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Answering the call of your Purpose with Michelle Scott

Luanne: Okay hello everyone! Luanne Marine here from Answering the Call of Your Purpose and I’m very excited to be interviewing another inspirational guest just for those who have probably new to this channel, this has been a creation of mine because I’m really excited about Purpose and I wanted to bring some people who are living their Purpose and give you some tips and some tools that can inspire you to do the same. 

So let’s jump in! I’ve got the beautiful Michelle Scott from our wellness community, yay! Michelle Scott is the founder of our wellness community. She’s also a meditation teacher, mindset coach and an amazing numerologist so she creates relationships with her clients to help them figure out the answers to the same questions she asked herself as a teenager and I love this Michelle, it’s like who am I, what is my Purpose and why am I here. So I’m just going to jump straight in and I want to ask you what are you doing right now?  

Michelle: Thank you so much for having me on Lou. Both you and I, we love a chat especially about all of this sort of stuff. We’re so passionate about it and we’ve been on the path for such a long time. So where am I at now? I love being interviewed because then you have to think about it. You have to reflect on where you’ve been and how you did what you did and so for me, where I’m at now is as you said, the founder of our wellness community but and also lots of tools though the big tools in my kit as you said numerology but also now positive psychology and well-being because I spent 2020, I started my diploma and I just have some assessments to complete and then I’ve got a diploma in Positive Psychology and Well-being which I’m absolutely stoked about and as you said Holistic Counselling Tools, in there as well so that’s kind of where I am at now with the work stuff and then like personally, I’m turning 56 years old so I had a fabulous couple of or sort of oracle cards pulled for me here and there and then I had a reading with a couple of people and it was put to me like this and I just went “ah bingo!” That’s exactly what it is. 

I’m on the bridge and that’s how I’ve been feeling so where I’m at personally and sort of spiritually is I’m on the bridge. I knew I was leaving something behind me. I was growing again into something more I didn’t know what that was I ‘ve never ever done, I’ve only ever been guided to where I’m going or rather I don’t know where I’m going but I’ve always been guided when it’s time to leave and I always trust that whatever’s coming is just going to show itself and it always does. So yeah, on the bridge. 

Luanne: I love that Michelle and you also have your own radio show and so and that’s you get the answer to these questions like “oh wow! That really did that and I’m doing that” and all that and so you’re a great interviewer as well. You interviewed so many amazing people and I think that’s where it’s a great platform that we’re bringing out there but what led you to where you are today? right You said you’re very purpose orientated as well and how old did you say you were? 

Michelle: I’m going to be 56 in a couple of minutes!  

Luanne: No way, that is amazing! So what led you to where you are today? 

Michelle: Exactly what you said and again that sort of came about after. There’s been so much that’s gone into this journey of becoming who I am today. Who we are today is just filled with so many steps and for me honestly that’s exactly how it began. Although I’ll always sidestep to what numerology, Lou as you do with the head analysis? So I’m gonna throw that in there that when I found numerology in my late thirties, I discovered I was life path nine and what was just so thrilling about that was, it answered the reason why as a child, I was always the number nine is the way of the humanitarian. The number nine leads by example, the number nine is very much about ethics and integrity and why can’t we all just get along? Why can’t we all just share? Why can’t we all just give what we have to those who do not? 

So when I found that out about myself was like “oh my god that’s why I was like that” that’s why actually I was drawn to John Lennon. Remember his solo album and he had that song “Imagine”? If all the world was at peace. I used to play that song over and over and over again yeah! I didn’t know why I loved it and I’m sure I didn’t really understand all of what I was singing about but I loved that song, I loved the message in that song and so as part of that Lou, I spent a lot of time unbeknownst to by everybody that knows me now or that’s met me and since I came back from three years overseas prior to that, I actually was quite shy as a child. I was very shy, very sensitive, didn’t really say booge of anybody, only ever had a couple of brands so spent a lot of time on my own which I again found in hindsight was the very best thing that I could ever have done for the character building that it took to be to become who I am. 

