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How are you going? Have you got a cup of tea? Thanks for joining me, its been a while. I’m really honoured that you’re joining me today. I wanted to talk about claiming ownership. Today I had a meeting with the beautiful Pamelah Landers, as always she’s awesome. Because we’re doing our Hand Analysis training on the 20th. It was interesting, we are checking-in with each other, we’re making sure all the materials are there. And she said something to me on the call, we’re going through preparing our running sheet for the day, and she actually said to me “You know its a small intimate class, I have this amazing feeling that the people who are coming are the ones who really want to step into the mastery of this work, Scientific Hand Analysis.” And we started talking about the Mastery and I said yes, I really get that, I think the people who are coming, who are going to be showing up are really masters in their own craft. She said “I see you as the master of hand analysis here in Australia, and do you own that?” I had to sit with that, I went I guess I am and Pamelah is beautiful, for those who know Pamelah. And then she goes “Well I think there’s a little bit of a tall puppy syndrome going on in here” and I took a deep breathe and then I go I do claim that I am the master of hand analysis here in Australia but I just get on with things. I haven’t actually said that, you can see a lot of people in the world they can take ownership and they are leading in different areas of business, and life, and all that kind of thing, and actually owning who they are. And I went “well I don’t really do that and possibly it is the tall puppy syndrome. And I do know that I’m the number one hand analyst here in Australia because I’ve done the most hands, I’ve done the most study, and I’m really honoured to bring this back here to share it with my people. And she said “Well that’s really good because that’s one of the reason’s why I’m coming over is so that we can co-teach this together.” It takes 10,000 hours to master a gift that you have, a school that you have, and some people can hold a workshop, and have a lovely weekend and do all these things and they go home and they put it on the shelf. And the people who can do hands some of them have come and they do the hand analysis training and then they do it for themselves. I don’t actually go out there and do all the hands but some people who done the training they are doing hand analysis out there. And so she was saying “If you want to be the master of this work you have to claim it” And I sit with it and go I kind of feel that here but when my teachers come over its kind of a different thing and what is mastery anyway. So we went through how many hands you have to do to become a master, hand analyst, an advanced hand analyst, and a teacher. And I go oh yes I’ve done over a thousand hands, all that sort of stuff that you have to be qualified if you want to do that. And she said “Are you claiming that spot?” And I went, yes I kind of get that. And we started talking about the master and the people who are coming, deep diving that we are doing and how we can still be in that tall puppy syndrome even though we’ve learnt a lot of things, and making mistakes, and I think that’s one of the biggest things is to make mistakes and take risks of jumping into things and so its not the big noticing yourself, its actually claiming that the skills and the gifts that you have, that you teach other people that’s kind of like your service to the world. So if you re-frame that, your service to the world unapologetic-ally, that’s what you’re here to do. I’m just talking about this today because we are doing the hand analysis training in a couple of weeks and if you are drawn to it, take a deep dive into your purpose, and learn the thing and the lessons that are holding you back, they are the key to this work. And you want to share that with other people, whether it be a new business, of you’re a coach or a mentor, and you need to look at people’s hands and see where their blind spots are and work through them, come and join us. And we also have a Gift Marking Class, that is on the 29th of the week later. Gift Markings and heart Lines. And you don’t have to do Level 1, everybody can come and do that. What I want to get across is are you acting like a master? In your business, in your life, in your purpose? Are you claiming that spot and sharing that service to the world? 

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