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Answering the call of your purpose with Vickie Howie

Full transcript of call

Luanne: Hello everyone! This is Luanne Maureen and welcome to our number 9 Answering the Call of Your Purpose and I have the beautiful Vicky Howie here with me today. Hi Vicky, how are you? 

Vickie: Hi Luanne! 

Luanne: All the way you’re in Phoenix today?

Vickie: I’m in Scottsdale which is, it’s part of Phoenix more or less but it’s kind of like seeing LA and you know Beverly Hills or whatever you want to say Scottsdale because it’s beautiful! 

Luanne: Awesome! So before we jump in and just get all the yumminess that you have to share with us today, I just want to give a little reminder for people who are new to this channel. The reason for me creating this podcast and for me my thing is Purpose. I love talking about all things Purpose and I wanted to really highlight people who I think have answered, first heard the call of their Purpose and then really answered it and are embodying it and expressing it and so we’ve had so many lovely guests and each one is just such a delight and so with that Vickie, I’m going to just do a quick introduction with you. 

So we met many years ago. I think it was before we talked offline probably around about 2010. I was doing goddamn circles and into chakras and things like that and I came across your website which was the chakra boosters these tattoos and I was fascinated and I reached out to you and then I think from there straight away, we were like “oh yeah we’re sisters” 

Vickie: Pisces sisters!

Luanne: You’ve created so many amazing programs all based around chakras and I love your videos! You’re one person that you’ve really embraced your spotlight purpose using different platforms to get your work out there and you’ve also created the book and course your roadmap to life mastery which was kind of when we’ve met in person at that event and you wrote to me but I’m just gonna jump straight in here. 

So I want you to please visit… I don’t want to do any more talking, what are you doing right now in your life, in your business over in the States now? 

Vickie: Oh so I’m continuing to do the chakras, hence the chakras here I continue to do them. I cannot… they’re a big part of my Purpose. I was just thinking how cute it is that your Purpose is Purpose. 

Luanne: That’s so adorable 

Vickie: But my Purpose seems to be chakras tantra, being all that we can be like opening every part of the self and if we come into this world which I did with a fair amount of trauma like we had early imprints that limited us, opening those back up. And being all that we can be and right now when ironically before covid started, I’d started and I got another hit. My Purpose always comes from up here as I think I’ve heard a lot about yours too it’s like little more than a tap on the shoulder. We’ll call it a “tap”, I don’t know what yours is but I get told what to do and it’s interesting it comes when jupiter’s coming into capricorn. The year that jupiter went into capricorn it’s like a time when you bring big ideas down into the earth, that’s 2008 seven eight the fall of seven into eight when I created chakra boosters healing tattoos and then 12 years later, going into 2019 going to 20, I was told to create circling space which is an online service where we get together and we have more authentic connection like deep like it’s really quite intimate even though it’s online. I mean, I still want to cuddle people, I’m really like over this covid. 

Luanne: Me too! It was like I actually finally went to an in-person kind of women’s group just a couple of weeks ago and it was amazing and I thought after a year of not being able to be in the same room with people and actually touching them, we still had to get the temperature check and all that but it’s like oh everybody will be there and I was surprised I had a nice intimate group just perfect but I thought there would be more and I’m always thinking well are people kind of a bit too sort of scared to come out. I don’t where I’m going with that 

Vickie: But we will find out right but how did it feel good to be around women right? I want to live vicariously through you right now 

Luanne: But the thing is, a lot of people in my community are doing online work so it’s perfect for you. And you get and I know you travel a lot as well I did in the past. 

Vickie: I was traveling a lot a whole lot in fact I lucked out I was actually in Europe doing something in February and I came back like three days before they stopped allowing us to come back to the US from Europe so I lucked out in 2020 in February, it was March actually I came back the first week of March or something, but it hasn’t been… I’ve driven my car a little to see family in the U.S but this obviously is not a traveling year for anyone. 2020 wasn’t. 

Luanne: Not at all and we did have to create. I think it helped us create new ways of connecting in another way and a lot of I know there’s a lot of negatives but there’s also positives that we can take from anything right? 

Vickie: Always sister yes! yes always! 

