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Self-Reflections: Listening to the plight of others prevents me from passing judgment.

I make every effort to offer unwavering support to my friends. I am an excellent listener and problem solver. I enjoy guiding others towards a resolution. I pride myself in being a confidant when others are seeking a listening ear.

It is easy to pass judgment when I hear about a negative situation. At times, I find myself jumping to a conclusion before hearing all the facts.

It is only fair to give others the benefit of the doubt and refrain from judging them. I show strength of character when I keep this in mind.

I provide comfort and strength to those I love. When I realize a close friend or family member is facing a challenge, I support them in any possible way. I help my loved ones make it through the hard times by giving them a shoulder to lean on.

I strive to take the feelings of others into consideration.

I listen when others are facing a challenging situation and then provide thoughtful advice. It is important to hear all the facts and determine if my advice is desired. I attempt to defuse the situation and keep it from escalating. I feel fulfilled when I can help my loved ones through a crisis.

Today, I realize that life is about offering assistance in whatever ways I can. I refrain from judgment and work towards helping others through tough times. I commit to lending a helping hand and making kind gestures.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I support others during difficult situations?
  2. What can I do to keep myself from passing judgment?
  3. How can I keep a negative situation from escalating?
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