenever I do the inner work and I get down and dirty with myself and look at the parts of myself I don’t like it’s an opportunity for me to bring forgiveness to myself to love that part of myself because we’re all parts of everything we’re the good the bad weather ugly and the the bad and the ugly we hide away because we think nobody’s going to love us or nobody’s going to like us but we’ve all got all of them and I think it’s really important to acknowledge that we have them when they come up and go “oh yeah that’s that icky thing again” but you know what I’m glad it’s come up because I can see it for what it is I can love myself through that and I can make a better choice moving forward I think it’s really important and also the other thing I do is like you said with the values is, is this aligned with my values and if it’s a no then it’s it’s like okay we’ll move that off the table and let’s look at the next. The next.

Luanne: Yeah and you also said something too like look we thought you were going to bring this up first but that forgiveness works right? I know you’re beginning to forgive. Forgive me you’ve even made a spray

about it right so and like one what’s one method that you would use to do forgiveness like because people think “Oh i’m not forgetting” you know they can’t take that on board. 

Kimmy: Yeah yeah

Luanne: Not not our people but it’s like that’s such an alien concept for a lot of people.

Kimmy: Yeah yeah. Well I really love that Hawaiian prayer, the haponapano. Yes, believe me, I’m sorry, I love you, thank you and yeah every night before I go to bed I always you know have a little ritual and one of the things I do is I say if there’s anyone that I have done anything anything to in word, thought or deed that has offended hurt or upset somebody, I’m truly sorry even if it’s somebody that I don’t know I’ve done that to I’m I’m truly sorry and you know help me to learn a better way to be for those people that I don’t even know that I’ve upset so I have a little ritual like that I also I like to take responsibility so if somebody’s and this one’s a hard one and I you know like I you know sometimes I’m really good at it and other times I’m not it’s if I’ve if I feel like somebody’s upset me or hurt me um and I do go into the story of they did this they do that I try to get myself back to a point where I can say okay well what’s the behavior Kim? What is it that’s actually really triggering you and I get it right down to the behavior so it might be are they not listening to me or they talk over the top of me or they’re rude or so I say okay right so so they don’t listen to you okay and that makes you feel how and where do you feel it so I go through a little process like that and then I turn it on myself and I say how, what’s some examples of when you’ve done that like do you listen to everybody and and then you go oh right because it’s like what you see projected to you is quite often on steroids because it’s getting your attention so it might be like something really big and bad and you’re like but I would never do that to anybody that’s not the point it’s getting it down to the behavior so you can look at that part of yourself and say “Oh yeah i have done that” or I have a tendency to do that and yeah I’m gonna take that on board because I know how that feels when it’s done to me. So i’m gonna be more conscious of that and but I’m also gonna love that part of myself because I’m human and I’m doing my best and sometimes I’m tired and cranky and I just act out and you know, so take responsibility, love that part of yourself, forgive that part of yourself and then you know. 

Luanne: Wow! That, that is huge you know that is huge and and I love it so you do rituals the forgiveness responsibility and you really go and from what I’m hearing is you go into the feeling states you feel it whereas we have been kind of conditioned to not feel it’s like “Oh we’ll just ignore that” and keep going where you just stop and go how does that make me feel what’s the behavior and that you know that projection is pretty big. 

Kimmy: Yeah, and I’ve learned that you know I’ve actually I’m blessed enough that I found a really good teacher that helped me with that stuff and I did the work for quite a few years and it was yucky work to be honest with you it’s really nice it’s never going to the therapist to help you and they’re on your side but they’re like “Oh let’s just break it down” you’re like “Oh no” you know but that was probably one of the most freeing things for me because now I can see that if somebody especially with your loved ones and your close ones. 

Luanne: Oh yeah

Kimmy: If you can separate the behavior from the perfect spark of light of joy that’s popped into the body at birth you can say that’s the perfection of that person and they are absolutely beautiful at their perfection and this little behavior that’s like a bumble bee or a fly buzzing around you can say all right well they are perfect and they are beautiful and loving but their behaviour is something that’s learned so i’m going to forgive them as the beautiful person but the behavior I don’t have to put up with as such so it’s kind of a nice way of still loving people that are close to you that have done something to hurt you.

Luanne: Yeah, that’s very beautiful and you know when i first heard the concept that something that you don’t like and somebody else is also when you that you haven’t dealt with that right because you’re getting treated I was like that’s BS right you know like that no way and then it’s like oh that’s so true you know and we just depending on which level of acceptance we can do but we are we are that god spark right I love that you did that and and we are unique and we’re just the expression of. 

Kimmy: That’s right.

Luanne: Yeah.

Kimmy: Well I think you did something really great in one of your workshops when the first workshop I went to and it was all about the shadow side of the circle. It was really confronting too and that was really powerful.

Luanne: Yeah, you give me goosebumps actually and it was a light shadow you know so often we think it’s the dark stuff that we have to deal with. It’s the light stuff of loving yourself. I am beautiful. You know I am powerful especially for women I find. So can you tell me who’s or what’s one of the examples of one of your favorite clients. Your client that you’ve worked with and what happened to him or her and why you know you either using your sprays or whoever you’ve worked with in the past what qualities about them.