Luanne: Doing circles and I mean I know you’ve done so much. You’re such a creative person and that’s I love that about you that I see that in you so much but what led you to do this work today? Like, that was that backstory I always like to know… 

Vickie: Truly the chakra thing was just that I was a teacher of yoga and they kept making me take new trainees because I was kind of a slow learner when it came to embodiment and so I kept doing new trainings and I have to redo the chakras, redo the chakras and I didn’t like them Luanne. I was like, I thought they were like airy fairy wu who I didn’t really see the application, it seemed quite and and the idea that you had to go up and all this stuff and then about the third time I was going through a teacher training, I had ding ding ding, I realized that I had about 10 major issues in my life and they were all root chakra. I had knee problems, I had anxiety, I had bowel issues at the time. There was every problem that you could have root chakra wise and major anxiety, moving all the time, money problems, career problems, everything related to root and so when in a way it was good because it was like oh I thought I had 10 problems, no I have one! I have a really bad root chakra. And so at that moment, I really started to work with it and through working with my guides, I work a lot with you know the psychic realm and that and working with my guides it was like, I asked them what to do and they more or less said “get a rude tattoo” and I was like what? And it was about the energy of the symbol being on because I couldn’t get the energy to stay. I would do yoga and feel better and then it would go away and I’d feel better and it’d go away and I said how can I have it last? And they said they sent me to sedona, to get a root chakra tattoo and I did and this lovely african-american small gentleman named Shiva I don’t know if you know that’s god in the sanskrit language he’s literally named Shiva and he goes and he put this tattoo on me not the tattoo the stencil just the stencil just the design and literally energy went down both legs and that was one of I’ve had several turning points because I’ve really worked in healing through a lot of trauma but that was one of the major ones like I went back and everything changed and that’s when I created I went oh I can create tattoos and my guide’s like yes you’re gonna do that and that’s what I spent the last the next 12-13 years. I’m still doing it and now the circling space is coming into it 

Luanne: Yeah and because you’ve kind of laid it and I know we all start with some like I’ve got the chakra oils yeah those are the seven chakras and they just now they’re roll ons right? So everything changes and evolves over time and so I’m sure you’re working with those. I’ve still got some of those tattoos here but I give them out as gifts now and I remember putting one on my throat chakra and I was at a retreat and I could not talk, 

Vickie: That was that way it’s interesting it went that way for you… you couldn’t talk 

Luanne: For the first day and then everything was like ah it just opened up because it was a five day retreat and it was like oh yeah it was, so I was stuck there so I think I don’t know if I told you that story because…

Vickie: You never did, I am so fascinated! I hear so many different stories from people because I put them out there and then learned from everybody over the last because I probably have put out by orders and that I know I’ve put over 150 000 out in the world, the individuals they come in packets of three or seven but individual ones that I’ve ordered from my manufacturer has been over a hundred and fifty thousand and I’ve had all kinds of like… I have a neck problem every once I have a reverse curve on my and the funny thing is I just had the pain and I was like it was so funny because when I first got my own tattoos, I almost wasn’t wearing them like it’s funny how we are sometimes… 

Luanne: Llike you forget your own role or whatever 

Vickie: And so I was yeah we forget our own it’s like right here and so I actually had this pain in my neck and I put the tattoo on and it literally within two hours gone and now any time I ever get that pain, I mean I can’t say it’s that way for everyone but how fun that is to have something that I know you probably love what you create it’s just amazing when you can put it on and go wow that just worked my own thing worked for me. 

But I hear these different stories and I feel like I want to honor right now the wisdom of your body. I haven’t quite heard that story before but I’ve always known you to be a bit of a root chakra goddess as well to be grounded even though we’re both pisces and we’re up here and so I feel like that was the root chakra like intelligence of your body just going “okay closing down for business at the moment because something healing is happening here” and then absolutely 

Luanne: Yeah absolutely and I use and I don’t know that part of my story was I had a tumor on my pituitary gland so it was all throat chakra this is huge for me right back in when I was 27 so that’s all gone. Interesting I’ve got the light blue here today but yeah that’s fascinating so anyone watching this go over we’re going to put all the links below them out for sure so and that’s great because every now and again and get a bit of a sore. Opening computer and just sort of thinking I’m going to put one on definitely thank you! 

So, Vickie, what do you believe is your Purpose? I know that’s a huge big question, what do you believe it is? 

