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Self-Reflections: I deserve to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

When I work hard, I earn great benefits. I give every ounce of effort to my job. I am thankful for my financial earnings. I dedicate a portion of those earnings each month to treating myself to something nice as a reward for doing my best.

I look forward to the pride I feel when I do a good job. I openly display the pride from my accomplishments. I feel deserving of the recognition I get from doing a good job.

I set a good example for others. Being a good role model comes naturally to me. When I am able to influence others in a positive way, I feel rewarded.

It makes me happy when I can use the fruits of my labor to help others in need. I am humbled when I see how much of an impact my charitable contributions have on others. My charitable spirit brings me true joy.

Giving to those in need keeps me grounded. I actively seek opportunities to give to others. Sometimes I help a friend or family member. Other times, I assist a stranger. I feel truly blessed to be able to help.

Today, I commit to working hard and getting positive rewards. I give fully of myself and enjoy the benefits.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What can I do to balance my efforts with the rewards I earn?
  2. When have I felt guilty about treating myself well?
  3. How do I respond when I work hard without getting the recognition I deserve?
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