Kimmy: Okay, hmm, well that’s tricky.

Luanne: You’ve got you care that I love you all being humble right now. I know I’ve been to workshops with you and people have gone and have just raved about you know, how their lives changed or their pets changed or.

Kimmy: Yeah yeah. I actually have worked with a few women who’ve left their pets to go to work and they were, they went from barking dogs that annoyed everybody in the street and being super stressful around storms to being super calm and happy for their mum to go off to work so yeah there’s definitely a lot of merit in working with animals when it comes to frequential remedies I guess one person who I absolutely adore working with is a lady that  is very very intuitive she’s very we did our intuitive studies together and she’s a trans channeler and she I make custom remedies for people so somebody you don’t even have to be with me in the room you can send me your date of birth and I can just channel what it is you need you can give me a bit of a background but you don’t have to and and this woman, I love her because she always gives me these tasks to do that are outside of my comfort zone and we’ll do a swap or we’ll pay each other she might give me a channeling session and then I’ll make her a remedy and when she um asks for me to do a custom remedy for her it’ll be so specific because she’s already channeled what she needs so she’ll be saying “You know I need it needs to have whale frequencies and it needs to have this and here’s a symbol and here’s this and here’s that”. And so she’ll just give me this whole stuff and it needs to be done right at this time of the morning just as the sun’s coming up when you can see this purple color right across the horizon yeah she will like and I’ll be like “Oh my gosh how am i going to do this”. But the thing i love about her is that I don’t think I can do it and I find I hold her in such high regard that I’m almost scared to give it to her because I’m thinking oh my god I’m a phony. I’m not gonna do this and she’ll be like that was the best thing that was exactly what i needed and and and i i love working with her because i know that she would tell me “no kim go back to the drawing board” so she’s real and honest and she’s a great fun girl who is really living on her purpose so it’s kind of nice to have someone who loves what i do but also is very helpful in her feedback as well. 

Luanne: Wow! That’s beautiful and I love that and that’s the other thing I love that you’ve got you know your whole range be sensational and then you can make personalized ones I’ve given some of those two as gifts to friends of mine I’ve gone oh I just that’s you she got everything and oh no she needs this and just give you the date of birth and I love them the feedback and I also wanted to ask so you’ve you do work with another group another coaching group right that yeah can you tell us a little bit you don’t have to don’t say who they are but can you say what you’re doing with them. 

Kimmy: Yeah so this was a great opportunity that came my way and I actually love working with bush flower essences and they came to me they wanted somebody who could do flower essences for their group so it’s a year-long group and a coaching group and and you know as as you know like I’ve you know been in your group for a couple of years now and you are always out of your comfort zone and sometimes you just need support when you’re actually feeling like you cannot break through or you’re not good enough and all of those things it’s good to have some work from eat some some help from the frequent child and this woman came to me I was recommended by another woman in your group, Gigi and I became the flower essence creator so what they would get once every three months is a channeled remedy so I had their date of birth and and who they were they were also invited to get in touch with me if there was something specific they wanted me to work with and I would make them bush flower remedies up which is a 30 ml bottle with a dropper and you drop them under your tongue seven drops twice a day. But you can also get creative and put them on your chakras and put them in your beautiful oils or in your baths or in your water so it’s been really lovely working with that group and I hope it continues because that’s something that really gets my juices flowing.

Luanne: I love that! I love that and you know like I said before I send out a certain three blends to people and and like thank you no because it does you know you’re doing the work you’re doing but you need that other support and energetic support too so I just want to ask you one more question before I want to say where can we find you because i know people you know sitting here watching this they’re going to go I need to order some but just recently, just recently you came out with a new blend.

Kimmy: Yeah 

Luanne: Will it blend? can you just tell us where that was birthed from and what it’s called and what it does because i think.

Kimmy:  Do I show you? 

Luanne: Shh yes please

Kimmy: Okay, it’s you may not be able to see that yes it’s true called trust so i had a lot of parents asking me the parents of teenagers asking me to do a remedy for teenagers and that’s great so as what usually happens when I’m I get a brief for a new remedy or I know I’m going to make a new remedy I sit down in a meditation and I ask what’s this all about and with trust trust is about so you’ve got your teenagers they are going from say from here to here so from a child to an adult and they’ve got to navigate their way so it’s all full of frustrations and ups and downs but what is it that they need to do they just need to trust that they will get there when they get there they can’t speed it up they’ve got to go through what it is but they just need to trust that they have the intuitive ability to go through anything they need to go through to become an adult they need to trust their parents. They need to trust that it’s not always going to be bleak when you’re down in the ditches and then when you’re up trust that that’s a place that you can always be so there’s always a pathway and also something that came through as well was that when I was creating it, it was like it’s not just for teenagers so if you’re thinking about you’ve got I always do this to this right. The reason why I do it is because I work with frequency so you’ve got a frequency which is like a wave and I think that okay, so from a child to an adult is a journey. It’s a frequency. It’s a wave and there’s a lot of us and myself included that as teenagers we probably didn’t get the right um, we weren’t in the right tribe we didn’t have the right upbringing like you know compared to back in the day when you would all sit around you would have an elder in the group and they would teach you things and there’d be someone to go to if you had trouble.

