Busting the myth

Busting a myth that people want what you have

Hey gorgeous one Luanne Mareen here, goddessonpurpose.com. And I help coaches and healers mystics, trail blazers identify their life purpose, staying grounded in their presence and put it in their business that they profit from. And today I just want to bust a, bust a myth out there. And the myth is that once you low you modality or learn more craft that everybody needs it or that everybody wants it. Now I know we can get so excited about learning something and we want other people transform but the thing is not everybody is ready for you, not everybody wants to transform as quick as you straight away. They may later and some may never and you just got to be okay with it. Again we get so excited, I remember when I first learned scientific hand analysis which is a fantastic modality, all about your finger prints, you can identify your life purpose, your life lessons, the thing that holds you back, your gift markings, your personality and then I craft how to support that person in their business based on their purpose. And I thought “wow, this is just going to gang busters.” I went to the USA, I studied, I came back to Australia and yes some people really showed up and wanted that but there’s not as many as I thought at first. So, a little bit disheartening but I keep going with it, I keep going with it and I actually found my tribe who really wanted that transformation that I provided.

So what I want to say to you is be gentle with yourself if you’re just starting out. I know, keep that excitement going but find your tribe they are certainly out there, you can do this you got it. And while you’re here, why don’t you go over to my website goddessonpurpose.com and try the path to purpose quiz. There’s 4 path to purpose that we all have, we have one of them sometimes you have two of them, and you can take the quiz really quickly and find out your flavor like how you’re supposed to kind of show up, the foundation for your purpose. Go over at goddessonpurpose.com and watch out for another tip from me today. You can share, like, comment below.

Many blissings, bye for now.

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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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