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Answering the call of your purpose with Stephanie Wollard

Full transcript of call

Luanne: Hello everyone this is Luanne Mareen and welcome to Answering the Call of your Purpose. I have a beautiful Stephanie Wollard here, our latest guest and I’m just so excited to have you here Stephanie! Welcome! 

Stephanie: Thank you 

Luanne: Oh wow! And I know it’s been such a journey this week, we’ve booked it and then we’ve canceled and booked it and canceled but it’s also a lesson in patience I think, all in good timing! So I’m just want to jump straight in and of course just as a reminder for those who are watching this, I’ve really invited amazing guests like Stephanie here because I see that they have answered the Call of their Purpose like they’re doing their purposeful work and there’s always a bit of a journey to that so in one of them has been unique but Stephanie, let’s just jump in and just tell us a little bit about yourself and what are you actually doing now? 

Stephanie: Thanks so much for having me on the podcast! I’ve been a great admirer of your work and how you build community so thanks and I love the title of this podcast and because I think it’s so important even more, so in these times for people to start following their passion and purpose, it’s otherwise can be detrimental to people’s health and happiness. My story, if I reflect on what I’ve been involved in for the last kind of 18 years since I left high school and uni has been just that following my highest excitement and what I felt drawn to and that burning desire that I see in a lot of people today of wanting to make a difference to others. I thank my parents for that because obviously, you need a roof over your head and that sort of launch pad to be able to say what do I want to do. So yeah that took me to and inspired by a teacher at high school actually who really taught us about what was happening in the world, Geography Teacher Mrs Griffiths, which again shows that how important it is to drawout the passion in others as well to kind of identify it and really encourage them on that journey. I basically after high school wanted to experience a developing country just because I’d heard, we’d study that there was poverty in the world and I got very involved in all the activities at school like the Amnesty International Club and that sort of thing so I wanted to be able to experience because I’m one of those people that learns by experience and I think experience is very powerful. So I signed up for this trip to Nepal with the Duke of Edinburgh, it was I think was a three-month trip in the beginning with 30 people and I just remember having that feeling at the start of it like this before I left really nervous kind of excited feeling that this trip is going to change my life in some way and it did. 

So when I was in Nepal, I was very moved and inspired by the generosity of the people and the hospitality despite them having nothing like a lot of us are when…. So I went over with the group to Nepal with the Duke of Edinburgh and was very moved and inspired by that trip and got asked to come back as a leader so then I was a co-leader for groups of architects from Australia to go over to Nepal and support building things in communities and that was very eye-opening for me because there were lots of different ways that it wasn’t quite working with the communities. We had these architects that had been at uni and were designing ways to build in these remote communities but when we got there, the materials weren’t there and that we didn’t have a translator so there was no way to communicate with the locals. So there were lots of challenges which made me super curious to understand how do we make a difference in places like this where we’re not from? And maybe even where there’s a language barrier? So I went back to Kathmandu and the group went back to Melbourne and I visited like every organization that would have me basically to learn how they were creating change and learned very quickly that the ones that were building people’s capability and capacity were really solid and having fantastic outcomes and those that were based on handouts and giving things for free were funnily enough very often corrupt you know? Had been corrupted and we’re really just… because when you’re relying on money from elsewhere you kind of they had deviated from their mission. So I was super grateful to have this sorry. This is a bit of a long-winded explanation. 

Luanne: It’s great thank you! 

Stephanie: So I was very grateful to have had that experience before in the very last days that I was in Kathmandu on that trip, I was walking down the back streets of Kathmandu and I saw a woman ahead of me who was physically disabled struggling to carry these two very full bags, looked like and she turned into a tiny tin shed and there were six other women in that tin shed that was basically like… it was really freezing cold concrete just super super basic and these women were sitting down making these candles with hot wax in a big pot over fire and pouring them into ancient looking stainless steel candle makers and so, it was very exciting for me to kind of discover this and luckily one of them spoke broken English and I asked her what they were doing and she said that they were making candles to sell in the market but because of their disabilities, nobody was really buying the products from them. 

