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Answering the call of your Purpose with Michelle Temple-Forrest

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Luanne: Hello everyone and welcome back to the podcast Answering the Call of Your Purpose, this is Luanne Maureen and this is the place where I get to interview amazing guests like the one you’re going to hear very soon, Michelle Temple Forrest of Connecting with Clarity about how they answered the call of their Purpose and what their beautiful work is doing now and how they inspire others. 

So let’s just jump straight in! Welcome to you Michelle! 

Michelle: Thank you Luanne!

Luanne: Oh it’s so awesome having you here! Tell us where you’re from? Which part of the world that you’re residing in at the moment? 

Michelle: I am currently living outside Bendigo on a farm in Victoria. So I never thought I’d be a Mexican, I’m actually a Queensland girl already 

Luanne: Yeah I did not know that! You probably told me before but I didn’t. Wow! Like normally, it’s all the Victorians going up there 

Michelle: I know that’s me. I always do things backwards, yeah.

Luanne: Totally absolutely I get it, so Michelle is the creator of these amazing cards that we will get to somewhere along the track perhaps but they are the coffee oracle. I love them! They’re one of my favorite decks to play with and I will put her links up, where you can go find her on Facebook, Connecting with Clarity isn’t it on Facebook and some other links so just below here. 

So let’s dive in Michelle! Just tell us what you currently are doing now and what led you to this, to what you’re doing now?

Michelle: What’s led me here is like hitting a million walls. I’ve never known my Purpose always. I’ve been a jack of all trades and a master of none and I can put my hand to everything but I never really felt the passion always, the interest and curiosity but never the passion to actually follow one true thing. So now like right now, as we know I run the Connecting with Clarity business page where I do the Coffee Cup Readings and that actually came from being isolated on the farm. 

So I started out my life on a farm in my childhood and I’ve come back to the farm or a farm in my 50s so I’ve kind of done this. It’s like a second life to me, it’s like I’m going back, I’ve started again and I literally had started again. So the first 50 years of my life you could say were very traumatic; lots of dramas, lots of traumas, lots of deaths of loved ones and loss losses so this is my new beginning. So I’m back on the farm doing it again, talking to the animals and nature. I’m in a nature spirit and that started to make me a bit lonely. I was very isolated so I started posting up my coffee cup in the mornings because I saw things in my coffee cup and then realized I was actually getting messages from… because I was in that moment, I was in the present moment while I was making that cup of coffee and grinding the beans and smelling the aroma and making sure I had a great cream cause I always really love a good coffee. I don’t like a bad coffee, so there was this whole process that went on and then I realized, “oh hang on a minute, I can actually there’s actually messages in here” and that intrigued me so I started posting them up and saying to people what do you see? And what struck me as amazing is that, everyone saw something different out of the same picture like and even though I could clearly see a Tiger, someone else would come along with something amazing. That was something else and then I would say, “well yeah actually I can actually see that” so I started interpreting the messages for people and it grew from there and that led to the actual Coffee Oracle Cards for daily guidance. 

Luanne: I was just thinking that’s a lot of coffee right? Because how many cards are in here and you’re actually creating a new deck right? There’re eighties… 

Michelle: I actually created an expansion pack because there’s a lot more messages now and a few that I feel like that should be in there because all the messages on the cards have come from the actual page of 12 that was 12 months of messages which we took the most or I took them the most popular messages or the ones that popped up a lot. I used them in the cards so that was really interesting and when it came to actually the messages, it really did flow and then the numbers that I put on the cards and how I really didn’t design that, they all popped in into the right place 

Luanne: Yeah so just so I can see them 

Michelle: The numbers correspond to the message and I’m not sure how that happened. I feel that was divinely guided to, that I just went with the flow and it just happened. 

Luanne: I love that! So you created those… what led you there was all these challenges and you’re on the farm and yeah I mean I think social media is a good thing. A lot of the time it gets a bad wrap for obvious reasons but it’s a good way of reaching out when you are alone right? And you’ve created this whole deck and you are also teaching people about their intuition using these cards right? 

Michelle: Yeah thank you thank you to two fans well which is interpreting things from above.  I’m very passionate now, I really enjoyed this! I’m in my second group and I’ve got a third one. I’ve put a third date up to start in March but I’m really enjoying the groups and how every group is different and the energy is different and that people are afraid to step into their intuition. They’re afraid to follow their own guidance – whether it be that from their higher self or from the universe, from their angels, their guides… it depends on how everyone’s different. 

