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Are you challenged being paid for your gifts?

Are you just starting out in your spiritual business and you’re kind of trying to work out prices and you’re seeing other people with the prices and you’re like “oh, how do I charge? What do I charge?” and it’s really confusing and a little bit scary.

Hey there, I’m Luanne Mareen of and the Hand Analysis Academy. 

Are you charging what you are worth when you do your amazing work? And this is actually a self-worth challenge, right? It’s the Saturn finger challenge or the student path or life lesson. What it looks like and then I’m doing this video today because I was chatting to a couple of people over the weekend and we talked about this a lot in the Scientific Hand Analysis Certification Program because I’m teaching hand analysts to really step out like, learn their craft give them as much of their craft but also to make it profitable for them. So, I’m not all about the $50 reading for 30 minutes, right? I’m just not about that. And I’ll tell you why right? I’ll tell you why. So, What I want to talk about today is when you are starting out and I had a beautiful chat with another woman on Saturday and she was just starting out, she’s doing her craft and she’s doing her freebies at the moment. Now, I really applaud people when they’re starting out on modality to give a couple of freebies away but there has to come to a point where you’re going to have to start charging, right? You can’t live on fresh air. And I know you’re doing most of the people, most of the healers I work with they are just so heart-driven and I just want to do everything for everybody but there’s a difference between you can charge for your gift, right? And paying your bills, you’ve got bills to pay and you’ve got other things to do. You’ve got a bigger impact and you need those resources. 

So, this middle finger, it’s all about being good with your resources. So, I was talking to her she was doing freebies and she’s like I don’t know how to craft it and I don’t know how much to charge and I’m like “well, a lot of people can go and look at different other services and like oh, well she’s charging that much, I should charge that too or you know, maybe I could undercharge, undercut… not undercut but charge less because I’m only new” Now, I also have a bit of an issue with that. I mean your new yes but I’m sure that if you have taken the time to learn your craft and keep practising and invest it in yourself you know with a coach or other modalities then you should be actually you know asking the price that you desire, right? And don’t lowball your prices. You know some people when they do see a low price they don’t really take you seriously. Right you know we’re talking about this woman, she was at you know doing the psychic fears which I love the psychic fears, I’m also a fan. But she was actually doing reading for like I think it was like $30 for 20 minutes and it’s like that’s good, right? That’s good, that is actually one of the ways I’ll teach my hand analyst to get through some readings but not forever. But she was doing these readings she was getting depleted and people weren’t taking this seriously “oh, that was fun” you know, that was fun. So, when you kind of up your value then they will take it more seriously and again it just depends on your programs and things like that.

So, that is what I want to bring up today, are you charging what you’re worth and there are other ways, right? There are other ways so, you can have your modality and then you can package it up in a certain way. So, you can add things to it, right? So, I see so often people just doing one-off readings or one-off or one-odd sessions, you know if they’re doing bodywork it’s like a one-off and then that person comes back and when four weeks time when they feel like it. But if you do package it up in a certain way maybe they’ll get three sessions already booked in. So, they’re committed to it, you know. You get paid upfront and that can support you and your growth as well and it also supports your client you know, coming back on a regular basis rather than oh, when they’re in pain. So, that’s what I wanted to chat about today on this video. 

The other thing… what was the other thing… oh, yes and another conversation that I was having with this woman in the States and she’s amazing, she’s right, she’s brilliant. Brilliant palmist and she was doing readings for I think it was… she told me I think they were like $35 for 20 minutes but she was doing it in this store. So, the store was getting some of the money as well and it was you know, it was really surprising what you can put up with and she had been doing it for a very, very long time and it was only part-time as well so you know, just be really realistic with what your dreams are like, what are you doing your work for and if it’s for fun and all that kind of thing, that’s fine. But I really want to encourage the healers and the spiritual entrepreneurs out there to really stand in their own self-worth like that, not like that, right? This middle finger, self-worth, good with resources, bringing in the money and looking after yourself, taking responsibility for your own business. That’s why you can do this work. Anyway, I’m rabbiting right now, lots of love to you. Let me know if this makes sense. Okay, bye for now. 

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