And then I kind of learned about the stigma around disability in Nepal, there’s a widely held belief that if you’re physically disabled, you were evil in a past life. So yeah, heartbreaking like for anybody but just me being so excited to meet these women and I found them to be so enterprising because at the time, they were 10 to 12 hour electricity cuts in Kathmandu, so I thought how smart that they’re making candles because people need to buy them again and again so and then to hear that they’re not really selling them because of their appearance for reasons that they can’t control. So that really started the organization which is now called Seven Women and has now educated, trained and employed over 6,000 women who are physically disabled but also marginalized in Nepal which is very valuable in a place like Nepal because it’s a Patriarchal Society. So women are really 100% dependent on their husbands for food, for education, for their children and that puts them in a quite powerless situation which often leads to domestic violence. 

So from that, the tin shed that day I was quite overwhelmed. I was 22 at the time so it was kind of like when you’re faced with that question, can I make a difference? Because I visited the organizations, I didn’t want to just give them, I had about 200 bucks left because I was a student at the time and I thought, I don’t want to just give them the money because that’s going to run out like is there a way that we can use these 200 to help them get back on their feet? So it was my mum who basically encouraged me to go back the next day and I remember ringing her from the nearest internet cafe that day and just saying, “you know mum I’ve met these seven disabled women and do you think I can make a difference with the 200 bucks? Basically, do you think one person can make a difference in this situation?” And mum said, “go for it and you’ll be able to make a small difference and we’ll support you in whatever way.” I’m not sure if mum realized how much support dad would need to give me over the next decade and a half but that really allowed me to and support these women and build and the seed of the organization which it is today which is rippled out to so many other women. 

Luanne: Wow and how many years ago did you start that, Stephanie? 

Stephanie: I think 17 this year 16 or 17 years ago. 

Luanne: Because I just want to go back to… it’s interesting right? When you said you’re 22 so in numerology, I don’t know if you know much about you, that’s a master number right? 22 and you had 200 so this but also I met your mum like and this is how we connected. I met her at some event that we were at I think, we were trying to learn video right way back probably over 10 years ago now but she mentioned what you did and I even just was so about the emotion there, like it was yesterday when she told me, give me that website and then she invited her and my small part was just giving the platform but she’s your biggest advocate as well. But from and I can just imagine her on that phone to you go, “yeah of course you can do it” that’s the kind of appearance that you have but and then you just go all right I’m gonna do it right? So and look at what like do you actually sit back and go and it’s not an ego thing but do you actually go, “Wow! I freaking did this” you know? Do you actually acknowledge that sometimes?

Stephanie: I do, I just feel so blessed that I’ve been able to follow my passion and it’s led me to that because what that has given me is to be surrounded by people with that spirit of generosity, with the volunteers, with these incredible women in Nepal who are so courageous to even do you know what I mean… and it’s given me the most incredible life experience of seeing what is possible when you believe in others and when you really draw out that human potential. So I mean it’s very kind of special to be able to see that transformation of so many women involved. 

Luanne: Wow and you’ve written a book as well like how I mean that was a few years back now isn’t it? 

Stephanie: Yeah so it was 2015. 2016 we were awarded this award at the United Nations for responsible business, so that got me super excited because I got to fly there and I had an opportunity to bring somebody so I brought mum because it just so happened that mum always wanted to go to New York and it was an incredible opportunity and mom absolutely was just like on a high the whole time! She absolutely loved it. So that was an incredible opportunity for me to bring mum and give her that experience but I was very excited about that and I got home and I wanted to write a book to just document the whole journey because so much magic happened. 

Working in Nepal is not easy. There’s so many challenges, being a developing country like so many but we had miracle after miracle and I always felt supported and kind of guided so I wanted to document that in a book to inspire others that if you act on your highest excitement with no attachment to the outcome which I think is a quote that I’ve seen somewhere I bet I love it, that you will see the next step especially if your goal is for the greater good, believe that. 

Luanne: Absolutely and just you saying that and we’ve heard quotes before and we get inspired for that minute, but it’s kind of like you took that and just went “I’m on” do you know what I mean? Like we can bring up some excuse after just I myself have right, I’ve had so much resilience, I wanted to come on one of your children oh no I’m bucket list right? Put it on the bucket list, but you’ve just blown! You can create that from $200 and there’s no other excuse but you’re in that desire, that’s the difference. So I know that you’re doing something different now but can I ask you first like, what do you believe is your purpose? 