Luanne: And that right of passage right? Cultures have the right of passage. We don’t have that, especially boys. I have men, find like, you know but yeah all of us.

Kimmy: Yeah. Yes. Thanks. Yeah, exactly and so that was the whole thing with this the trust remedy was that these kids they need, there’s something missing between that age to that age you know and and trust is a remedy that helps you surf the emotional ups and downs until you get there but knowing that everything is unfolding as it should unfold and you can’t make things go any faster it’s like dropping and dropping a drop of ink into a big vessel of water. You can’t make that get to the bottom like that you got to sit and watch it and it will get to the bottom when it when it gets to the bottom you can’t hurry it up and it’s about, I think teaching teenagers that they have everything they’ve come into this world with everything it’s not what they can get from the world and what they get right now it’s what they bring into the world and if we can nurture the teenagers and make them believe or help them believe that they’ve got the gifts and when they’re adults this is what they’re going to teach the world it’s giving them more positivity so that was that’s the whole kind of spiritual aspect that I wanted to bring through with the teenage remedy but it’s also for adults who felt that in something happen in their teenage years that they didn’t feel supported by and that they might still have triggers happening now that transports them back to that. 

Luanne: Very true yeah

Kimmy: And I just, just an example of that I had something happen a little while back and somebody challenged me and it got me back into that limiting belief of not being smart enough and I thought right so I was I was right in the middle of creating this I was like “Oh this is really interesting”. Let’s see where that limiting belief came from and I was like “Okay” and I went back and it was I was 13 and I was at school and my teacher first day of school was asking everybody what they wanted to do and i wanted to be a vet and he said “oh that’s ridiculous you’re not smart enough and you’re at the wrong school you’ll never be a vet” oh maybe think of something else like brushed me off now i didn’t think to go back to my mum and say “I really want to be a vet” you know. But he said I was at the wrong school I didn’t, I just believed him because he was an adult and I was taught to respect my adults and he knew that I couldn’t be a vet so that was it so I was able to bring myself back to that part of the teenage state where I got that limiting belief from so I used my trust remedy and I brought healing and love to that girl as a teenager that was told something by a non-conscious you know adult who was probably just 24 and didn’t really know much about life anyway so whether you’re a teenager in that state or you’re an adult still being triggered by things that happened that trust remedy it’s all about trusting that you have everything inside of you and that you will get through it and sometimes you just need to surrender or pause and just wait for everything to get a bit better. 

Luanne: Oh beautiful. I love it. I love it when you don’t just mess her up like she just keeps talking you just keep talking it’s beautiful like the wisdom that comes and yeah i’m really attracted to that trust right I just.

Kimmy: you’ve got to get it on the website it’s 

Luanne: You do, you do, yes you do. So Kim, we’re coming to the end now where can we find you and I’m going to put all the links you know below here in the blog and the proper link but you give us you know give yourself a shout out where can we find you? 

Kimmy: All right well if you want to if you’re onto Instagram you can find me on Instagram, The Essence


Luanne: Right 

Kimmy: That’s pretty much easy. I am also on Facebook but I tend to do a little bit more on Instagram and I have a website the and that has my complete shop there frequently answered questions, yeah and and also there is a webinar on there where you can get access to a coupon code to buy my set of eight i think you get 20 off and free shipping.

Luanne: Yeah great and the webinar is great actually because it actually takes you through all the set with some practices in there like it’s a lot of fun and it was I think it’s a go and register for that everyone so beautiful so is there any last thing that you want to say before we we sign off we could talk here all day but yeah.

Kimmy:  Well I, there is something that I want to say that just sort of. I had a conversation this morning with this beautiful woman and she was saying because I just had a health episode and she said to me “I was thinking about you and I got the instinct to say to you just everything you do now do it with love for yourself so everything you eat and everything you put into your body and everything you do for yourself do it with love for you” and I thought that is just so beautiful you know so for example if I’m going to have a drink is this going to bring more love to myself is this a loving thing to do for myself what I eat is this a loving thing to do if I’m going to if I’m going around with people that don’t fulfill me is this a loving thing to do for myself and I thought I just wanted to share that so if anybody’s out there that’s not having a good time or something’s going wrong in their life just ask yourself the question with with things that you’re doing is this loving myself doing what I’m doing now even if you’re saying bad words to yourself in the mirror you know you don’t like something about yourself it’s not giving yourself love so I just want to emphasize that the frequency of love like i said before is the most powerful thing that we have access to and we all have access to it so bring that love into ourselves and I think that we’re all going to get through whatever’s happening now and a little bit better.

Luanne: Wow! Beautiful. Well thank you so much Kim. Thanks for for joining us and it’s and go and do the webinar go and go and get all those juicy goodness things over there and until our next caller you’re the perfect example of someone who’s answered the call of your purpose and until our next call everyone will see you bye for now, okay thanks Kim. Bye

Kimmy: My pleasure.


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