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Business Hack Planner #1 way I plan that costs me $2

Hey gorgeous ones Luanne Mareen here, and I help coaches, healers, mystics, trailbalzers identify their life purpose, teach them how to stay grounded in their presence and to profit from their passions. And I have a business hack for you today. 

So, my business hack will probably cost you about $2 and it looks like this. So this is my $2 business planner, or its actually a monthly view business planner that I got from the $2 shop. 

So I do a lot o events, and courses, and workshops, and so I plan my year out 12 months in advance and this is my number one tool that I use for this. So I’m very visual, you might be that way as well. And so what I do is I go and buy this from the $2 shop and I start to plan out my year but there’s a few things that I put in first. You’ll see that there’s some highlighted things in there and some things I’ve written. 

And so the first thing that I do is put in my personal events that I have right. So I have my children, I share custody with my ex and the highlighted pieces in here are the days they are with me. So I put in those first so I don’t put any events or schedule anything in when they are with me. The second thing that I do is put in any public holidays, if you are in Australia there’s public holidays, wherever you are in the world, it’s good to put those in so you don’t allocate anything, any workshops on those days. Same thing for school holidays, I get the school holidays, you can google it in your area and I put those in another colour. So nobody really wants to go to an event on a school holiday especially when they’re a mum. So I make sure I put all those things in and then I start to put in my own events.  I like the visual of it, it really helps me. And then the next thing I do is I put it into my Google Calendar once I’ve done it here so everything is synced up. 

So I hope that helps you, it’s a little hack $2 that’s all it cost. I do that every year. And so if you like this video please comment and share what you do for your organization and you can share your comment below and if you want to go and check out the path to purpose your quiz which will take 5 mins, find out what your flavour of life purpose is. There’s 4 possible types, it takes 2 minutes to fill in the quiz and you’ll get your answer straight away. Its over at

Many blissing to you, bye for now. 

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