Can you be intimate on Purpose ?

What is true intimacy? How long can you hold someone’s gaze without you shutting down – and this can look like bursting into laughter to shake out the awkwardness or just looking away quickly.

I do remember a time when it was hard to actually hold someone’s gaze – as they say, the eyes are the window to your soul. So what are you hiding when you won’t let someone see you? or who are you hiding from?

AND then I went and did Tantra work which took eye gazing to a whole different level – you know what I mean if you have been there. Kind of makes me giggle too – both extremes can be awkward.

Sometimes we would look so long and deep you would forget who you were, energetic merging can happen, which is cool if that is your intention, but bewildering if it was not.

There are safe ways to express intimacy (and I’m not just talking sexually). Intimacy takes being vulnerable. It can feel risky, it can feel uneasy. What I do know to be true is that it is something that you can grow into. No-one needs to come out of the gates and get all intimate straight away telling a stranger your deepest darkest secrets – but if it feels right and the boundaries have been set then go for it.

Intimacy is an inside job. Can you be intimate with you? Can You show up as you, can you post something that is meaningful to you and risk it being poo pooed. We can use the I don’t care what others think – but we really do. We care a lot. And like Brene Brown says which I totally agree with – it’s the ones that we love that we should actually care what they think. Anyone else doesn’t matter.

Show up as you, shine as you – not all will love what you do, and bless and release them if they kick up a stink about it, they are not your tribe. Only listen to what matters to you.

Knowing your Purpose is one thing. Expressing it is another. Today I salute the intimacy it takes to be on Purpose. The souls who will risk being laughed at, risk being wrong, risk investing in their souls’ Purposeful growth. They are my tribe. 

As the memories are coming up from last yeas The way of the Gifted Goddess event – my soul smiles. Facebook has a weird way of either triggering good times or bad  but all I see are the great times at these events. The smiles, the breakthroughs, and omg the CONNECTIONS that go on long after the event has gone.

All modern Goddesses (and a few Gods) were present at the event by showing up as themselves. Creating intimate moments of connection with each other to support and sometimes kick each other’s butts to be on Purpose.

This year will be no different as we take it to another level. I have purposely made the events smaller for that reason – Intimacy. I have only just realized why. And the journey continues.

Blissings Luanne xxx

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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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