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Bringing the light to what has been hidden – and the Gift – Pluto Markings

Have you ever had your life just kind of go “kaboom”? Like “boom”?  

Yes, well, I am Luanne Mareen of and Hand Analysis Academy and today I want to bring you a little bit about gift marking called Pluto that is in your hands that does feel like your life is going “kaboom.”   

So, I want to keep this really short and I was having a conversation with a client on Friday, a few days ago and she has one of these markings. Now, gift markings and hand analysis, you can probably find a video here, somewhere on my blog or on my YouTube channel about the gift markings and hand analysis and if not, I’ll do some more. But gift markings and hand analysis show up in your life when they want to be used. Now, I believed everybody is gifted and this is the important thing, not everybody has gift markings on their hands. Doesn’t mean you’re not gifted, just means that you don’t have to use it and I use that word liberally, right? Like, have to… we don’t have to do anything we don’t want to do but when a gift marking shows up in your hands it gives you extra potential. It gives you extra energy to really move into your purpose using that gift marking. Kind of as…  It gives you extra potential and extra energy to put that gift marking into your life purpose and to express it in a way whether that be in a business, in your life, in your relationship.   

So, I’m talking about the gift marking “Pluto.”  Pluto and it comes on, it’s a very small area in your hand over here. It’s a six-pointed star. A very, very rare but actually all the gift markings are rare. So, with rarity, take notice. It means you need to take notice of them or you kind of end up on the student path and it just doesn’t feel as great or inspiring but the point of a gift marking is particularly can feel quite… what’s the word? Shocking or it can just really be jolting when it shows up in your life when you’ve been ignoring it because Pluto in mythology is pretty much Hades, right? He’s the guy in the underworld. He’s the God of the Underworld. And, so, there is polarity in everything. Great word, polarity. So, even though you can feel like you’re in the underworld. The whole purpose of that is to dive deep into your psyche and to your soul’s purpose, into what’s no longer serving you and to then rise and to come out of that when you’ve had a good look at it.  Because when you have one of these gift markings the invisible or the shadow side, or the things that we’ve been trying to hide away in the underworld, they will come out to be seen. They want to be seen, they want to be acknowledged and they want to be integrated into your life, into your soul, into your expression because anything hidden and not acknowledged will just kind of go “hello, I’m here”. But you can use that as a gift.  

So, this gift marking also helps you to see beyond the veil of others. Right, if other people are hiding things, you can kind of see that as well and you can help people through. What it means is that you can actually help through a radical transformation. If this is in your own hand, you have been through this radical transformation or you are going through this radical transformation that has to look in that side that you’ve kept hidden and really shine the light on it for its greatest gift. Now, if you’re working with clients, what a great gift that is because you can take them through this transformation and it can be quick, and it can be fast and it can be done. What can sometimes happen is if you ignore it too long, things just kind of crumble around you until you take notice. Now, I don’t mean to say that to shock you or to scare you, it’s just sometimes people need a bigger wake-up call if you’re ignoring these things in your life. 

So, the Pluto marker, that’s a small snippet of the Pluto marker and you know don’t feel any shame around these things that are down and hidden. Just shine the light on them and bring them up and you can nurture them, you know. You’re ready to go on. It’s like the phoenix rising, right? They’re coming out of the ashes when things just crumble around you. Sometimes things do have to do that in a way.  

So, that is the message today. That is the video today. I wanted to show you about one of the gift markings, there are 18 different gift markings.  So, I’ll be doing some more about different other gift marking and hand analysis. So, if you want to watch a webinar about the scientific hand analysis certification, I’m going to put the link down below so you can check that out. If you want to learn hands for yourself, first and foremost it’s for yourself but then you can actually integrate that into your healing business. If you do have modalities, you can put those together or you can just do it stand alone and it’s a beautiful transformational catalytic… great word, a catalytic modality that you can support others with to get on purpose. In a world with people on purpose, wouldn’t it be so different? 

Anyway, that’s me, many blessings for today. And, well, check me out on the next video. Bye for now.  

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