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Self-Reflections: I trust my intuition to lead me to abundance.

I have faith that my intuition can lead me to abundance. Intuition is the same as wisdom.

Intuition is that “little voice” that lets me know if I am on the correct path. Sometimes, that path might take me to a challenging place. But I take comfort in knowing it is exactly the place I am supposed to be.

My wisdom comes from experience, intelligence, and the divine. My intuition takes me to great places.

My intuition leads me to abundance, but the ultimate responsibility to follow my instincts belongs solely to me. Whenever I follow my intuition, I am blessed with money, love, adventure, gratitude, or other positive gifts.

I enjoy being such an intuitive person and seize opportunities to enhance my intuitive spirit. I find this enriches my life in many ways.

I am fortunate to have such great intuition and I trust it more each day.

When I encounter challenges, I often realize that I have ignored my inner voice. This reminds me to let my conscience be my ultimate guide. I learn great lessons when I am presented with challenges.

Today, I let my intuition do the driving. My intuition is one of my greatest assets. I allow and trust my intuition to lead me to great abundance. I look forward to what lies ahead.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How has my intuition served me well in the past?
  2. When has ignoring my intuition led me to negative outcomes?
  3. What can I do to get more in touch with my intuition?
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