So I always talk with parents and even when my son was a teenager and he’d go through his moments as hard as that can be as a parent, because you just want them to be happy all the time. I understood that if he’s down and miserable and not happy, he needs to be… we all need to have that time where things are not working out for us, when our hearts get broken or we don’t know the way forward and we need to be left alone to figure it out because that’s how we, you and I, and our generation, that’s how we built the skills we had, right? Because we were left alone maybe sometimes left alone too much but we got to figure the reason yeah and exactly what was right about that? What was right about my upbringing was that? 

I was bullied and I had all the same things that we’ve all like gone through but I spent a lot of time in my room and I used to constantly be thinking about that Luanne, who am I? Why am I here? What is my Purpose? And I didn’t know what the answers to that were going to be but what happened was, it took me on a journey. It was a curiosity that led me off in the direction of going overseas. It attracted all these people, books mentors one thing led to the other thing and that’s how it started.

Luanne: Wow!

Michelle: That’s how I got started on the journey of self-discovery and figuring out the answers to those questions took me to places I wouldn’t have dreamt existed or were possible and that’s how the road to where I am now started. 

Luanne: I love that Michelle! As I’ve been interviewing different guests and there’s a certain word that comes up and before somebody said it was “courage” that led her but you just said “curiosity”. I felt that about you too it’s like “oh you know let’s unpack something! Let’s ask better questions”  

Michelle: Yes! And Lue, you know what my biggest surprise? I’ll tell you everything about and I’m going to say it’s divinely inspired. I’m going to say that I learned very early on it was the journey of self-development but honestly, it began as a spiritual quest and I’m really glad that whether it exists or not, because I wouldn’t bloody know whether we reincarnate or not or whether there’s a soul or not, I wouldn’t have the first freaking clue about it but I’ll tell you my belief that it did, that it is, that it exists… changed everything. And I feel like ever since then, my life has been divinely inspired. I’ve had all the same let downs and disappointments and real tragedies like everybody else but I feel like I always get, I do have that I’m going to talk about positive psychology because in positive psychology, my strengths are exactly what I thought I had or exactly what have always helped me in good stead which is curiosity, which is bounce back resilience. 

In curiosity, I learned lots of studies in positive psychology around curiosity so it was my biggest surprise to discover that particular thing alone. They have found that people that have curiosity will always bounce back, they’ll always be inspired, there’ll always be hope, they’ll always want to learn new tools. That’s what it is for me but I was an observer though again in numerology, my heart’s desire is an 8 but my minor heart’s desire is the number 7 which is the journey of the high priestess and that inner stuff… that building that inner world and yes so (just forgot my train of thought there) no different questions or ask better questions and just be curious!  And I had a friend from school that we didn’t see each other for some time then I met up with her again. We ended up studying again and actually she was in the role of teacher at the time that I was studying and so therefore we had to do what little assessments and so she was marking my essays and assignments and this sort of… you could take this as an insult but I took it as a compliment when she said “oh I didn’t know you were this clever at school! I didn’t think she was as clever at school.” And I didn’t even realize I thought I was an insult but then I thought no, actually you know what she’s right. I wasn’t that clever at school, I hated school so they didn’t put any effort and energy into it. When I went on this path which is all those things I was passionate about the answers to those questions and then everything I found along the way that just thrilled me to bits and I was just constantly well of course now we know that the brain has neuro. It has neuroplasticity which means the brain changes. So what actually happened was, I became really keen about learning everything that I was really so curious and passionate about and my neural pathways have changed. My brain functions and connections have changed and I actually am quite clever now. But I honestly wouldn’t have been considered clever at school so curiosity leads to so many wonderful things

Luanne: It does! and going back to that school thing… It’s like this is what kids should be doing, this is what we should be doing at our school not just forcing them into things that they’re interested in, I’m not interested in and there’s certain schools that do allow that but it’s  not mainstream, right? So love that! So then, what do you believe is your purpose, Michelle? That’s a big question. 