Vickie: Do you ever divide for yourself whether we went into your personal and your professional? Because to me, I think my larger purpose is to live the most expanded version of myself, that’s my ultimate purpose now and I think that then weaves into everything I do for others especially if people have some trauma, I really tend to draw the people that need to move through something or get like it’s been a long journey for me. It hasn’t just been the easy stuff, the low-hanging fruit, but I’d say it’s about being true to who I am the unfolding of who I am and I like to remind people we’re verbs, we’re not nouns like we feel like nouns right? We do and right now, I want to hug you, I’m sad that you’re not a noun right here and I can’t hug you but you we’re still more verb than we are now. Because this noun is full of energy that’s always moving always moving so we’re constantly evolving so I think my Purpose has to do with staying with the evolution  of myself or continually moving, continually evolving and having fun, having life because I think once you do that you’re letting the life force out and once you let the life force out that’s joy that’s living life to its fullest.

Luanne: I agree. Oh that’s beautiful and I do want to touch on the trauma, I don’t know if it’s right now but just recently well I think we’re all being traumatized in some like, more re-traumatized right? With what’s going on. 

Vickie: Yeah 

Luanne: And I’ve been doing a lot of reading about now we come in traumatized, so we’ve got to kind of work through that we just don’t remember it or we don’t know that. And so I just love the way that you’re owning it all and you see what you have to clear with. Some people may take a bit longer and that’s okay too but yeah I really want to talk about that but how did… 

Vickie: May I say something on that because while you’re acknowledging that, I just want to acknowledge our culture if we’re born with a handicap? If we were born with a club foot or we can’t walk on one leg or something, we’re empathized with for the rest of our lives right? Even if we eventually learn how to run a marathon with it or something but you have that help from other people because they see it. 

The sad thing is so many children come in and when you go to the Oscars, you hear people thinking about their parents and everything but when you go to a prison, you hear completely different stories right? Why does this group end up at the Oscars in this group in prison? Because we don’t help or acknowledge people when the handicap is emotional and spiritual. When the handicap is that they didn’t have a safe place when they landed they were maybe abused from the very beginning or just nobody answered their cries, they weren’t fed right. They weren’t the earliest years sometimes so I just want to acknowledge anyone who’s watching this, that things have been tough and there’s really early stuff because we all have like you said traumas in the eye of the beholder. We all have it even if we grew up in a nice household and all that we all have our traumas but I’m talking about the deeper ones like I just feel called now we’re in a time where I think we can actually… 

I do a lot of tapping with my circling space that I’m doing now. I run two tapping circles, so we just come in and we work with what arises and we just tap through it and so I just want to say that I feel like we’re in a turning point now, where I think we’re ready to equalize and recognize and help people. I think we can move through things now like we didn’t used to be able to. 

Luanne: No 

Vickie: What do you think? 

Luanne: I agree and I feel there’s so many more people. The healers and other people that can help us and that are like “let’s do it” otherwise it’s the collective we want to stay all traumatized and that’s no fun, that’s not the joy that you were talking about before but it is. It takes courage to really look at it and then work through it. So people like yourself, okay so I want to ask you, we always hear there’s a little niggle, I think you said a “tap” before but sometimes it is a two by four, how do you answer the call of your Purpose? 

Vickie: The truth is I think my life has been a shortening of the answering and more of the listening. Meaning shorter period to answer because honestly, by the time I got to talk for boosters think about how crazy it is to go and print thousands of chakra tattoos. You already know what a rarefied world it was even especially back then for chakras, and chakra products now I take the weirdest chakra product which is a tattoo you put on your body to change your energy because symbols change the water, they change your body and we’re more than half water so but it’s still a very actually real and missouri moto did the research behind the whole idea and everything but to hear it people it’s out there right? 

So yeah I mean, I’m almost losing where I was going with that but can you bring me back to the question?

Luanne: How did you answer the call 

Vickie: Oh! So I kind of thought about it but I actually believe that there’s one of those weird things where it’s like I thought about it and was given the muse at the same time. Was given my guides at the same time and the part of me that thought about it would have been like “nah man like come on that’s gonna be too crazy” but it was so clear. My guides were just adamant and when circling space came in, I didn’t think I was… I had circled with two different organizations for about six years and I felt like I wasn’t good at it so it’s like always my guides are pulling me to do these things and chakras felt natural but circling didn’t at first like now I’m just so in love with it but it didn’t feel and I think I’ve just learned here’s where I am now and I have a feeling you’re kind of the same way. I literally cannot not now. 

