Can I challenge you to Show up Beautiful ?

Hey gorgeous Beautiful ,

I just did a live on facebook about Stop Hiding Out.

I know I’ve probably banged on about this before, but I actually have decided to take a bigger stand on this for myself and hope you might join me in this. (so much more fun)

You may ask me – how do I stop Hiding Out ?

  • Stop being scared of rejection – deal with it best you can. Not everyone will love you, but focus on those who do, instead of the few who may not
  • Trust Yourself – you’ve done the work so show up and stop second guessing yourself
  • Speak to someone who gets you – someone who can give you a kick up the butt with love. Yes Ouchie but sometimes neccessary
  • Remember who you are serving:  don’t make this about you, make it about the person who needs to hear your wisdom
  • Talk to one person at a time – kind of runs off the point above, but speak to one person if you are on a live stream, don’t think it as a crowd
  • Don’t be afraid of your amazingness:  let your FREAK flag fly – enough said
  • Don’t be attached to the outcome:  Let that go. Of course you have an intention for coming out of hiding, but don’t be attached to it being a certain way or else the Universe will have its way with you 😉
  • Be serious about being out there:  If you run a business from your souls purpose, get serious about it. Don’t be half pie (kiwi slang for half assed) about it.  Are you fully in or fully out – make the decision
  • Pull up your Big Goddess Undies and lets do this

If you want to really stop hiding, then come and join me and 5 other women at the PURPOSE EMBODIMENT RETREAT in July.  You need this time out to really connect with other inspired Goddesses who get you and will cheer you on to FULLY BLOOM.

pm me on facey

hit reply here and let me know

book in a chat with me

I’d love to have you there !!!

Big blissings Luanne xxx

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PPS: in part of my Stop hiding out challenge, you may want to know that I will be connecting with you more than I have in the past here. I hope you will stay, I will be sad if you leave, and I am not attached to the outcome. Keep Shining where ever you are.

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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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