Michelle: Yeah it is a big question and I might have had a different answer a day ago or a week ago or a couple of years ago because I think the Purpose is life long so actually my one liner to that would be that really my Purpose and me going in search of the answers to those questions I’ve always, my Purpose is to live a meaningful life, it’s to live a meaningful life. I’ve always been passionate and that’s where the questions came out of it. It came out of this is me not understanding how it could be only and I don’t mean this is a slight but I just couldn’t get my head around as a teenager, that I grew up and I met the guy of my dreams, we got married, had children that was it.

I just couldn’t fathom that and that’s not to say that if you have that, that’s awesome! And probably part of your journey but for me, it was never.  I just always been and that’s what… so it was that thinking I’m sure I’m here to do more, it was the life path 9. I was always passionate about helping others. I always just and I just did. I was the eldest so I was automatically in the role of help with the minute my brother was born. I was two years old, I was already the mother, the helper, the leader, I was already looking out for and looking after and when it’s something that you’ve come to do, it finds you. You can’t get away from that [ __ ] 

Luanne: That phrase you know “what you are seeking is also seeking you” 

Michelle: Yes and so but Luanne, it’s living a meaningful life and I’ve got many ways that I do that but really that is what it’s about. I always think that and it’s not just about my work, it’s living a meaningful life as a parent, as a partner, as a daughter, as a friend and then as someone who in the reading, he was a medium and he said “look Mum came through” and he said “oh your mum come through and she’s… (and he was just sort of chatting about her) he goes “well she’s really cheeky, isn’t she?” And I said, “She is! My mom always had a really cheeky sort of sense of humor by you like you” well it’s funny because I actually see myself, I can be really funny right? But I feel like I am accidentally funny. Like my nieces think I’m such a hurt and yet I’ll just be talking and they actually think everything about the way I do that is hilarious but I actually describe myself and see myself as a little bit more serious whereas Mum was really fun and funny. Mum didn’t have to work hard to be silly right? Whereas I think I’m a bit more serious.. 

My partner Kim would probably tell you that he’s like the lighthearted one but Mum’s come through all sort of having a bit of fun with that with Cameron but all she says is, he goes, “well how funny is your mom! She comes through all sort of…” she could have said anything but what she did say instead was why. Your mum’s asking you why because so I’ve been a single parent as I say when you’re you know the life path now when you come to care for others, you’re doing that everywhere and I was always a single mother and and then dad after mum died moved in with us and he said “your mom’s asking why” and my response was instant “because I can”.

Luanne: Oh wow!  

Michelle: Because I can. I mean does it give me the shits of course. It does. I want to always, I haven’t. It’s not always rainbows and bloody unicorns but why do I do it? Because I can and so that’s what my meaning is. So for me, a meaningful life is the journey of self-understanding that wouldn’t be in my nature. I would get a short-term fix to a long-term problem if I shirked my responsibility. Yes sure, I might have freedom for about five minutes but I would be haunted for the rest of my life because it’s not how I am made up. So I always go back to my meaningful life whenever I’m sort of not. What does this mean to me? What is my why here? What am I really getting out of this… it’s about relationships, connections of course! In hand analysis, I’m the School of Love. 

Luanne: Yeah beautiful. I always ask the question like…. I think our Purpose, it shows up in different ways right? There are feelings and it’s like well and I guess at that point you go well, shall I answer that or sure? So when did you or how did you answer the call of your Purpose? And sometimes people have the big breakdown to have the big breakthrough, what happened for you? 

Michelle: Yes that is so true! Like you, after interviewing so many women that is exactly usually what happens! They get well, I think for me it didn’t really come about a breakthrough, a breakdown didn’t break down or it didn’t break down. And break through basically from the minute, I sort of found that first book I picked up “The Magic of Believing”, the first book I picked up that led to the next book, I was just hooked. I was hooked on the spiritual journey, I was hooked into the self development journey. I didn’t think that I would be, I didn’t see myself as a healer but by 25,  I was already a leader. 