What they do and see I mean I get a lot of messages from the farm because that’s where my zen moments in nature and the animals are talking to me and stuff like that. I get a lot of stuff dropped in there but for others, it’s different. It might be going to the seaside or a walk in the park or meditating. It’s totally different, so just wanting to work with everyone, with their individualities and getting them to actually start stepping into that and doing the daily check-in and if they see something or a number even or repeating numbers. 

Luanne: I think we had this conversation and you got quite not hated about it but you got very passionate about it is that when people go to other people just to get these readings and they get readings and these free readings as well like they just this Facebook stalk and getting and what you teach, you want people to tap into their own intuition. We’ve all got it and I just remember I said, “oh my gosh we have to do a call! You have to teach people this” 

Michelle: Yeah that’s right. Because there’s nothing wrong with re going and getting… 

Luanne: No no, it’s just when they just keep going, 

Michelle: When you’re relying on someone to tell you things that you already know yourself, you know deep down we’re doing it over and over again. I think it’s a little bit like an addiction 

Luanne: Yeah and I’ll put my hands up on that.We’ve all been through that, I think we have. 

Michelle: And even if someone else can see something for you, sometimes you’re not ready for that. 

Luanne: Yea that used to really peed me off people would go “oh I can see it all but I’m not allowed to tell you”. It’s like why would you even tell me that? Michelle I want to ask you, what do you believe is your Purpose? I know it’s a big question right? 

Michelle: I know I really feel it’s to teach people or show people how to find the truth inside themselves 

Luanne: Wow yeah but enough said! So to find the truth inside themselves and then well how did you answer the Call of your Purpose? Then we always can hear it but how did you go, okay my Purpose is to get people to own their own truth inside themselves. 

Michelle: What I really feel like I resisted like so many gifted people do even people were born with gifts and you get conditioned to believe that there’s something wrong with you and you’re not going to fit into society if you go down that path and those types of things. I resisted so much the pain of resisting what I should be doing or following was extremely painful in so many ways and not just in health but in the losses. 

As I said the brick walls that I hit so many times which just kept me coming back to, I had to really rely on my own faith and my own trust and it’s like that song “look for the hero inside yourself” or when you go inside yourself? Okay so I just got goosebumps with that and so I’m giving you the right information there so 

Luanne: I love it when you do that


Michelle: We were looking for you to find that hero inside yourself and it was my expectations of how other people should behave, really tripped me up like totally tripped me up and it’s only now that I’m actually finding it or I’m seeing the hero inside myself and going I’m the hero. I don’t have to rely on anybody else. The universe made my team, I have this whole team around me that even if I can’t hear them or see them sometimes I can always feel them. I’m lucky that way I always feel them. I always feel them in need and that’s been happening all through my life but because I’ve got that monkey mind, I don’t always hear them but the message keeps coming. Definitely keeps coming until you get it and sometimes if it’s a really important one, it’s going to be a painful lesson. It’s like, they tell you that you have a wake-up call. I have lots of those. 

Luanne: Yes well yeah it’s like how many times can you go through the dark night of the soul right? It’s like normally once is enough but then it’s just a new level, new devil right? But again so you feel you answered it, but then we’re always being called to just stretch a little bit more. And I always believe that we never get more than we can handle even though so you must have been able to handle a lot. Do you know what I mean? 

Michelle: Well, I have that Persephone line, remember? So it’s like, I’m a truth seeker and a rebel like a total rebel and it’s not that I’m a rule breaker. I’m not a rule breaker but I definitely feel that you need to have some type of structure for everyone to follow but if I see something that’s not right,

Luanne: Then you’re the advocate for… you’ll get on the soapbox 

Michelle: Advocate yes definitely an advocate for the truth and justice. So it’s been a long hard road to actually truly for me to see who I actually am and not that I’m not the product of a religious upbringing. There’s all those layers that have to drop off or the rust on the penny or something that’s going to come off before you see the shiny bits and stuff. 

Luanne: So, why do you think it’s important to do our Purpose work or to do your Purpose work or out like if you’re talking to somebody out there why is it so important? 

