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Answering the call of your Purpose with Lyn Busuttil

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Luanne : So welcome everybody to the pod series Answering the Call of Your Purpose. I am very excited to have our guest here, Lyn Busuttil. I hope I said that right who is amazing apart from many other things, one thing that she focused on is numerology. Hello Len, welcome! 

Lyn : Hi Luanne! Thanks for having me.

Luanne :  It’s such a pleasure. I am getting to interview so many inspirational people and I think that’s what this whole podcast is about. How everyone is stepping out and shining and we can inspire each other with the energy that comes out. So, tell me what you do right now? 

Lyn : Okay apart from renovating the house, I have come back into my numerology work as I had a little break from a while but it’s back for long now. So very busy doing profiles, online card readings for people and also because of the circumstances here with isolation, I’d really stepped out of my comfort zone and about to put my first level 1 numerology workshop online for people. So that’s what I am focusing on at the moment, it’s a whole new picture for me but it’s good!  

Luanne : I love that! I do scientific hand analysis but my second has always been numerology as well and when I kind of match the two together, they match anyway. We can find our Purpose in many different ways. That’s why I just love the way that numerology is so much and time wise as well. So tell me what led you to do this work?  

Lyn : I pretty hope it was Math but I am always playing with numbers, counted them when I was a child and I just intuitively knew that there was something more to it than just basic Math school. And years ago, when I was first introduced to it back in 70’s when I was pregnant with my second son and could not think of a name for him, the other three boys not a problem as their names just came to me but with the second one, it was not quite right. Numerology clift course, I know why now because of his creator but I was out in the city shopping with so big crowd in the department store and as curious as I am, I went over and have a little look and there was this funny looking little man who I came to know quite well later and he was launching his book on numerology so I purchased the book. I never heard of numerology which is his book, he signed it for me and we had a chat off because he left a whole segment out of one of the sections on the number 6, would you believe? So I rang him and we spoke about it and we became friends after that and that was the start of my journey with numerology. It just fitted like a perfect glove and I knew I found my Purpose. 

Luanne : So what’s your son’s name? 

Lyn : He’s the tallest out of the four of them although they are about the same and I called him Christopher.  

Luanne : Right, and then what’s the number in Numerology? Or what does it mean when you created the name? Because I always believe that the soul already knows his name. We think we make it up but the soul knows. 

Lyn : So when the nurse put him in my arms and I looked at him, I just said “Hello Christopher” and he lifted his eyes and looked at me. It was amazing. And all the boys over the years each time they met a girl no matter where they’d be in the world they message me or phoned me and said “Hey Mum what does this number mean? Or what does this date of birth mean?” 

Luanne : Oh I love that! Is it the Indians that do the numerology a bit before they married? 

Lyn : That’s a very complex system and it’s something that would be… allow me to learn but it’s very complex. Even I think that bludge is taking to the account the whole of astrology and numerology combined and it is very complex.    

Luanne : Alright, so what do you believe your Purpose is? 

Lyn : My purpose, before I knew about numbers, was to help other people and I wanted to be Mother Teresa so to speak like help the world, heal the world especially children because I had a turbulent childhood myself and I wanted to heal and save the world so to speak. So my Purpose is really to serve humanity and if it is through Numerology, so be it.   

Luanne : Wow, it’s one of the tools. So, how did you answer the call of your Purpose? Because I just believe that because we forget everything before we’re reincarnated here so kind of forgot but there’s always a calling there and to me, we have a choice to answer it but what was the point where you went “okay I am going to put my hands up. I am ready to help heal the world and help the children” and all that. How did you answer that call? 

Lyn : I played with the numbers for family and friends and the fun thing if you like. I love entertaining, cooking so each time we have a dinner party back in the 80’s in those days, I would do a one page little message on the scroll on the people who are coming in for dinner and I’ve rolled it up, I’d choose a color that I’ve written that I thought was appropriate and put it at their place setting so while I was away in the kitchen, they have something to do and then it created a whole huge conversation and from that, I started getting they talked to their friends and start getting others “can you do mine?” just from a one page little fun thing at a dinner party. And I thought, there must be something more to this so I bought just like every book I could get my hands on at the time and then one day, I was in a bookshop in the city and walking out to the street and they always have their shop door opened in respect to the weather. There was myself, my son was behind me and my husband was behind him and I just stopped and well bumped into each other and I opened the door and behind the door was hidden a card called “Numbers Mark”. I’ve never had a tarot, I never looked at cards in that way because of my upbringing and I thought I was happy to have them. And I took them home, the Creator of the Wars in Adelaide and in the shop, they gave me her personal phone number and we became friends and I supported her with the sale of the cards and went on to do card readings myself which I never thought I would never do the Psychic Mind and Body in Adelaide, went to them with quite a few years and then the cards run out and she wanted to reprint but didn’t have the funds to do so. It was going to cost quite a few thousand dollars to have them printed and we changed the design of the box, I put my flare intuit went on with a new card layout as well and interestingly, I inherited some money which was exactly the amount that it was kind to cost to have the cards reprinted. So I thought, yes! I am on the right track with this and we have printed and the rest is history with the cards. We still have some left, they come with a new instruction booklet which is anyone, you don’t have to know Numerology to use them they are so simple. And the message for Barbara who designed the cards came from spirit at about 2:31 morning and that was it, they were born. 