I had already gone from Cole’s checkout check to. I want more, I went back to business college, junior client, computer operator, pa, office manager, went overseas, lots of temping and then I actually went which of course is my hidden passion number in numerology, it’s a 5 which means hidden passion 5. They can fly by the seat of their pants. They’re very versatile, they love change and challenge, they’re quick with it, they can pick up everything and anything and pick it up quickly. And so again, I didn’t as I said, I never knew where I was going but I always knew when it was time to leave. And usually that came when the challenge had gone out to when I couldn’t learn anymore. Where I was, then I just went “what well what next?” 

Right? And it would always come and I was overseas, I was doing word processing, traveling, having a great time, learning all sorts of other things about myself and I wanted to leave that place because there was nothing else in it for me. I wanted to get a bit more serious by then. I was planning on staying in the UK and my boss said, “how about we train you?” he liked me, there was a big story around that but I said, “I don’t have any work really here, John” and he said, “no, how about we train? There was a cad drafts woman” so then I went to cad drafting and that’s where I started to learn. That’s how I started to…I’d already taught myself how to use the computer though Luanne. When I was about 18 19 when they first came out right? and I learned the DOS language. 

So that’s when everything about where you end up, Lue. You’re picking up all of the skills throughout the whole journey. So that’s how I started to pick up all of these technical skills, all of this ability to be able to… I believe because I taught myself from a manual how to use the computer in that first PA job I had, I believe that that’s what started the belief or the competence or the confidence that I could learn anything, just give me a manual. That’s what happened, and so I went from that to I came back I just did more cad drafting but then I went to telemarketing sales customer service, telstra team leader, so I was actually picking up all of the skills that it took to do what I’m doing now, the Founder of a Wellness Community. Running events, facilitating all of these people and tasks and then I was in a relationship that broke up. I’d been learning spiritually just for my own development and then what happened, I broke up with the fellow so maybe it was a bit of a breakthrough. 

I don’t know but my friend was studying at visionary and then I was like “oh is there a college for that sort of stuff” and then that’s what happened. She said yeah and I’d actually already met Mel a couple of years before then. Anyway, I’ve done meditation class with Mel, so again whatever is meant to be for you honestly it’s in your way. It appears when you’re ready. You don’t have to stress and struggle and so I started studying and she invited me to teach and that was it basically. I’ve had some but I’ve been honored and offered because of life but once I found that I could take all of my skills and do what I’ve always wanted to do which was to help people whether I’m teaching it, speaking it, coaching it every day, it doesn’t matter. I’ve done it in the corporate world. I’ve done it as the eldest in the family. I’ve done it as a daughter after losing mom and I also do it as a healer. 

Luanne: Yeah and I love that Michelle, because it’s kind of you just followed the breadcrumbs.

Michelle: Because you know Luanne, I left out this bit, I was 28ish, oh it was it was BC (before child) and I had never done this before and my friend rang up and she said “ah her mother-in-law had a promotions business” and she said “oh Lois needs a hand, do you want to come meet me at let’s say fountain gate?” and I said “what do I do?” she goes, “oh I don’t know! Let’s just go” and so I go now Lois was an amazing switched on effervescent business woman when her five boys, when she’d raised her four boys she then came into her own like you and I and her husband built the kitchens and she got all of the contracts and we went to shopping centers. The kitchen would be there, you’d cook, you get all the food from the retailers and you’d spook. But the first day I’ll go there and she’s like “I go I’m not a chef” (because oh you don’t have to be a chef) from five boys. She said this is the thing about what you’ve come to do, you are earning skills every single day. So she’d been a housewife and a mother for before boys but what she’d learned was she had to cook a lot out of a little because they’re always bringing all their friends over business and she did lots of different things. It was all the skills that she picked up over the course of her life as a housewife and a mother and a wife and she goes, “don’t worry don’t be a chef” she goes “here’s the recipe. It was just a bit of that and you added some sauce” and so then it was fun we were just cooking and I said “I’m not going on that spreaking thing though I’m not doing that” and she goes “no you don’t have to do that don’t worry” but see Lois. 