Michelle: It’s because you have this yearning and so many people are in successful careers, happy relationships, beautiful children and yet they still feel empty inside. That’s when you realize that they’re doing a great job at physical life but they’re not doing a great job at soul work. And we actually have to integrate all of that; the physical, the spiritual, the mental, the emotional all has to be in alignment for us to actually be truly happy at the core which I always feel our core is our soul. In our soul between us all affects us in our soul. Between the heart and the solar plexus that’s where the joy is, the truth is, the courage is, the passion comes from the rest of them. The chakras of course, the expression. We need to learn how to express that and then that has to be connected to the heart. 

So it’s a bit like, the chakras have to be aligned for everything to flow but it’s the same thing with the four bodies, so it is really important otherwise you see people who get these terrible diseases and you go why they’re such good people but our thoughts create a reality and I’ve been a big believer especially in the latter years that their emotions, if they’re not dealt with in a productive way, a positive way or released or dealt with, then we create diseases in our body and that is a very painful hard road to go down. 

Luanne: Yeah definitely and yeah that’s why it’s important right? What else are we going to do? So, I love that you’ve said that people can be, because I always have this video not everybody is in misery right? People are happy people, enjoying certain things and I’m like oh but there could be just that piece of their life that they’re not really oh okay I need to go there or that would feels like a lot light up their life even more so yeah which is I think what you’re saying but yeah 

Michelle: That’s yeah because everyone plays a part and it doesn’t matter how big their part is or how small their part is. It’s all necessary for the whole picture or for everything to work so no one is left out. And I do feel very passionate about that yeah I like that I’m just laughing because I’ve got a reminder here that you’re… 

So it doesn’t matter how big or small your party is or if you feel that you don’t have something to contribute, you definitely do have something to contribute and it could be as simple as a smile. You might have the best smile in the whole wide world and just going out and doing your shopping and smiling at people is your contribution to a better world. Okay we don’t all have to be the Dalai Lama! 

Luanne: No that job’s already taken right so all right? So I want to ask you then so knowing our Purpose knowing our Purpose is one thing. What else do you feel, what’s one thing that you feel? Because you’ve got many tools in your toolkit here but what is one thing that you feel we have to do to be able to live and express our Purpose better or more? Like one lady, one one person said well I know my Purpose and then I want to do value work or I know my Purpose and I want to do shadow work… because you just can’t know you’ve got to do it. So what’s yours? 

Michelle: I feel you must be grounded. You are living on earth and I am a nature spirit. I am elemental in so many ways so I passionately feel that you must be grounded first. And because you’re living on earth and that just makes you be in the present moment. 

You must be in the present moment by doing that and I always think of the trees because I’m a great tree lover and the trees have so much to… they do such a huge job for us but you’ve got to think of their root system but it’s as simple as getting out and putting your feet on the ground and if you can’t do that, it can be as simple as that moment where you’re smelling your coffee. You’re totally in that moment of the aroma, the smell, the taste, that is like perfection for me. That moment of bliss is when you are in at peace, in the moment by grounding being grounded. You’re in that present moment and in that moment you are then connecting heaven and earth simple as that. You are creating that channel for that information to drop in that particular moment. 

Luanne: Absolutely no thank you! Do you have a way that you get grounded really quickly? What’s your favorite way? 

Michelle: Oh my favorite way is just get out on the farm 

Luanne: Right. All right gun boots on or do you go barefoot or what do you do? 

Michelle: It’s too many rocks, it’s funny you say gum boots because I have this pair of bugs right? And they’re my go-to tool like I feel like I can conquer the world in those gumboots but it is actually just getting out there – the smell of the air. Seeing that this is a beautiful sunrise or a flower has blossomed overnight and there’s so much to take in and talking to the animals or having them talk to you… the birds, I get so many signs around the farm especially if I get a little bit lost in my thoughts and things like that, a feather will pop up in this in places and look I’ve got feathers all over the place because of some chicken.  These are unusual feathers and I go oh yeah okay that’s not a duck feather, that’s not a chicken feather, that one’s for me. 