Luanne: Yes 

Vickie: Like I get people, people get upset me. Sometimes, I say because I don’t have a choice and they go “yes you always have a choice” I’d say “no I really don’t like I can’t explain it” it’s so faded so strong that I just do because otherwise I would be doing some of my other career stuff that’s like I love screenplay writing. I was a screenplay writer and I would be doing more of that. 

Luanne: You sing, you’re a singer or? 

Vickie: Again it’s like, you go oh singer, oh circle like I do so many different things. I just don’t know how to call myself one or the other but yeah I did. I got called again! Very perfect example, my guides again said you are going to do a chakra healing album, I was like “I am?” they’re like, “this is a few years after the tattoos, yes you are, it’s going to be with a man”. You’ll find him, he’s going to be the other the tantric side that you need to finish this (the masculine feminine) and he was and we did it and that created Chakra Love, the album Chakra Love that I have on my site. 

Luanne: Creativity and so much expression. And so that’s the thing you go, when I go to your website it’s like… it’s so delicious like “well what should I pick today?” It’s all these different things and different people resonate with different things right? Not everybody wants a tattoo on them, I don’t know why you should give them 

Vickie: Yeah they’re cool they’re beautiful! I feel the same way about you Luanne and I just also loved recently, I read something you wrote I thought I totally agree and since we’re talking about Purpose, I’d love to share it because I was like “yes sister go” you were talking about how Purpose shifts. And I was like of course purpose shifts but everybody says “oh what’s your Purpose”, there’s like this masculine attitude that you need to like nail it down. I feel like things die, it’s like a butterfly… it flies but if you put it in the collection and put a pin through it, it’s dead. And it’s kind of like, if you put a pin through purpose is like a dead butterfly. So we want our butterflies to fly so Purpose to me is just always evolving

And you said something about noticing how you had started with the goddess circles and then went to goddess events and then the more intimate events and along the way you’ve also had products and so I just wanted to acknowledge that I’m in a hundred percent agreement with you because people get lost and they think they have to find to myths. I think about Purpose one is that there’s one and I heard you saying there isn’t and so I like “yes sister” and the other one is that it… oh gosh today my brain is just going so fast, let me see if I can pull it back up. So the first one is that, people say that there’s one oh I can’t remember it. I hope it comes back. 

Luanne: It will! Your guides will bring it in but I always say Purpose is lifelong too like you never suddenly just arrive. 

Vickie: Oh I know what it is! I did come right back. It’s that people, a lot of people think your Purpose is out there. They think your Purpose is out there, so you’re a Purpose goddess so I want to talk to you about it and to me the Purpose is the throat chakra right? And that’s because when we are our authentic self nothing can happen but our Purpose right? Because when we’re doing what is really us, we are literally. It’s like, the oak tree doesn’t drop apples right? The oak tree has acorns so if I’m out there looking for apples or acorns who knows what I’m going to end up with. But if I just grow from who I really am, so if you do what you love, you’re honest about what you love, you don’t go to a job interview and tell them you like something you don’t like which will get you in big trouble you know? 

Luanne: Absolutely and I was doing a live series today with it, with another group and I just said you I read this quote so I don’t even know who wrote it but it was like people don’t actually want happiness, they want meaning you know? And I feel, I went “hell yeah” you know meaning happiness would it not but… 

Vickie: Yeah I was just gonna tell you, I was gonna say I have both because and I think particularly in the joyous energy that we were talking about of all that you are me absolutely meaning and happiness are one and it’s just how people define happiness. Because some people think happiness is something you do like the disney world you know or whatever. That’s just happiness. No. Happiness is… what is happiness for you? 

Luanne: Happiness is meaning right? Doing something meaningful but joy like it’s I’m in the moment. When you’re just in that moment and nothing else matters, it’s not even the act of what it is. You’re just blissful so when you were saying that, you said throat chakra here with Purpose, I always feel it’s the crown too because but only because I relate it to the goddess nut right? Not so not as the one that connects to the bullet so I feel Purpose is bliss as well but it’s all still here right? But what I love that I’m gonna bring that really looks at that too, it kind of leads to our next question: why do you think it’s so important to do our Purpose work? And it doesn’t feel like work really, but why do you think it’s so important? 

