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Can you stand the criticism

Hey there, beautiful ones. Luanne Mareen here of and The Hand Analysis Academy. And I am doing this Hand Analysis Life Purpose video live today actually in the Goddess Inner Circle which is on Facebook because doing these videos every day or for five days every day for 30 days, sometimes I get a little bit bored just talking to myself in the video and so, I will actually go live. So, even if I’m doing a live with nobody here it just feels like there’s some kind of interaction. So, this is where this video was shot and if you’re watching the replay: #replay.


So today the topic I really want to talk about is like how can be being over sensitive support your life purpose? And I say that today because this is the topic each week in the scientific hand analysis certification. We talk a bit about a certain marking or lines in your hands and we were talking about attack lines and Apollo attack lines and so the mythology around Apollos. He is the artisan, right? He sees a target, he gets his target, he likes being seen, he loves being appreciated and so when you have these kinds of over sensitive moments as I have in the past. I have a very Apollo purpose part of my purpose and a lot of people who come to me, a lot of healers actually have Apollo purpose as well. I’ll get to what that means but in the past have been definitely being oversensitive to criticism which is an Apollo purpose student path. Right, when somebody criticizes you or you know just rejects you or you have this fear whether it be in your head or whether it be true of the tomatoes, the rotten tomatoes being thrown at you, remember? Or you’re being pulled off stage by the crook, the hook and the cook. 

And so today, well yesterday, I actually noticed that I put up a video yesterday and it was that if you saw it it’s in this group as well about the principles and values. Now in the title of that video, I’ve spelt principles wrong. Now, I am probably well not the worst speller but there are some words that I just don’t get right. Anyway, it was up there now, somebody had come along, somebody I do know and she comments on a lot of my posts and she wrote “I’ve spent a lot of time being next to standing next to the principals”. Now, when I saw that, this woman is an ex-teacher, so I’ve gone “oh, my goodness. I have spelt principles wrong” and with that, I went and changed it which is great. I sent back to her “ oh, thank goodness, the grammar police are out to support me” and I truly meant that. I was truly appreciative of her telling me that because it just looked weird, okay? And I’m all for “get it done not perfect” that wasn’t perfect but there are some things that you can correct. So, I went and changed it then  I noticed that I went “ oh my goodness, that’s actually a step in the right direction” because I could have taken her comment and probably would have and gone “oh, she’s always criticizing me how about you get up there and do your video” or I would say “ oh, you know who cares” or I would just shut down and deleted the video then, right? Or if it was you, what would you have done? You know like, “God, I’ve never ended the video again” or get the grammar police out. What is it… Grammarly, there is actually an app that helps you do good grammar. I didn’t use it yesterday. 

So, you can go into this whole spiral and then if your purpose is actually to be seen, regardless of being criticized and you don’t feel like you’re criticized then that’s a step forward like we were saying in class “you know you’re life lesson it feels like you go two steps forward and one back but being conscious of that” so, I actually noticed, went “ah, thanks” you know whereas before it’s like “oh, God. I hope she doesn’t see my post or whatever” so, no big deal. It’s just that growth opportunity to still step out and be seen and when you’re not being overly sensitive that’s one of the biggest things that I find healers, you know really hide from. It’s like “it’s not good enough, I’ll be criticized” you’ve got to. You’ve actually got to go through, put yourself up to be criticized and then you can learn from that experience. Right, without going off the tap. Oaky, so I hope that’s kind of… I hope that’s made sense today. Right, we’ve just got to experience things in our life purpose and our life lessons to know if we’re actually living it and criticism can be part of that. 

So, there you go. Get your spelling right. Until tomorrow. Does this make sense? Does this resonate with you? Have you had some situations where you’ve felt criticized and you’ve worked through it? When I see the person who put that post up I think she was just doing it in my best interest albeit kind of sideways instead of saying “you spelt that wrong” she actually “ah…” and I picked up on it like my intuition. Maybe we can talk about intuition in the moon zone tomorrow. Okay, until the next video. Lots of love, many blessings bye for now.

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