Luanne : That was an inspirational moment and you answer the call and we’re going to put a link below to sell those and find those cards. What do you think it is important to do your Purpose work? What else would you be doing right? Whether it is numerology or cards or counselling or whatever. 

Lyn : Well for me personally, I’ve always wanted to help people but my numbers in my child are very strong on humanitarian work. We think of that as making donations to different causes but mine is very much for people person’s so I love helping people. But because of where I came from or where I am now in my life, if I can get from A to B, be happy with what I am doing and content and so forth, my main Purpose is to show people, help people, make a difference in their own lives. If I can do it, anyone can do it. 

Luanne : I agree and we need people like yourself. It is a lot of healing and a lot of wounding along the way and we are here to grow and we’re here to be challenged. And I always think that any soul that comes to this planet, especially what’s happening now, we’re very brave. And I think we forget the courage and knowing your blueprint or numerology blueprint it’s like remembering. I don’t know if you do this but did you match up your husband’s numerology with yours? And what’s that combined number and what’s the collective that you both bring to the world as a couple and I did it for my kids. I don’t know, did you do that? 

Lyn : I didn’t do it for my husband when we married, don’t ask me why. 

Luanne : Sometimes it’s good not do that before we marry 

Lyn : One of the most unlikely combinations to be in a husband and wife relationship but there is a very strong deep connection and we investigated that in the beginning. In Chinese Astrology, we are the opposite matches but in numerology, we get on well in business together. We both want to be leaders so sometimes there’s been a give and take there as there is in any relationship. And I always believe in perfectionism. 

Luanne : So what number would be the perfectionist there? 

Lyn : Well, I guess everyone got that quality in all those things but the 1s like to be the leader so they have to get it right but they need their entourage for a team of people to fill in the fine details whereas the 9, I’ve got a lot of 9s in my chart. Humanitarian, perfectioning the world if you like if you look at perfection like making the world a better place. And you can dissect all the numbers from 1-9 because that’s how it works with a single digit as you know and you could find each number where they work with perfectionism.  

So we’ve all got the qualities and gifts to offer from our respective numbers and I’ve got a lot of questions from people asking me “Well I am at this number, is that good or bad?” there is no good or bad number. I was talking about the positive aspect because there’s too much negativity anyway in the world but it’s like a good hair day and bad hair day and you kind of have off days with your number vibration and all the numbers are there for us to learn a lesson from and that’s why we are here. That’s why we came in with the name that we did, that’s why we came in with the date of birth that we have. I’d even helped some Mums who have known beforehand that they had to have a caesarian and the doctor was saying “I am available this day and that is it” that would be the birth date. So my cards from the past have said that “no it doesn’t have to be that” that is your choice and we had it numerologically with my hands on the belly of the baby and I just tuned into a couple of birth dates and each time I’ve got a little kick. And even with my only granddaughter that’s how her birth date was chosen because she was a caesarian delivery and her birthday suits her perfectly so no mistakes. 

Luanne : Right. There are no mistakes but we cycle through the whole numbers  like it’s handed to us. We’ve got all Purposes and all lessons in our fingers and we got ten fingers and we cycle all the 1-9 at some stage in our life for either daily or monthly but it’s important to know all of them. 