Vickie: I really want to feel into the answer of that, is it is kind of again like if an apple tree didn’t grow, apples like I think as humans, we don’t think that way but think of yourself like anyone watching this, think of what kind of tree am I? Am I a palm? Am I a willow? Am I an apple? Am I an oak? Am I an elm? Like and whatever, it’s important that you are that it’s because first of all everybody else has got all the other stuff figured out so we can be a bad copy of someone else or we can be our authentic self. There’s no other, it’s absolutely, I read something I truly read this online it’s going to sound not believable but that there are so little odds of us being born that all the factors that it’s actually negative, that it actually mathematically comes out to a negative and it’s, I found it somewhere on the internet and I was like what? But even if you just say it’s a zero or a point half of one percent it’s crazy! Well, not even half of one percent because it’s just literally zero zero zero that we exist and there isn’t a copy of us anywhere, nowhere and even our own soul if you believe in multiple lifetimes which I do, then even your soul is here in this body, like Luanne’s only once like I get sad when someone says when they defer to this is just my body, this is just my identity, this just this life as if only the soul matters. The soul’s here to be in just this body because the limits of this world are what grows our soul. The limits not the because up there or out there wherever we are, we go our consciousness, goes it’s unlimited. So actually the joy of this game and it doesn’t seem like it right now with all the limits that we’ve had but the joy is the limits because here for instance we get in touch with our heart a lot and we lose loved ones. We lose things here, and in that loss our culture unfortunately makes it bad like they make it but it’s actually the deepest most sacred way we can get in touch with our heart chakra grief.

Grief is sacred. My heart is opening and breaking because I have an unlimited, unconditional love but a limited relationship has passed. You’d feel it? So it’s like ah the soul learns because it’s this big thing in this little time-bound life. 

Luanne: You know what Vickie, I’ve never heard that expressed that way and it makes so much sense to me that it is so beautiful to that because we feel like we’re limited like no, we want to be free. It’s like well really if you really could do anything we learned in that time and oh yeah so I’m married from New Zealand and so very tribal. 

When somebody passes on, we have them in our home, their coffins open. We sing, 

Vickie: I know! I’ve read about your father and it touched me so much. It just touched me and touched me 

Luanne: And you laugh and you ball and it’s just beautiful but you just said it your heart breaks but you know it just whoa 

Vickie: Yeah it’s just like I’ve got chills right now, but that’s another reason may I say why. We see only scary dystopian movies when it comes to people having everlasting life right? Because it’s actually the limits here that give our soul something to chew on

Luanne: Yes oh that’s beautiful! So knowing your Purpose is one thing right? So you and I know you’ve got so many things to choose from in your toolbox. What is one practice or what is one tool that you use that helps us or helps you live and express it? Like I know that we talked about the trauma, you work through that but yeah somebody else said oh well I think it’s important to be able to express my Purpose to know my values? So that’s their thing. What is your thing? And it doesn’t have to be one thing, just pick one thing. 

Vickie: I absolutely adore tapping because it is the one and I do it in the circling because it’s the one thing that I’ve realized embodies my spirit because it’s an energetic language. You’re tapping on meridian points, it also works with shadow. I believe the number one thing we need to do right now is pay attention to the darker side, the shadow, the embodied qualities and we can’t do this bypassing anymore of like I’m just all this way, there’s this… we are wide, complex, beautiful creatures and it’s not about being all good. It’s about loving all because you can’t have light without dark. When you can’t have hot without cold, it’s all here and when we bring it into our awareness then we become conscious of it in a way that we aren’t.  If we don’t bring it into our awareness, we stuff it down like we’re taught we shouldn’t be this. We shouldn’t be that, we shouldn’t be this, we shouldn’t do that, we’re shooting all over ourselves and once we all over ourselves, it’s like pushing a ball down, pushing a ball down, and it’s got to go boop! It’s got to come back up and this world. All the fighting, all the stuff is those balls coming back up. 

And so, if we just let things be and the tapping really gets your body to speak to your spirit because I’ve been thinking about this Luanne. This is really big to me, do you know of the upper chakras 567 that are spiritual, and the hearts, the bridge right? Which is like our essence. We are love because when we balance, we’re just naturally in our heart then we have the 3d world one two, three, root, sacral and solar plexus. Have you thought about the fact that their agendas, the upper chakra and the lower chakra agendas are absolutely opposite? 

