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Self-Reflections: I know my opinion matters.

My opinions are important, valid, and relevant because I have a lifetime of experiences to draw upon.

My opinions are just as important as everyone else’s. I have intelligent thoughts to share with the world. My thoughts and beliefs are insightful and meaningful. Others are grateful for my perspective and advice. I want to help others by letting them know what I think.

I am confident that my words possess the power to change lives.

My friends often seek my advice. I openly share my opinion on the situation we are discussing. My family members love to listen to my opinions. The things I say are important and interesting to them.

I feel comfortable voicing my opinion on any topic in all situations. I know my viewpoint is well-received and respected. Others enjoy listening to me talk and place a high value on the things I say. I enjoy speaking up and take every opportunity to share my thoughts.

When I feel like my opinion is unimportant, I remind myself of all the times I have helped someone with my words. Others often benefit from my opinion. This makes me more eager and confident to share my ideas.

Today, I realize my opinion is important and meaningful. I continue to share my thoughts boldly and confidently. I am free of hesitation. I know my opinion matters. I am grateful for the tremendous respect I receive from others.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Why does my opinion matter?
  2. Who has benefited from my opinion?
  3. How could I feel more confident about sharing my opinions?
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