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Self-Reflections: I choose trust over cynicism.

I choose to surround myself with trust rather than cynicism. I am ready to accept life’s imperfections and continue to hope for better things.

Trust creates a more accurate view of the world. I deserve to be treated fairly. I hold others accountable for their actions. I hold myself accountable, as well.

I can take sensible risks because I am strong enough to endure occasional disappointments. If someone lets me down today, they may still help me in the future. Whatever setbacks occur, I know I am competent. I learn from my mistakes and become more skillful at assessing situations.

It is important to be wise and trusting. I take the necessary steps to help me reach accurate judgments. I manage my emotions. I ask questions and gather pertinent information.

Trusting makes me feel more connected and less cynical.

I bring more love into my life because of my openness with others. Giving others a chance is rewarding for me. I surround myself with friends and enjoy new experiences.

I am energized by my faith. While cynicism closes doors, trust motivates me to focus on developing constructive solutions. I shake off feelings of apathy. I see the potential for cooperating with others so we can all get ahead.

Today, I am confident that others are worthy of my trust. I move forward with an optimistic spirit. I am open-minded and hopeful that I can resolve any conflicts that arise on my journey through life.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What do I get out of being cynical and is it worth the price?
  2. How can I stop myself from being cynical?
  3. How do I distinguish between trust and gullibility?
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