Again, you meet these beautiful masters right? When you’re ready and so about halfway through the day we’re having fun and she goes I just turned around and she went like this and threw the microphone in my face and I was like “no no I’m not doing” she goes, “oh don’t be stupid! No one can hear you. It’s on bloody zero” “what do I say? what am I saying?” “Anything! No one’s listening. Just do it.” And so I just did it and then the next thing you know I spent 13 years on and off working for her cooking, spooking and so no surprise I’m on the radio. Because I started the microphone was in my face at late 20s, so everything about where you end up is meant to be and by the time you get there you will have earned all of the bits and pieces so you don’t have to worry 

Luanne: No and I’m very similar to all the different jobs and the tamping is a big thing too because you’ve got to change where you’re going to and one thing I did was, they got me good with probably the rejection side right? I was in real estate and my job was to ring a hundred people every single day to ask them who wants to sell their house and I’m like, “oh my god” and that was just like oh you could say yes or no or and it’s like don’t take it personally and most of the time the last call of the day but yes I do want to sell my house come and see me I’m like “oh I had to go through 99 to get one” 

Michelle: But again, that would have exactly that’s why you are so great at that in your spiritual business. 

Luanne: But bringing all these skills over yes so I want to ask you the next thing so you’ve answered the call. Why do you think it’s so important Michelle to do your purpose work?

Michelle: Ah so important! I always said this because as you say growing up, we really don’t learn what we need to learn. We just don’t help ourselves out as human beings at all in that early stage right? And we end up with those of us that are different and we’re actually all different. We all complain about the same thing that oh I always felt different. So I say yes the different that you are is the difference you’ve come to make in the world right? That’s why we should all be embracing it. So your Purpose, it’s so important because only you can do it right? If you’re not stepping up to do what you’ve come to do and we have all come to do something. I may not be here to be Oprah but I can certainly be the Oprah that I’m supposed to be in my neck of the woods right? In my community. So we’ve all come to do what we’ve come to do and if I don’t step up to do, what if you don’t step up to do it? Then that thing doesn’t get done. 

And I already know like I was chatting to my son, we were talking about where he’s at and trying to sort of talk to him and let him know where I had sort of been at that was similar to where he’s at. I had someone say to me a couple years ago, because I’ve been passionate about this for the longest time and people who know me really well know that about me. And It’s had ups and downs and I’ve been honest and office and she said, “when are you going to start making money out of that?” like in a really… with quite a bit of contempt yeah oh when are you going to start actually making money? And it was interesting! I’m really good because I don’t pick up on insults immediately. 

Luanne: Yeah I like that! Yeah so you’re not gonna go “hang on”  

Michelle: It’s so good right? What’s really good about that is that, I just end up talking normally and then later I go. I think that was a bit of an insult but my reply to her was, “that’s coming” but in the meantime, what I do (and my Purpose is important) What I do, I’ve had people and I bet she’s never had this but I’ve had people. I have read for so many people, taught so many people, I have helped so many women. I’ve connected so many women. I have women running up to me. I’ve had to have them in shopping centers. I had one at the gym and I didn’t even remember them because I’ve spoken at so many events and been in so many different places and I don’t remember them which I always feel a bit bad about and running up to me saying “Michelle you did a reading for me”. “Michelle I was in your class and you changed my life!” 

I just actually started babbling like that because I didn’t realize she was actually insulting me. I was like, look that’s coming that may not have been. I’ve always earned, I’ve always learned to earn what I need to, I’ve always survived. And I just started babbling on about how wonderful it was that every time I hit a little lull in the business. Every time I kind of went oh you know this is [ __ ] worth it! I could swear it’s not on radiation. 

Luanne: He’s totally concerned you know? Whatever.

Michelle: And that’s what would happen, Lou. The universe in the and I’m not joking instantly within bloody 24 hours someone will call me, someone will message me, someone will say “you changed my life” so if you’re not and we all have that… if you’re not stepping up to your Purpose, whatever it is that you’ve been in training for your whole life it won’t get done and then someone is left wanting. If I hadn’t done what I… 

If money was the driver and if I had listened to lots of people along the way that kind of went “yeah what are you doing” and those people whose lives I’ve changed, wouldn’t have been changed. 