Stephanie: I mean I think we’re always discovering our Purpose but at its core, I probably feel like mine is to just draw the best out in other people because the ripple effects that that can have you know seven women is an example of that but I think, I mean ideally humans would value themselves and understand that incredible life force that we have inside and our power and potential but that’s not the reality all the time unfortunately. So it really helps if someone else can see that and what you do Luanne as well create a platform for other people to create opportunities to say, do you want to be on my podcast or do you want to post what you’re doing on Facebook? You never know the impact that that’s going to have on others and what step that is in their journey you know? Do you want to do a Facebook live? I mean people have done Facebook lives on this Facebook group that I started and that is so massive for them. I didn’t realize when I asked them, “can you do a Facebook live?” until after when they said “oh my god like, I was so nervous! I didn’t know what to do” and so I think just yes, that is such a privilege to be able to do that for people and whether it’s the guy at the petrol station, when you’re filling up petrol or we’ve got the supermarket that’s so all the girl? 

I believe that’s what my Purpose is and that’s been my life quest as well. Seeking truth, what is the truth? Because a lot of the time when I was growing up, and I think maybe having a mum that’s a naturopath and being into natural medicine and knowing how much that works and then seeing her talking to people that were arguing against natural medicine and Rudolph Steiner, my sister went to Rudolf Steiner School that’s very you know… but all about holistic education and then seeing people that argued against that and so a lot of the way that the world operated didn’t really make sense to me and in the mix, I was kind of going to Nepal and back to Australia and trying to reconcile those two ways of living at the same time, so I very much feel like I’ve had to kind of weigh everything up against my gut especially when you don’t know the language because you’re kind of going off body language sometimes and you’re like “how does this feel?” Does this feel right or not? 

Luanne: And sometimes that’s the best way to… though isn’t it because sometimes words, we can say things that we don’t really wholly mean but if you’ve got your intuitions on and you’re seeing it and it’s like oh this is what I feel should they mean or whatever, so how did you Answer the Call of your Purpose? So I want to put that in like how did you answer the call because it was kind of there. I mean, you to me you just ran towards it and then why do you think it’s so important to do our purposeful work in the world? 

Stephanie: I love these questions! I think, so how did I? Well I think even though I was kind of nervous to go to Nepal, the excitement was kind of greater than the… I just kind of I suppose I just felt like it was something I needed to do because if I was going to make a difference and I volunteered for a lot of different organizations just because I wanted to experience as much as possible and see what really ignited me to want to go in that direction. Because I suppose I remember the feeling of, my friends in high school knew what they wanted to do and study I had no idea and I remember kind of thinking to myself like, “how is everyone so certain about what they want to do?” Like, we haven’t even experienced anything, so how do you know you want to be like an accountant or a lawyer or yeah? So I kind of took a gap year and in the end I went to uni because it was the thing that everyone was doing and then I just got a bit kind of lost in the why am I learning about this being? All these names that I didn’t have anywhere to file it so yeah I think it is absolutely critical for people to take steps in the direction of their passion and purpose. Even if tiny ones while they’re still working in an area that are there because like the energy that comes from you when you are in that space is, I know it kind of sounds a bit intangible but it’s so tangible. And it’s so real! 

And that’s why with seven women, I was absolutely on an absolute high when I was starting that organization and I attracted so many people. We had 50 volunteers and so much happening and like literally everyone I spoke to, who I’d shared with, wanted to be involved in some way and we just grew so much here because of the enthusiasm that was radiating from me because I was living my Purpose

Luanne: And it’s not like they’re taking from that vibe. It’s like we’re coming, you’re inspiring, you’re lighting everyone else’s vibe up, you’re raising that up and yeah from that, magic comes. Wow yeah and so you fight so why do you think it’s important? 

Stephanie: Yeah for that reason because energy is everything I believe and energy I think sometimes maybe we (including myself) don’t understand how important that energy is if we’re lit up, if we’re living our passion, we just have to be not even necessarily have to take action or if paintings you think paint but like our energy touches off other people and they feel it and that energy has the power to ignite their passion for other people so and I believe that energy has a flow and a pattern of its own and if the more we align with that, the more the world kind of corrects itself because I’m not sure about you but I just think there’s so many things that are just like but I think people humanity have become quite lost and some beings return type thing at the moment. I just think that if the more we align with that flow and I’m not sure if you’ve seen that the taurus like there’s that the human energy field the taurus and that there is a flow and the more that we line up with that, which I think is going towards like if we’ve been given a vision. I think that vision has come to us for a reason. If we as humans get inspired ideas, the type of ideas that have that energy that really excite you, put it into action immediately no matter how small it is because you don’t know that’s come to you for a reason. You don’t know where that’s going to lead

Luanne: And so it leads you to momentum too. I was talking to back to this for somebody else, I think it was yesterday it’s like they’ve got this inspired idea. Some can just sit with it oh no it’s been done before it’s too hard da da da but if you just take a small step towards and then keep that momentum then it just comes in it. When you’re talking to me then I’m feeling oh I just want to get into your slipstream. Is that what you call this it’s like oh yes we just get into each other’s that positive energy that all that taurus you know what I mean? Wow, I love them! 