So, that’s the quickest way for me, I know others, it’s going to the seaside and I do love going down and putting their feet in the wet sand and stuff but for me, that’s more of a “blow it all off negative energy like flour” because I find the sea very busy. It’s not peaceful, it’s tumultuous. The waves are crashing, 

Luanne: It’s different for each person right? Yeah you love the film and the grounding.I love the beach. I don’t like swimming in the water but I’m Pisces too but I’m just like oh and I don’t want it too hot so I’m very picky but you thought you to me, it feels like you’re find your place, find your happy place if that’s on the farm and it’s so interesting because as we’ve been told to go into cities and we’re living in these huge apartments. I think I was watching something you’re living way off the land that can’t be great for us really not if you’re in the apartments okay you can do all sorts of other things but it’s not natural is it? Well I don’t know if you’re up on that 20th floor 

Michelle: Wow! Oh well some people have been doing it for a long time and they really don’t know anything different now and it’s all about convenience and there are people that are really into that fast lane or they prefer to be in the fast lane and that’s all well and good. Everyone has a Purpose 

Luanne: But you’ll find that they’ll get away to the country parks around but I remember going up to one of my friends in Melbourne and she was on the 30th floor and I just didn’t feel right for me. I mean, we lived in a two bedroom apartment but that’s different to a thirty I’m like, “oh my god you could feel them swaying” 

Michelle: Oh no so yeah and it’s sad that we have to everyone wants to live on top of each other like that. Yeah interestingly when they come to the country, they’re quite overwhelmed. So if I go to the city, I’m overwhelmed with the noise, the bustle, the people, the amount of people, the claustrophobia… 

Luanne: I can do it for a weekend tops and then I’m like, “get me out right” yeah I could never live in there but again, each person’s different. 

Michelle: But I think if you took them to the country, they’d be in the same. They’re quite overwhelmed as well because they’re like where’s the lights 

Luanne: And where’s the cafe? 

Michelle: Where’s the coffee shop? 

Luanne: I’m not lady funny I’m sitting but I’ve also heard too during this whole, we’ll just use the word here, people are like wanting to come down the Mornington financially where I am. People are moving from the city, they’re getting out of the city, they don’t want to be there anymore so whether whatever happens to them 

Michelle: You’re locked in your apartment 30 stories up and you’re not allowed to go anywhere. And it’s basically suddenly they’re deprived of freedom and freedom it’s what it’s all about part of the freedom so that’s a whole no other ball game but we’ll see. 

I believe we will see a whole 180 or 360 degree where people go back to basics. They’re going to go back to basics because of course they’ll feel some control and freedom with what they can do rather than being in the city. They don’t realize that suddenly if the train doesn’t run, when there’s no electricity, that’s not a good way to be sorry. I’m hoping to have faith and trust though 

Luanne: Exactly! So tell me who is one of your favorite people that you’ve worked with in your work? Like you’ve one of your clients or something and why? 

Michelle: Oh that’s true spring to mind as like favorites because there was they were quite stubborn in the work and saying that I mean I have this big tool kit that I use so I obviously I do readings and I’ve done tarot for many years, however the deeper work when people are really visiting the dark knight of the soul or have ended up creating a disease in their body is where I love to actually get in there and help them shovel away or peel back the layers. 

And there’s two that come to mind and once a lady that has children that are on the spectrum and I have experience with that and she makes me laugh so much but I’m delighted when I can actually show her that yes these children are born special and they have special abilities and I feel like really passionate about that too because I always felt like I did not fit in anywhere and I really wasn’t understood and my son, when I bought him up, I went saw the same thing happening to him and so I went to everything I could possibly get my hands on so the whole thing is with your children, if you heal yourself, you heal your children and not that those children need healing but I can see her finally coming to peace now with the differences and the fact that this child triggers her and she’s blaming the child then the child’s prob labels but it’s not that at all like everything happens for a reason and our children come to us for a reason or as well so that she’s coming to terms with that which is quite a process and it’s quite funny but I feel great that I can actually see through that the truth of that. 

The other one was someone who was very broken almost to the point of suicidal for many reasons and was actually a man and he was crippled in his body. He had really debilitating migraines at 12 days out of 14 days. He was bedridden with either the back issues or the migraine issues and through and I wish I had to use a lot of tools within my essential oil to knowledge tools. My energy healing, my reiki  all that sort of… there’s a lot that came into that and through divine intervention, I felt at that point and it’s all about which is something I teach my students, “ask and you shall receive”. Ask the method, you’ll receive it. The trick is then to know how to interpret the message because sometimes it doesn’t come in black and white and now he really has a day in bed with the migraine and he’s back doing his work which was physical blacksmithing. 