Luanne: Yeah and even like, you’re so passionate! Like you just feel like I am watching. The importance is to be in that passion and that must give you so much joy and happiness and who you’ve helped right? So yeah so knowing your Purpose is one thing right? And I love the quote “to know and not to do is not yet to know” but embodying and expressing your Purpose is what we’re here to do. 

So what do you think, what’s one of your tools? I know numerology is definitely a huge one of yours but what something (doesn’t still can be numerology) but what is one of your favorite tools that you use that you could probably share with the audience as well that has helped you express your Purpose? 

I’ll bring up the example, well I’ve done a lot of shadow work and I’ve done contract work and I’ve done, I’ll handle… what just springs to mind? The one thing, just one thing not the one… 

Michelle: For me, if you know to know thyself and to thine let yourself be true because if you don’t know who you are, you are constantly going to be answering the call of somebody else’s desire and somebody else’s dreams right? So that’s becoming my own best friend and taking that journey of self-understanding and constantly coming back to self. That’s what makes everything else and I’m always saying, if you’re not strong at the core of your own life, nothing else is possible. 

Luanne: Oh that is so true! What a great reminder, thank you very much! To know thyself and it is so (then I love to bring) and you’ve got probably so many people you can choose from but who is a favorite person that you’ve worked with in the past or currently and that you’ve helped and then what happened? What was the story that happened? 

Michelle: Oh my god 

Luanne: I know the word “favor is not fake” but yeah it’s just someone that swings somebody’s like god, she had that biggest breakthrough because of this or… 

Michelle: That’s an interesting question! I guess I would talk about the collaborators here, maybe I wouldn’t talk about reading and teaching. Maybe I would talk about our collaborators and I felt like that was a really unique thing when we started that a couple of years ago and again going back to John Lennon and imagine and everyone all together so that word “team” it means “together”. Everyone achieves more and I truly believe that at the core, so the community, the Wellness Community was about… what if it’s just me honestly even I find that [ __ ] boring. What I mean and so I was kind of… 

Luanne: You’re a knight, a humanitarian, you need people 

Michelle: Because if you get back to us we’re all different and we’ve all come to do different things so I wanted a community where it didn’t, everybody that came to the community would find someone in the community that could help them. So I guess I would talk about that I feel like I haven’t seen it happening anywhere else in the way that we do it. 

I basically built a community where there was so much collaboration and the feedback that I get all the time from the collaborators is that, it’s with ease and joy and glory! There’s no competitiveness, there’s no difficulty, it’s just ease and connectedness. Everybody has grown whether they’ve grown there and also, what’s also happened a couple of things that I didn’t even…. that weren’t even the intention, I just wanted to bring everyone together, I actually just wanted to give the audience and the members lots of choice. That’s what I wanted to do and I wanted to share the gifts because I knew and actually the idea came from Oprah because I used to listen to Oprah’s “Supersoul Sundays”. Every time she had these guests on, I would be so inspired by every different one and I thought what we’re not Oprah but I know tons of women and I wanted to showcase all those women that we’ve got women at our ground level that are like Oprah’s guests and I wanted our audience to listen to you and Sandra and Maggie and Karina and go “oh yes I didn’t know that!”. “Oh yes I didn’t know that”, and so the feedback that I’ve had has been amazing and along that line that they have all stepped out of their alone, they felt alone and on their own, they’ve come into the group. 

A bunch of them have started groups they didn’t have before. They are speaking on platforms that they didn’t speak on before. I’ve also done quite a bit of mentoring with a lot of them and what I am able to do two really quickly because of my experience is, I can see and even as a team leader, I was good at this. I was good at seeing where you’re at and where you want to go and I was good at laying out that path for you. So right yeah they’ve all grown, but forget the money side and the business side, what’s been really gratifying is how they’ve grown in all of those character skills of courage and being inspired and they all speak about getting confidence from the group. It’s easier when you’re not on your own

Luanne: It is and I do and I’ve seen that because I’m part of that group. But sometimes I haven’t always been in it but I can see it’s like “oh my gosh she’s there! She’s doing a zoom live” and all right? But you do, you’ve created this platform for people to step up and yeah they are like, I forget so it doesn’t matter be a certain up here but yeah it’s like we’ve all got a good story to share and we’ve all got a gift to give and yeah thanks for bringing that to the world! 

