Create, Change, Faith – Your Purpose Message

Using The Maori Oracle Deck today. 

So how are you, happy Monday. I hope you’re doing well getting things done. I’ve been working away here on my presentation for tomorrow for the re-awaken your purpose 5-day virtual online course and I’m sure one of these messages is for me actually. Each Monday I do a purpose message and today I’m using the Maori Oracle. So I haven’t actually used these for a little while for many reasons but I am bringing them back out because they seem very appropriate fro today. And so I have, if you’ve seen the picture before I put three cards, you can do 1, 2, or 3 and then I’ve put actually an oil with each of them too that relates to the inner goddess archetype and also their chakras for a deeper meaning. And I’m going to reveal them right now. So you can have the whole 3, 1, or 2 its up to you. 

So the first one if you chose number one, I’m just looking over here making sure everything’s okay. We’ve had this before, we’ve used this before, its really interesting it comes up now and it is the, and I want to get this right, because I’ve had some comments on my YouTube from Kiwi’s that I’m pronouncing some of them wrong. Please forgive me if I am mispronouncing these if you’re watching this from New Zealand. But I say this as the Kakahu and its a beautiful robe here and the message from this card has actually got to do with purpose. So very interesting and it says “Because the weavers used to sit for hours and hours and it is actually a sacred act to do this, it comes from the flax they strip the flax, they make them pliable and weave them into this beautiful clothes. And their harakeke which the flax that is collected and the kakahu. kakahu is the mouldy cloak. And you put that around you so it is about a certain amount of prestige and mainly about survival really for the cold months but the message here is purpose. So by looking ahead, you can work your way through what has to be done right now.” And I think that’s what a of us are doing, if you have chosen this one, to me its this I’ve been doing some work, been resting as well but I still haven’t kind of stopped everything. I’m still working an on creative project so today i’m actually working on purpose, specifically this one if you choose number one. The oil here today is Ishtar. Now Ishtar is the Babylonian Goddess and you can imagine her with a chiffon billowing range curtains and it has to do with this sacral chakra which is about creativity. And are you creating on your purpose, when I see both of these together its creating an expression of your purpose if you had number one. What are you doing with that? And to also keep a little bit light right now. Creativity is supposed to be fun and there is a lot of fun things going on during these really challenging times. Lots of awesome posts on Facebook and lots of laughter in quite  serious time as well but still keeping it light and staying on purpose. These cloaks take a lot of hard work and when its not hard work when its purposeful work. So I think that’s the message there. Be creative, keep working, and it doesn’t happen over night but it will happen. 

So if you had number two is this beetle here. And its called the Kekerewai and its the manuka beetle. And Keke actually means stubborn. So if you’ve picked number two the meaning is that “the keke means stubborn and the kekerewai is so reluctant to change in its ways. It is known to flying into mud banks rather than changing its flight path. And unfortunately for the Kekerewai, it was once a favored food for the Maori and its failings has allowed it to be caught and killed easily.” It doesn’t sound right, right? But when I see this, the message is that some of the ways you may be keeping, may be keeping you where you don’t want to be.” And I’m all about change right, in these changing times, very changing times, and I think actually right now a lot of people who had businesses like events in person we’ve had to change our ways. I’m actually using zoom at the moment and coming through to this on Facebook. So if you don’t know how to use those, and its actually free, and Julie Lewin is actually amazing, she had a two and a half event all done on zoom and it was supposed to be down here in Frankston. And that is what this card means, to change ways, to learn new ways of being. Learn new ways of getting up and showing out there. Don’t be like this beetle, right, don’t be stubborn. And I know I can be stubborn sometimes and you have to step back and if its not working, what’s that saying, something about madness if you keep doing the same thing over and over again, don’t do that. So if you got number two, it’s time to change, learn something new here. Learn how to do new things, and the actual oil is Quanium and it has to do with the heart chakra. Sometimes when we’re stubborn I love that saying “We fight for our limitation” and to come back, heart chakra’s about having unconditional love and being kind to yourself. And it doesn’t matter, you don’t have to prove to anybody that your way is the right way. So be gentle with yourself, be gentle with other people, around here, you’re not always right, let that control go and be gentle to yourself. Open up your heart. I hope that makes sense to you. So the Quanian and the Beetle. 

And our last one is the Aruhe. Ido love these cards, the author is amazing. She has passed on many years ago now but she has written a lot of amazing books to do with self worth especially and she created these, she’s a great artist, creative artist. And this is the Aruhe and its the root of a bracken firm. So we’re looking at roots here. And its a gift from the Gods of the wild foods and was once a staple food for the Maori and all over New Zealand. And i was so worthy of trust the Aruhe. So no matter what happen, no matter what crops have failed or if birds have fled, so if they had ran our of food, this would always grow. And they could, there’s a thing over in New Zealand Hukumara which is the sweet potato, its kind of similar. So the Hukumara that was their favorite food, so when that didn’t come to harvest, they could still eat this. Its crisp and white, made into dough and was ,ade for travellers and warriors. So the message is dependability and have faith. Its so beautiful for at this time. To me that is still showing up, that is still having faith that yes we will get through this and keep showing up and keep being consistent in what you’re doing for your work and for your purpose. Everyday just do something moving yourself forward and if you are showing up and want to be seen by other people its not like just show up and have a go all out for one day or one week and then we’ll not see you for another month or two months because it kind of doesn’t build that trust with others here. Be that dependable person, have faith in yourself in your own capabilities. And the oil that came with that is Carly. So Carly is about grounding its about the base chakra. Carly is the goddess of destruction which we all kind of feel something has been destroyed or just an old ways have gone to the side right now while she leaves new ways to start growing and she shows up like  foundation. So have faith and be dependable because this little plant grows anywhere. And if you feel you’ve had the wind knocked out of you, you will rise and make it start from your foundation, make your solid foundation. So that is the message there. 

So I hope this all makes sense to you, the Kakahu, the Kekerewai the beetle, and we have the Aruhe which is dependability, changing your ways, and staying on purpose here. And also we have stay in your creativity in play, keep it light, connect with your heart, be okay with that, bw soft and gentle with yourself, and build a really great foundation for your purpose. So I hope that makes sense to you, I’m going back to my presentation tomorrow, I’m kind of doing a workbook, I hope you’re really well, you can come and join us to reawaken your purpose. I’m doing a 5-day just coming online talking about purpose, talking about hand analysis, learn about how to reawaken your purpose because I feel like we’ve kind of some of us have gone to sleep a little. Its like oh lets all have this resting pair which we should have but right now the world needs you, more than ever on purpose. And do I’m going to give you some tips to bring that out and some information about you. Let’s just look at that and its time for your purpose to be reawakened and to be shared and expressed, where else would we be? Everybody needs each other and to be of service in the right way. So I’ll put the link below, it starts at 11 tomorrow and there’s a little bit of workbook to go on which I will give to you, I’m working on that. So lots of love to you and bye for now. 

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