Luanne: I do 

Vickie: We’re absolutely split! The upper chakras are going for change expansion and freedom at all times. The upper chakras are like, oh like this what are the lower chakras going for? The lower chakras are going for the opposite “homeostasis”. The body is literally built to not change it, it’s always changing a little bit but it’s built. It’s got a temperature, a blood pressure, it wants to keep things the same. So you’ve got your body saying “no” most of the time your spirit’s saying “yes”. So if you want to bring your body along on the spiritual journey, which is why I’ve incorporated into circling space, tapping will literally start to speak to the body. It’s speaking energetically to the body because if your spirit says to the body “you shouldn’t do this” or “you should do that” or whatever, the body’s like a teenager to a parent. I won’t even say the words right? What I’m saying? The body’s like a screw like see you later you know? It puts the sign, locks the door,  all that kind of thing as we all know too well who have had teenagers right or have teenagers. And so tapping lets us do that. 

There’s one other thing, doing the simplest breathing exercise that you can do for chakras in like two minutes any time is you just close your eyes and you imagine the core of the earth and you inhale. You can do it right now! Just try to inhale from the core of the earth, up into your heart, and hold it for a moment. Let it go and exhale like a fountain up, through the crown of your head. Just open up like a sunroof, then inhale like a funnel. Take sky energy down through the crown into your heart and then exhale and press that back plant it into the core of the earth, now inhale from the core of the earth again up into your heart, and hold it. Just keep that essence and then exhale and extend it up into the sky through your crown. And then inhale from the sky, all that inspiration down your crown into your heart, and then exhale and plant that inspiration down into the earth. And now, just let those values we call them their “energy channels”. Let those values just keep moving and if you do that like in the morning, it just opens up all your centers and then you’re open to listening to your guides, you can’t. It becomes harder and harder to ignore them because everything’s open, the plumbing’s moving. The energetic plumbing not the other plumbing. 

Luanne: I love that, wow! Because no normal rather than normal, it’d be like you have but yeah…

Vickie: If you just move on, they’re moving, they line up. They line up if you move them and in fact, what we just did. You’ve done so much with chakras you could probably right now literally be about to walk in to do a presentation or something and you could literally run them probably in 10 sec you could just feel it up and down up and down and you’re done. Why? Because energy is steered by consciousness. We don’t have to do all the work and all the effort; it’s instantaneous energy just as soon as we feel into it and think into it, that’s how we actually steer it. It’s part of this 3d world. 

Luanne: I love this! This is beautiful! Well thank you, I’ve just learned something new again from you. 

So Vickie, I always like to ask… so someone that you’ve worked with, who was one of your favorites and the shift like what happened? 

Vickie: I have to make a bow to Debbie Ford, the late Debbie Ford. Because she really made shadow work approachable and she had a radar. Man, I remember being in workshops with her and we’d be 400 people would walk in and she would have a lot of people and someone would walk in and she would just know what to say or what was going on with them. Shadow wise, it was just uncanny the way that she was and I’ve evolved in my opinion, a lot of the work because we learn and we become better like we do something more. I’ve added some NLP to it and everything but she’s so ingrained in me just her basic shadow understanding and she made all the difference in my life. 

I started working with her around 2000 right around the millennium and then I worked with her in 2000 and I was live again with her in 2008 and I can’t remember when she passed but I didn’t work live with her again after that but I’ve just always appreciated Debbie. I also think again, we’re now in the age of the feminine which is about embodiment, which is about the real, which is about the shadow, which is about just us getting real. She was always about getting real. 

Luanne: I think when I was doing all the original goddess work and smelling oils and all that, it was all very playful. Then, I did another course with somebody and she brought up shadow work and I went what? And then it was profound. Then I just went into all her books and that and you got to work with her. That is amazing. It just, we need to look at the shadow. There’s no more bypassing it you know? 

Vickie: We do! And one way that a lot of people work with shadow is, it’s because there’s this thing called “projection” which it’s not… it’s psychologists talk about projection we don’t like something in our self because we were taught not to like it not because we don’t like it but we were taught not to like it by our caregivers or whatever or our culture and so we project it out on other people we go “oh look at that person” but we do it with both our light and our dark there’s light shadow and dark shadow. I want to be clear we do it with oh I can’t be like that celebrity that person is too amazing I can’t be like that I’m losing my ear thing and then we see someone else and we’re like “I don’t want to be like that, I’m not like that and I’m not whether it’s good or bad”, and what I’ve done for instance with my work is what I love and I think you’ve done it because you do it with your sense and everything is that I use chakras because they are the anatomy of the spirit as Carolyn Mace says which is a nice way of putting it so I use them and I’ll for instance, I have a shadow series on YouTube so anyone watching this, go watch it and we’re talking a long one like I do five qualities for each chakra so you don’t have to wait to get upset with your boss or your dad or someone to have the projection show up for you. 