So then Michelle, where can we… and I know you’ve got a special gift for us and also where can we find you? And I’m going to put the link down below but could you just explain that for me? And then I’ve got one last question, 

Michelle: So you’ll get the freebie and so you can find me.. I spent most of my time in our Wellness Community on Facebook at OWC VIP Group, search for that or our Wellness Community, our website is and I’m also in as a media numerology person at Michelle Scott on air and even on the website you’ll find… if you want to work with me one-on-one, you just click one-on-one with Michelle Scott and yes I’m going to have a lovely little freebie! It’ll be all about because as you say, I’m in numerology, what I love about it Luanne, like hands, it gives me instant access into who you are, why you work here, and what is your purpose. I mean I can just get strengths and shortcomings, karma, past my fear so much info about an individual and from their kind of set their plan and their development journey. 

So numerology speaks, we will do, the freebie will be 2020 personal year numbers but also what I’ve done with numerology is I’ve built my own platform. I’ve taken what was already out there and when I decided to really dive deep into that topic, because everything I used to have, everything going on then I went “Michelle you can’t be an expert if you’re constantly doing everything” so I had to pick one and when she became it I actually created my own program so the 9 call numbers take you on a journey, the 9 call numbers have an archetype and so I’m going to introduce a little bit of that in the freebie as well. 

Luanne: And then again, the link’s going to be under 

Michelle: And it’s going to be because it’s very long! 

Luanne: Yeah so just follow the breadcrumbs, so we say so far very good! So thank you so much for being with us here and I always want to end on kind of I don’t know, it doesn’t have to be humorous or whatever I want you to share tell us something that nobody knows about you? Maybe Kim does or maybe your kids do but or your son but it’s like what’s something that nobody knows about you that you can share with us today? 

Michelle: Yes I did. I did have to think about it because I’m actually an open book. I don’t think there’s anything that I actually haven’t shared somehow in some way now. The inspiring answer is going to be this right that not too many people know your audience certainly may not know that I actually won a brand new car and also manifest the man of my dreams just by thinking about it! Although in the case of Kim, I did write about it as well right? 

So that was that was pretty damn special and again just comes back to the magic of believing and honestly when you are really kind of but sitting in your power, owning your powers, sitting in your power really you’ve got to have that trust. I just used to say it, I enjoyed the process of all the competitions I entered to “Win It” and I bloody did it! Took six months 

Luanne: Wow great! unbelievable! 

Michelle: That was unbelievable! And Kim might have taken about a year I think. I think it took about a year for him to come to life but with him, what I love about that story is, I actually wrote it out. It was an April sheet of paper and I had written it down line for line, Lou. Things like, I wanted him to be in touch with nature because I hadn’t been out in it very much, he was born in the country, he always owned properties, he was a real country boy. I wanted someone that was in touch with animals. He was an animal whisperer like it was just really specific but on the funny side, when I came into the zoom with you, I said to you but with all of the technical stuff is so great but at the same time you and I because our workers are all in it! I’m honored all the time and then there’s all these issues and okay Lou, everybody probably doesn’t know that I say [ __ ] at least once every 10 minutes. 

Luanne: Well we do now, we do now! And you know the… I love that word you know? It’s just an expression, don’t be offended by it 

Michelle: And then I kind of thought this year, I thought maybe I do believe words are important. Maybe I should change it to “mother sucker” 

Luanne: Yeah I don’t know Michelle, I just love that 

Michelle: No not the same isn’t it? 

Luanne: Yeah it is what it is. So thank you so much for being here with us and go find it at and I’ll put all the links below. It’s been a pleasure! I’m sure you’ve inspired many watching this, so thank you very much 

Michelle: And it was fun! 

Luanne: Yeah you can like everyone, you can like, share or comment below as well and we’ll see you next time alright? So thank you Michelle! 

Michelle: Thank you! 

Luanne: Bye

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