Self-Reflections: Each day I take action and move my life forward

I am a person of action. I understand that nothing changes until I change my behavior and take consistent action.

I avoid the belief that knowledge alone can change my life. New knowledge only gives me the potential to behave in a new way. I learn as much as I can, but I use that knowledge to take action and move toward my goals.

I have a plan for each day. My days are productive, but I avoid being overly aggressive. Consistent action is more productive in the long term. Consistent action fuels progress.

I figure that taking action is the key to creating an amazing life. It works for me!

I view myself as a person of action. In fact, I rate my day based on the actions I take. I ask myself, “How much did I do? How effective were those actions?”

Taking effective actions can accomplish anything.

I am a fan of progress. I can feel great about a hard day as long as I made at least a small amount of progress.

Today, I am putting action over learning and planning. I am taking the actions I know I should be taking. I am taking control over my actions and my life.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What have I done today that will make my life better a month or more in the future?
  2. Do I prefer to learn, plan, and daydream over actually taking steps to make my life better? If so, how well has that worked for me?
  3. What can I do each day this week that will make my life better in the future?
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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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