I just work with the five strongest shadows like for instance in root, things like needy and greedy and lazy, all those things. I remember back when I first started doing some things like this video. 

Luanne: I remember doing art of feminine presence actually as was the light and the dark shadow and I’m one of the team did the teacher training and it was actually when I was doing one of my events 130 women in the room and I did the light shadow with them. That was the one that triggered them more than the dark shadow. 

Vickie: Isn’t that amazing? That’s what Marian Williams said! She says that we’re scared of our light of our success and that is true I have seen a few people where the dark is harder and but I would say overall probably if we had to pick I’d be with you, I mean it’s got to be minimum at least 60 40 I mean you see both types but definitely I would say light shadow. 

Luanne: And in that room, it was going off and I’m like “wow”. I do remember when I did the practice myself that was that one just floored me up like yeah I’m just looking at the dart and it’s like “no I’m not beautiful I don’t” 

Vickie: Yeah I was just gonna ask you what was your biggest light shadow ? What was the one that was the hardest to integrate beautifully? 

Luanne: I had to remember and I was beside myself and this was probably 10 years ago you know it was like no I’m not claiming right? I’m not, isn’t it bizarre? 

Vickie: I just love and you teach goddess work now and you are beautiful and so now you can let it in! 

Luanne: Yes and you know well I need to go and have a look at those but that’s another link we’ll put down you’re using…

Vickie: Yes! May I suggest my favorite, if people are watching because it is a long series, I give a lot of things and you guys watch some of the stuff on YouTube because some of that stuff so much content eventually I’m taking it down but the sacral video… because right now, we’ve come into the feminine, the sacral shadow is so important right now and it’s the one video of all my videos that I literally cried twice on that video. It’s also my worst video sound wise, because I did it when I was in The Netherlands on by the ocean and you can hear all the wind and everything but it’s worth it because we need to embrace the feminine shadow right now. We really do. 

Luanne: We do, we do so that leads to and I’ve got two more questions here okay where can we find you right? So just and again I will be putting the links under this blog post and and in the podcast so where can we find your… 

Vickie: For years and years I’ve had my where the tattoos are and everything and now you can actually work with me, this is what I want you to come and be with me live at I actually do three interactive circles a week and we have facilitators from Jamaica, Finland, Belgium, USA and I’m leaving somebody out there’s another, there’s another country in there but it’s pretty international so 

Luanne: Beautiful and just before I go, I want to speak about and I’ve just printed this off but your book, you had your book your Roadmap to Life Mastery, what fascinated me is the seven year cycles right? And you download this or you created it with this, 

Vickie: You had something to do with this because you gifted me gifted! Remember? Because it was near me, I was in LA at the time and you gifted me gifted and I feel like suddenly I realized I was kind of plugging my ears and I hope I’m not yelling at everyone. You gifted me gifted and so I drove and when I was driving back, I still remember when I was in the desert driving back from that event that we hung out together and it all literally came down, the entire it took me forever to write it. Here it is, it took me forever to write it. I wrote “The Key to the Chakras”, the one that’s on Amazon. I wrote that book in three months and it is 187 pages with lots of colored pictures. I wrote it boom! Like that, because it’s basic information but this one is information that I didn’t know how to show to the world, because it was so unique. Hey guys we aren’t developing biologically we’re developing energetically and the biology is following because energy is always first. 

We have energetic evolution and our biology. Our biological evolution that we have in all our biology books is following and I don’t mean the long-term evolution like over time. I mean, in our lives in our singular life as we go from one-year-old to two-year-old to three-year-old we are evolving energetically and that is literally causing why do you think so many cultures look at like 21 like over here 221 is full adulthood and we pretty much New Zealanders too. Yeah and we stopped growing right? We pretty much stopped growing; few people still grow at 18, 19 but they but even men even young men tend to stop growing it by 21. We finished the physical chakra yes we’ve finished because there’s seven years for all chakras and this also means that the true midlife crisis and the energetic midlife crisis is 50. Yeah it’s my favorite year! 

Luanne: I turned 15 last year 

Vickie: Oh okay, so you know what I’m talking about. 