So knowing your Purpose is really important and then that’s one thing but to really express that what kind of practices are the other practices that you or not other because we haven’t talked about them, but what’s a practice that you use to bring that up, to make that real for you? So for something it’s like, well somebody might say, I need to know my values as well and make sure my Purpose is aligned to that or I do past life regression. I cleared all my blogs… So what’s something for you that you’ve used? 

Stephanie: That’s a really cool question too! Because I think yeah, it is different for everybody and I think for me it’s like my own space. Having my own space and just that space and time to think and to connect, getting out into nature is a big one for me. I think just sitting on the earth, because I think that can take… I mean there’s a fantastic documentary actually that talks about how the earth can heal any pain that we have. It’s kind of the energy that comes up goes to the part that’s in your body and I’ve studied Reiki and I believe that Reiki is very powerful also and I’ve been very drawn to it especially in the last 12 months and never really occurred to me before. Although I was kind of curious but very drawn to reading the Bible actually lately, 

Luanne: So no makes total sense to me 

Stephanie: And not just as an interesting book even but I feel that there’s an energy that comes from the text and these kinds of key insights that expand, it feels very expansive. I’ve always just kind of gone in the direction of truth and what I feel drawn to and that’s opened up a whole new kind of… 

And I remember doing a Facebook live last year when I first discovered it and I was kind of like does anyone like? Has anyone read the Bible like I just discovered and I was hearing a few passages and a friend of mine in Ireland said to me, sent me a private message saying, “Steph, just be careful with your Bible preaching because you know” and she’s from Ireland so they’ve had the big really good war over there. She said, “you know it’s a very sensitive topic” and blah blah blah which was really interesting because I realized in that message that we carry so many thought programs and I didn’t have any of those programs because absolutely, I was just kind of like this is amazing and naturally wanted to share it with others but it’s fascinating isn’t it? 

Luanne: Well it is! Because you’ve obviously triggered something there as in but we all get triggered by something it could have been the Bible, it could have been another book right? But I mean there’s that connotation but even I mean, I remember ringing as a little kid and I was just fascinated by the story. It’s like the stories and then the fables and the metaphors and then everything in it and then certainly what’s been happening now and on the planet. A lot of people are going back to that, I mean it’s ancient texts so we can get really judgy about things like that but I love that you would like well I didn’t have that filter so it just inspired me like anything else. It’s so interesting. I love that! 

So I’ve got here one of my questions is who is one of your favorite people that you’ve worked with? I mean you’ve worked with, not that you’ve done work with like learning a course but somebody. It could be a client or could have been one of the seven women and what inspired you about them? 

Stephanie: That’s a good question and I’m just gonna mention the first woman that popped into my mind which is a woman called Susan Morris. She’s based over in Denver, she’s born in Ireland and she started a company in Belize called Belize Natural Energy. I was speaking at a conference in Canada a few years ago and because I’d been speaking at a lot of different countries which I loved, it was an amazing life experience but I was getting a little bit tired because it was towards the end of the year and I literally was flying to Canada for a day and then back on the plane back home and I just thought, oh I wonder if… I wonder if I can give this one a miss but I was like no I can’t. There’s no way I’m gonna cancel but anyway I was just a little bit kind of tired and when I kind of did my talk and then Susan was next and I just remember sitting in the audience going, “oh my goodness that her energy is absolutely incredible” that’s I want to get that energy back like that! That’s my normal state of being, what’s kind of happened in the last month or so where I’ve lost that so Susan mentioned her story is super inspiring and she’d be a great one to interview as well for the podcast! She discovered oil in Belize. She was a geologist working in Belize and she met a local Belizean who said to her, “I’ve had dreams since I was young that there’s oil under Belize” and it’s meant to be drilled up by the right person and given back to the community so they had like 50 years of people drilling for oil and all the big bp challenge that they hadn’t hit oil and the government had given up and so yeah so Susan mentioned that she did this seminar that her friends had been raving about for years and she said to this guy, “let’s do this seminar and see what it’s about” because it was all about connecting up with your intuition and source energy and being guided. I kind of heard her mention the seminar didn’t really understand exactly what it was about but just had a really strong gut feeling I’m doing that seminar and the seminar was in the Bahamas which I’ve never thought of visiting ever before! 