And then every now and then as you said it’s all about the layers isn’t it? But every now and then, something’s triggered and he hits something and you can see the old paradigms coming back in and then that’s where I come in and go “okay yeah, so what do you reckon that up?” I can see but I need to leave people just think you can’t tell people because they put up a walls like “nah that’s not right” you have to lead the way, open the door but…

Luanne: I love those stories Michelle because what that represents to me is for both of them to have that courage to go there. To have that courage to actually look at the usage of the word it is. It’s crap and how many people can just plaster it over? I just put a little band-aid on a huge wound or we go and self-medicate or we go and drink alcohol or whatever and it’s like gosh so you guided them and it’s not my impression of you but my knowing of you is, you’re very gentle and you’re so encouraging but I can also see you no come on you’re calling it out too yeah when to turn it on. 

Michelle: I can be quiet, I can be direct although I prefer not to be but I prefer people to find themselves but if they’re struggling and it’s important, then I’ll get in there. And I’m getting braver with that as in I don’t feel that I’m hurting people’s feelings so much. 

Luanne: Of course! Well it’s like because I’m a coach as well and sometimes you just want to go but you can’t. You just go and they’ve got praise and then they come back and they’re like oh I did this, I’m like yeah you did on by yourself. You just got to hold that space for them sometimes you need to be called out too like I need to be called out on lots of stuff when I’m resisting and resisting you completely. 

Michelle: And we all do their resisting. 

Luanne: We do! Like totally surely 

Michelle: Yeah we do but that’s where the lessons, that’s part of the journey, part of the experience. We didn’t come for a perfect life, we came for an exit, we came to experience

Luanne: Michelle, where can we find you? And I’m going to put the links below and I’m going to ask you the last question before we go. I’ve loved this conversation! We could go for hours but where can we find you? The Facebook group is? 

Michelle: The business page is “Connecting with Clarity” and I do have a group off this side of that and I do have a private group but that’s for people who do my course and I’ve got a whole thing happening in there where we should keep sharing our experiences even after the course 

Luanne: And that’s connecting with what? 

Michelle: That’s the intuitive.. the interpreting designs one. 

Luanne: So we’ll put the link down. We can welcome those links, beautiful! 

Michelle: Okay yes and on my business page, you can find various links there too for readings or for energy healing or just a lot of people just it’s really a chat. I’m a great listener, very non-judgmental listener and I learn that from my Father. He said you don’t learn anything if you don’t listen. 

Luanne: No you do not! I agree with you. So I’m going to end on something… tell us something that nobody knows about you? I mean probably your son knows about you or maybe an ex but it doesn’t have to be whatever it is, not as a habit or a job that you did? Tell us something that we don’t know about you. 

Michelle: Okay something that nobody knows about me… wow that’s interesting! I already let the cat out of the bag that the animals talked to me didn’t I? A lot of people don’t know about me… gosh that’s a hard one. 

I really feel like I’ve been booked most of the time. What have you I don’t know give it to me what do people don’t know about me? Okay I love thumper the rabbit right? Favorite all-time character favorite autumn character because he said, “if you can’t say something nice don’t say nothing at all” and that is like he’s my hero you know sorry 

Luanne: I love that Michelle oh my goodness perfect but he’s yeah perfect you can’t say anything nice yeah I love that! So I’m going to say goodbye to you now. Everybody just go and check her links below, it’s been wonderful sharing how you’ve answered the call Michelle and could you put it into just one sentence or you know is there anything else that you want to share with us about your Purpose or anything like that? And then I’m just going to say goodbye. 

Michelle: This is what it looks like while I’m…. well it’s all coming together. I think I am always in progress, on the journey towards something so at any one time this is what it looks like while I’m well, getting to the vision. Yeah so I think I had to do that because I’m a perfectionist being a Virgo that I put too much pressure on myself so I have this thing now where I have to say myself, “look this is what it looks like right here, right now while the vision is evolving”, and I think yours is isn’t it? Done better than not done or something? 

Luanne: Yeah. Done is better than perfect 

Michelle: Yeah so mighty is like, I really am going to relax knowing that this is what it looks like while it’s all coming together. 

Luanne: I love that especially that’s such a Virgo thing too! Well thank you Michelle! I love you, love you love you and until next time everyone bye for now.

Michelle: Thank you bye!

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