Luanne: Well yes kind of yes 

Vickie: Because it has. It usually has a transitory feel and I can’t imagine having that during the covid year. What an interesting correspondence you have there. I’ve done a few things like that but that’s a really good one because it’s a year, the 50th year is actually a zero year. A life cycle. It’s actually just a transitional year and I feel like it was for everyone, so you picked a year that just naturally was unknown and transitionary for everyone. 

Luanne: I always think, so then 50 and then I always feel and I think maybe this is more the goddess phases or something you know 52 is when women are just…

Vickie: Do you know why? because you know from chocolate cycles you are now in the foundation of your family, your sacral; one two. It’s the one two cycle 52 is the one too and another really big one is 58 which is two, two, one it’s the beginning of the whole seven year sacral cycle and then 59 is two, two double feminine energy at nine years old when girls want to have their best friend forever. And 59 are the only two times in our lives that we’re in the double sacral energy. 

Luanne: Wow! I want you to send me one of those books signed please 

Vickie: It’ll take a while to Australia but I will. 

Luanne: Well I’ll just have to get the p and because you can get the pdf and there’s a course as well and all that kind of thing too right? 

Vickie: Yeah there is! And I just love to do something live with it sometime 

Luanne: Yeah who knows? But I just wanted to bring that too because I was just fascinated with it and what a big accomplishment so thank you so much! So I like to end Vickie and this is not the end. It’s been so long since we connected (oh my goodness too long) to telling us something that nobody knows about you? It can, it doesn’t have to be your biggest shadow. It could be something funny or I don’t know whatever it is but what’s something that you know nobody knows about you? And doing our work everybody knows everything anyway half the time, but we don’t have anything… 

Vickie: Well, some people know but in general, people don’t know it all and could I let you pick because I have two that are coming up for sure. One is that I have been a surrogate mother twice. Two times for the same family. They asked me to do it, a second time and I was like “okay I will do it a second time” 

Luanne: What a gift. 

Vickie: Yeah that has been an amazing experience and I kind of have another family. I didn’t really have a family, my own family so this is kind of my more of a “real family” for me and the second one is, I was a professional stand-up comedian for a while. 

Luanne: Yeah that doesn’t really surprise me because you’re such a… just the energy and I think you could just make anything up any time right? It’s just like what comes in and keeps us laughing! Wow!

Vickie: Yeah so that I actually turned in Santa Barbara actually had a club for a year there wasn’t enough people in that general area to support bringing in the names of the type of people I was bringing in. So I had for one year I had a club there in Santa Barbara too and I taught people to do stand-up so that was really fun. I like teaching. I always liked teaching better than doing Luanne, and are you that way? 

Luanne: I am! I always learn like just on the next level of it like I’m teaching hand analysis now I’m like “wow I didn’t even remember that okay yeah” it just goes in a lot deeper 

Vickie: And I feel that you’re a master teacher that way and when we were really dedicated to it, I think we channel… we channel the, it’s like you said that the crown opens up and that throat opens up and we start channeling stuff so we end up like you said, teaching ourselves too at the same time. And I’m just so fascinated in how I work with women a lot but I love working with men too. But I’m just so fascinated with how we, I see people expand. 

So I’d rather teach, be a teacher’s teacher and it’s really fun to be a teacher’s teacher because then I see those people teach and you just see the layers of influence going out like you’re teaching people and then they could end up teaching other teachers of hand analysis. 

Luanne: Yeah I’m not quite there yet but I can see it happening but it’s just the natural progression, I guess. I resisted teaching this for many years like that’s my little secret and just quietly on the side a couple of times and now I’m like “no stop it” you know? Stop resisting my… I was like “wow yeah it’s amazing! 

Vickie: I absolutely love that you move through the beautiful, you own that and I remember when I was with you when we were with mentors in that arena and I know that there was this relationship right? And so eventually you have to go, “I’m it” and start to teach it so it’s just so beautiful to see you like owning it all. I’m just loving you, owning it all 

Luanne: Thank you and I love you too! So I will close this interview now. Definitely, I think we should get together again and do something anytime. This is amazing! You inspire me and I’m sure you’ve inspired a lot of people watching here Vickie! So go and find all the links here. She’s amazing, I love her, you love me. I’m sure you love her already as well so until next time everyone, bye for now! 

Vickie: Bye everyone 

Luanne: Bye!

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