Lyn : We use everything to a single digit from 1-9 and the 0 plays an important role whereas in master numbers but going back to basics at the 1-9, yes everything is cyclic and we all have seasons, the oceans, how the moon works and we’re all connected; all intertwined and connected to whether it is astrology, numerology, hand analysis. We can move in cycles and I specialised in 12-month predictive forecast so birthday to birthday, you moved from a 1 to a 2 and right through the cycle of a 9 years cycle but then we can do that monthly and in month’s cycles we can go through daily cycles, we can through hourly cycles and we’re 9 hours. But everyone got a specific psychic number as well which was getting deeper into it now that I deal with people in counselling if they’ve got no memories in childhood so I can work with that and they’ve got some specific issues they are not dealing with. First thing I do is go back and work out their cyclic pattern and we figured out that age it started and that’s where the keys to their healing.          

Luanne : So then knowing your Life Purpose is one thing and you use numerology but what hours does it take you to live your Life Purpose? What else has supported you on this?    

Lyn : Values and Attitudes is a very interesting point because in my corporate world I used to trying in _______ environments with staff members and there was a section there where we talked about values and attitudes because it’s like being a parent – there is no actual training manual on how to be a parent. It doesn’t mean that we are a good parent or a bad parent. If I do something wrong wear with my children doesn’t it mean it is the wrong way but you may not agree with that or want you to do it in a different way? Because culture and religion comes to it as well. So there’s no right or wrong way, it’s just trying to figure out what’s right for you. 

Luanne : Values are a huge thing and especially I guess with relationships, I mean relationship to the numbers and the relationship to values and if somebody else doesn’t have the same values like what you’re saying with your husband. You are great in business so what are the values that supported that phase of your relationship? 

Lyn : I believe that everyone is attracted to their partner in different pieces. And when I do relationship reports, I look at their numbers and work it out and agree with it and figure out first before they come to see me whether the link is in their relationship and so a number. Because we bring something into the relationship and a lot of times I believe (that’s my belief) is that we sometimes attract someone to us with something they’ve got that we want.      

Luanne : I totally agree hundred percent! But then we haven’t mastered quite yet. 

Lyn : That’s right and my husband happens to be very experienced in finances and business and my business background is from my Purpose, my business that I run which is very different to a traditional business. And one day I said to him “if you don’t come on board with me” because I left the corporate sector and I went straight into numerology and became a Professional Numerologist and this is where I found these cards and I said “you either come with me or we meant to say goodbye now but we can still be friends” because my biggest skeptic wants to say when you’ve convinced a skeptic, they are your biggest fan and he has done two of my four numerology workshops that led him down the path of Chinese Astrology. A huge throw up to the corporate sector, he has been all of his life and his very strict religious background and the rest is history. We just fitted in together so well and complemented each other with our new lifestyle.        

Luanne : Wow I love that! I just can’t imagine the interesting conversation. And to me, it just soothes your soul when you can talk to another person and especially your partner like that and it doesn’t always have to be your partner. If you had a friend, you just had those deep conversations that remind you of your Purpose and that just leads the soul and when you had those doubtful moments of not coming out of the shine and there’s “no you’ve got this” and it’s somewhere in your chart anyway that has that support around you which is why I know you work with a lot of people and I don’t even know how many reports you’ve done but could you give us a bit of a story of who was your most favourite person that you did some work with and supported them and why? What kind of happened?       

Lyn : Not one particular person comes to mind but I think the ones I enjoyed working with the most and the couple are just recent ones are the people who know nothing about Numerology, had been skeptical about it but have trusted me and when I prepared their report and we just sit and talk about it if they want to. It just changed their whole thinking and perspective on their own life and they can see their patterns there and where things haven’t worked out. Whether it’d be a marriage, divorce, a child with behaviour issues or difficulties or not knowing how to deal with it. Even down to without being negative but its effect with suicide and helping families through that with the counselling perspective and it’s the healing that help them with. Even choosing business names and tuning around, even would you believe a phone number in a business. It started up a business, the business is not doing well so I looked at the phone number and we changed it and then business has picked up it just comes down once tuning to something like that. There’s a lot of people I’ve helped but no one in particular that comes to mind.

Luanne : It sounds like to me being a constant seeker, always wanting to go deeper and I think we all do have a doubt note of the soul at some stage. So the bright down before the breakthrough right? So they seek you out and I loved that it’s never about the hand analysis or numerology but it sparks something. It is all about how we can support them and this is the tool. 

I know that you are concentrating right now and you are a master of it but I know that there is some other stuff and I’ve been looking especially at your email address and the pyramids and the eyes, the goddess stuff and all of that so what other work are you doing behind the scenes?

