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Do you have Desire Pollution?

Hello, beautiful one. Luanne Mareen here of and Hand Analysis Academy. And I’m here with another video for you about hands. About hands and your purpose. 

So, I wanted to share today about a kind of challenge marker that can show up in people’s hands. You would have seen there… I’ve drawn it for effect on my own hand. And it’s your headline. When your headline has a six-pointed star on the end of it. Actually, it was on my hand a few years back , but I’m drawing it here because I’m left-handed. Anyway, long story. So, what happens when you have this on your hand? We call it Desire Pollution and when desire pollution can be, you are following somebody else’s desires or dreams instead of your own and it could be like as easy as working on a project in your house and you really want to work on the kitchen but your partner really wanted to do the bathrooms but again your desire is actually to have a beautiful kitchen but you kind of just let that to the side and you’re going to go and do the bathrooms. Now, who doesn’t like a good bathroom? But the point is, that wasn’t your desire. And so, instead of speaking up and sharing what your real desires are, you just went along with what was happening to those in your life. So, when you do have this it really would help if you can journal what your desires are, feel into your desires, speak about your desires because it’s not really the other person’s fault. It’s not them… well, sometimes it could be but it’s not them… um… the power is all in you. It’s not that they forced it on you, it’s just that you didn’t have a clear or don’t have a clear idea of what your own desires are. So, it’s… we call it a challenge marker. Now, anything in the hands here like lines and stars and all that they can change because we can change our minds. We can actually get into our own desires and that will come off your hands so, I did have one on my left hand for many, many years I was following somebody else’s dream. It started off as a dream together but I wanted to go a separate way but I was still following that other person’s dream until I said no. I got a clear vision of what I truly wanted to do and then I went on that journey and it’s gone. Well, it’s pretty much gone. So, again, we can change anything, not the fingerprints. They’re our soul’s purpose but all the other things in our personality if it’s not serving us we can let that go. 

So, that’s the video for today. I know you’re looking at your hands going “do I have a star?” if you don’t, you don’t have it, it’s all good. If you do, now, you’re conscious about doing something about that. Like getting into those desires feeling what you really want to do. So, until my next video, bye for now and if you are interested in joining me and learning about scientific hand analysis, I have a scientific Hand Analysis Certification Program available. I’m taking six new people into the program, starting them off now and I’m going to put the link below if you want to know more you can watch the webinar on that. So, many, many blessings until my next video. Bye for now. 

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