So I just kind of went with that gut feeling which took me across the world a few months later to the Bahamas to do the next seminar and that changed my life. So after that, I got to spend time with Susan, I haven’t worked with her but I feel like I have. She’s been a huge person in my life that has because I spent time I was lived with her for three weeks so we were in Denver and then we went to Belize and we’re on the morning radio show and all these speaking engagements in Belize and then we went for a road trip together to New Mexico and she’s someone that has like “walks her talk”. She’s so incredible and she just draws the best out in every single person that she meets and so having the opportunity to experience that and live with and just the magic in her life on a daily basis is next level. Do you know what I mean? I feel like the force is in here, like she’s just incredible so and all these funny things happened with us when we were picked up this hitchhiker in New Mexico, we stopped at this place to get a drink and we saw this guy and we’re both thinking at the same time like, “oh let’s let’s take him to where he’s heading” whatever so you know he smelled a bit like alcohol and whatever but we said to him “hop in the back” because we’re going the same way and I just started asking him like, “what do you do?” and by the way, and he said he’s written a few books and I said oh what are the books about? And he was explaining this children’s book that was about basically all these bubbles sitting on a tree a branch and one of the bubbles was saying, “let’s let go and let flow and see the world” and all the bubbles are saying, “no it’s dangerous out there. It’s a scary, you’ll get killed” blah blah blah. All the doubts fears and worries was just like no we’ve got us out of here so and then the bubble went on this epic journey where he’s like ended up on a whale’s back and got shot up with the water of the cell and then went to the universe and saw… and me I’m just going like this is so funny, this is so empty and it had such a magical vibe about it because the seminar was very much about experiencing being in the present moment and expanding the consciousness and letting go of all the crap that limits us and holds us back. So this guy’s children’s book captured that and then he’s like, “oh yeah this is my street” so it was something like Sunshine Avenue and there were all these sunflowers lining the road and then his house was like a rainbow place or something like that. It was just like… 

Luanne: Oh my gosh and how lucky is he to be in your car” and vice versa that he got in and that is inspirational. Well I love that! So what do you like, you said something, mentioned something about your Facebook group? Can you tell us a little bit about that? What you’re doing in there and is that open for anyone to come in? Or is there a certain… 

Stephanie: Yeah it’s open for everyone! It’s just last year during the lockdowns and all the rest of it. I just felt a really strong desire to bring people together, bring like-minded people together, keep positive messages happening, keep connected to and use it as an opportunity to connect to yourself, to nature again to when the business kind of settled down a little bit. So I just started a Facebook group called Inspiring Humans and that I just added all of these amazing people that I’ve met in all different countries and it was just really amazing because people just post inspiring quotes they come across but a lot of people jumped on and did Facebook lives, introducing themselves, and a lot of connections are formed through people just knowing that it’s a group of people that have the same kind of values and want to make a go at their life and then out of that, I developed it the podcast called Inspiring Humans, so that’s really just I want to shine a light as you’re doing as well on people that are out there living their passion and purpose to encourage more people to do that. 

So to do a few blog posts that I put in there and online challenges for people around taking action, writing challenges. Basically challenges like I mean I don’t really like that word I’d love to come up with a better word, 

Luanne: See this is the thing every time I wanted to say if I were to challenge myself or something I would just go into my room like right let’s do a decluttering challenge and I love the word “challenge” and then these people would, some of the women would say could you just call it something else? I’m like what’s from the challenge and then you just brought that up I’m thinking, “oh okay I went, let’s do a declutter dear” so that kind of sparks people but what’s it about challenge? What do you mean? 

Stephanie: I suppose the power of language

Luanne: Well it is yeah 

Stephanie: So traditionally means like it’s going to be a struggle but I suppose, I mean it’s a perception of it but just a group that people can feel safe in to start exploring or developing, stepping in the direction of their Purpose together. Whether it’s writing a book or taking action for a week and just going all right I’m just going to do this for a week and see what comes of it, that sort of thing, isn’t it? 