Lyn : I do one on one work with people. I work with the chakras, it is still available for people who want to do it but it’s going to be a face to face at the moment on the back shelf we can’t have groups like that at the moment that was called “Vision from Within” it was for women, it was a two-day residential retreat where I took mono journey through their sub main chakras system. Working with the physical so we looked at food and it helped a lot of women with weight issues and we looked at the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual aspects. And we had a lovely time to trained up at the Adelaide Hills and then some male whose wives had participated in the Vision retreat and they went “what do you got for us?” So I developed what I called (I don’t have a name for it) my One Day Intensive Chakra Workshops but they have to have a gap of at least one month between Chakra 1 and Chakra 2 and went through 7. And 7 Chakra obviously is the crown above, we went above the Crown Chakra and that was very spiritual and very moving because I was allowed to have it at the monastery where we charged monks or priests resided and that was so special. 

Luanne : Sounds like really profound deep work and you kind of mentioned this to me before and because if you’re doing really deep work, you don’t go to a workshop for a day and you come out and that’s all fine right? You have to integrate it, you have to embody it and test it out and all that kind of stuff. 

The whole time I am here with you Lyn, I am getting major goosebumps. So you’ve got the Level 1 Numerology Course coming up and we’ve been kind of forced to do this all online which is in a way is great because you can reach more people with this beautiful work. Could you tell me, then, what kind of person should be coming to do this level 1? What would be the benefits of learning this Level 1 Numerology?

Lyn : Level 1 Numerology is we work for face to face two 4 days from like a nine to five type, two days. So we work with the date of birth and the audience that would be really good for that are parents, mums and dads – I love men in my numerology workshops because their energy, it just adds completely different influence the whole workshop and we have some fun little assessments and the men, it just so fun having them because they come up with a completely different answers to the women and there’s no right or wrong answer, that’s the beauty of it.

I work with people face to face in the past of being Promise School teachers, very good for Promise School teachers because every age of a child is important but the primary, kids especially in their years, it has so many changes and sometimes behaviour issues develop and lots of other things so that is helpful tool for them if they go no further than level 1 and communicating with someone at the moment to introduce it to some psychologist because it would be a valuable tool for them especially when they are working with or anyone but coming back to kids again.

Level 2, the same. Most people go Level 1 and 2, level 2 is all about the name of birth and we talked about names when we get married if they take their husband’s name and I had one client of 30+ years in Numerology. Couple says “shall I take my husband’s name?” I don’t decide because that’s not my right to do and I always write down on a note of paper which name I think would suit them popularly. I won’t look when they get back from their honeymoon and they let me know which name they took and I opened the envelope and that’s the name. I’ve had one male who took his wife’s name at their marriage because numerologically, it suited him much better.  

Luanne : I am getting goosebumps! It changes the energy so much and we just don’t even realize even when you do words. Words have a certain number and different vibration and I’d loved that Lyn! So that’s been launched very soon but for now, where can we find you? And do you have a freebie for us? We’re going to put the link below so you don’t have to say the link.

Lyn : I do have a numerology Facebook page and yes I do freebies a lot. I do online card readings too. At the moment I’ve got an offer of a 15-minute reading for people if anyone wants 15 minutes but for a 30 or 60 minute online reading before Christmas I am offering a free complete birth reading interpretation and they are very powerful. 

Luanne : So go on her Facebook page in the link below, and when you watch this because somebody could watch this next year so we don’t know if it’s the same freebie but there’ll be something in there and we can get you onto her website. 

Now, tell us something about you that nobody knows.   

Lyn : On a couple of things, I am always the perfect child not. I was up climbing trees when I was little and if anyone they could never find me, and it was my safe place to disappear and be with myself and my spirit within me but when I was about 7 years old and as far as I know, no one knows this, I lived on a dairy farm and outdoors is my space and is where I belonged and I love investigating. I love cooking and entertaining as I mentioned, and what I did, I found this tree or bush I supposed and underneath it, it was all cleared and no one could see me underneath this tree. So I had some toys like teddies and dolls and things like that and I used to… I knew where the hands were with the eggs. I used to go and take them, I won’t say steal so I took them and took them under my little cabin house tree and I had things I found around the farm and stick. I used to crack the eggs and whipped it and make it like my scrambled eggs.

Luanne : Oh right! So that’s where the love for cooking was created.

Lyn : But there’s only one thing I can’t remember at all and at the dinner table one evening saying “who catches my eggs this week?” And I was dying at the table so there’s my little secret revealed. 

Luanne : Oh I love it! Well, thank you so much for coming on this podcast. It’s been really enlightening and thank you for sharing this inspiration with the watchers and listeners here. Thank you so much Lyn! Bye for now!

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