Done, not perfect – Stop procrastinating

Done, not perfect.  

Hi, I’m Luanne Mareen of goddessonpurpose.com and the handanalysisacademy.com. Today I wanted to do a really quick video about getting things done but not perfect. This is one of my catchphrases. If you’ve ever done any work with me in the Step out and shine program or the Hand Analysis Academy, I’ll always just say “let’s get it done, it doesn’t have to be perfect.” Perfection really stops us from moving forward in our life purpose and going for things that we really want, our desires, our dreams because it needs to look a certain way. So, I’ve been doing these videos for the past couple of weeks now and I wanted to really challenge myself and get up as much information in 30 days as I can. And I really did that because that is what really pushes me… but that’s really what gets me going and got this challenge and I’m going to get it done. But sometimes when you do things in a quick way, they don’t always come out perfect but the thing is they get done.  

So, I have a friend, a beautiful friend of mine and she said “oh, your videos you’ve got a…” when I put them up, I do a specific title at the top and when you put them into Instagram the title just goes weird. It just looks weird and I know that because I have gone “oh, I should have done that better, I should have… actually I should delete it and put it back up” and then I just went done not perfect. Because it’s up there, people may kind of go “oh, why is that title weird?” but the content is what really matters. And I really do want to take that down and put up another one but I’ll wait a few weeks. So, my actual or the point of that is it’s done but it’s not perfect and so many… I could just you know, beat myself up about it “oh, that looks silly people are not going to take me seriously” and I’m like but it’s done not perfect.  

What I’m saying is don’t put out work. Like sometimes I’m like “oh,” I’ll cringe a little bit but then I can or anything can go back and be changed. But what can’t go and be changed is something that is not being put out there. Do you hear what I mean? Right? You can’t go and change something because you’re procrastinating here.  

And there’s a gift marking called Lines of Genius. I’ll tell you about Lines of Genius really quickly but there is a video about this. Lines of Genius is a marking on your pinky finger and it means you’re here to be an author and speaker. And master path, you’re out there, you’re sharing. You’re making…taking big concepts and bringing them down for people to understand in an easy manner because through your filter you just make it you know, easier for people to digest. Student path, is running around in circles. Student path, is pushing lots of piles of paper around. Student path, is procrastination and the procrastination is because I need to write that speech better instead of just getting out there and doing it. You know, I tongue tie my words in my videos all the time and if somebody is like going “oh my goodness, she’s not that professional” it doesn’t matter, not my people, right? It doesn’t matter, thank you very much, move on because you know, it is about having fun, getting things done and getting your message out there. It’s never going to be perfect. It is never… it’s not supposed to be perfect, right? So, you can relax, it’s okay because really what people pick up on is your energy. Your energy and your message and just the way that you present yourself. Right, this is not a fantastic studio. This is in my dining room, okay? Done, not perfect.  

So, when you think about “oh, why am I not doing that thing,” don’t beat yourself up. Just take a small step forward and really just show up like give it a go. You don’t know if you failed until you failed even though we don’t want to fail. And who says it’s going to be a failure? Do you get me? Okay. Alright, so this video didn’t go so short, it’s so long anyway. But anyway, that is my tip for today. Just put it out there. Get it done, not perfect and see how you go.  

Okay, lots of love. Many blessings. Until my next video and if you want to like post below something that you’re to challenge yourself to get done. Something that you’ve been procrastinating about for a long time but you know, you can feel that it’s time to get it done. Okay. Many blessings. Bye for now. 










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