Luanne: Sorry it’s a small step. Sometimes we go let’s do a 30 day challenge then it’s like, we’ll just do 5 days, we’ll just do 3 days you know? Just make it down and sorry to interrupt you 

Stephanie: Yes and just to have people around that are like-minded because I think that’s critical as well when you’re stepping into a new out of your comfort zone a little bit which is where the magic happens. But to have like-minded people with you is really draws it out even more. I suppose the end goal for that group is I’d love to create a global network which we have done. It’s going to be forming at the moment it’s informal but called Seven Continents Council so a global network like I’ve got a lot of friends that have beautiful bits of land and retreats in different parts of the world and imagine if we could create an online community of people that just knew that they could go and visit there when they were just connect with people online now that everyone’s used to doing that 

Luanne: I think that last, that year that we will not speak of, it has taught us to get online so we can connect in a bigger way. Do you know what I mean? And even though sometimes, we want to get offline and like you say go out into nature but it’s taught us because we want to connect to people, we want to feel people, we want to be in that presence but we can do it this way to serve to a big degree and we’ll put all the links on to and all your other links to your Facebook at the bottom of this. So oh my god! I could keep talking to you all day. I feel like I’m on a high already so it’s live! 

So as we come to an end, I always like to ask people to tell us something that we don’t know  that you don’t know that most people don’t know about yourself? Could be a funny thing that’s happened to you or could be a deep scene that’s up to you but what’s something that you can share with us that not many people know? Your mum and dad? 

Stephanie: Yeah I just absolutely love Ireland and the whole culture and the feeling of being an Ireland. That’s kind of something that I just… so I’ve been to Ireland. I’ve lived there a few times and for periods of time, I love dolphins and I love massages! They’re probably my three favorite things in the world. 

Luanne: And do you love Guinness as well? 

Stephanie: Not really 

Luanne: That’s one thing I love, I used to work for a brewery in New Zealand. I love Guinness! 

Stephanie: I actually, last time I lived in Ireland which was only 2018 actually I’ve always wanted to work in an Irish pub and so I went over there and I lived there and I was like okay I’m going to manifest working in top pub in Ireland with one of those iconic old ones, with irish customers as well as the tourists and live in the center of the city, in a really nice apartment and yeah so I did both and it was hilarious! And I had my staff in Nepal saying to me, my friend Padam who works with us we’re saying, “Steph that’s not so good! You’re meant to be the CEO of Seven Women. You can’t be seen to be working in a pub. That’s not very good!” Because over there, it’s different. You cannot work in a pub! So yeah it was really funny but I was on such a high from the generosity of the customers. They didn’t even know tips was a thing over there but I’d kind of leave each shift with heaps of like even more than I was getting paid for everyone. Even if people were paying by card, they would have a pile of coins in their pocket put down but more than that just like even just seeing them argue with each other for like five minutes, who was going to pay? I just loved it. I was like oh my god this is so nice! 

Luanne: Oh that is hilarious, I love it! And I love how you said I wanted to go to the top one of the original kind of Irish pubs and I want to live in a top apartment! So yeah one or the other to both. I love you to do that, I love how you do that! 

Well Stephanie, it has been an absolute joy speaking with you and I hope to get you back again soon but are there any last words? I’ll put all the links below and it’s just been a joy! I’m sure you’ve inspired many people who are watching this but any last words before we end? 

Stephanie: No last words but I just wanted to kind of say a huge thank you to you because I’ve been able to grow Seven Women so well and with great encouragement, because of people like you and I remember you’ve given us on in your amazing conferences that you’ve done a stall for us to sell our products from Nepal and so I just wanted to say a huge thank you because I will always value that so much and you never forget people that have supported you along the way because that’s the reason why now, we’ve won awards and more people, more visibility and bigger platforms so thanks so much for being one of those encouragers on the journey! 

Luanne: Oh it’s been a pleasure! I mean and it was not even, I didn’t even think about it oh yeah let’s whatever I can but that’s also and I will take that thank you because I don’t want to deflect this but it’s also because of your huge vision and your big heart and you just went with it’s like, “yeah let’s get on board!” Let’s get on some of her train. So thank you as well! Alright, thank you so much! Okay, bye everyone! 

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