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How Iveta did it “her own way” when it comes to her Purpose

Luanne: Okay everyone, Luanne Mareen here of the Hand Analysis Academy. I am here today interviewing one of the amazing students who is currently in the certification and doing it. And I wanted to give you a chance to listen to what’s happened for her. So welcome Iveta, hello Iveta.

Iveta: Hello how are you Lu?

Luanne: Im good and thank you for sharing what youre going to share today. So lets just dive in. What kind of, what was happening for you in your life or in your business, however you want to share before you came into the hand Analysis Academy and started learning about hands. And I know we worked together in another program too.

Iveta: that’s exactly what I was doing. So very much going into my own works, Ive done lots of different things but very much feeling the need to do it my way. And so I always had that background in Health & Wellness but really wanting to be a bit more specific around Womens Empowerment and really helping women connect with their beautiful internal essence and their magic inside of them. So really creating that safe space and supporting them in a journey of self discovery, embodiment, I suppose opening up their world to different experiences that can help them with their personal growth and working with you. So that was all part it, and programs, and sister circles. And this was a year ago and theres always that little, you know I love self discovery and learning different modalities about this life long discovery of myself, that’s what I feel like Ive been doing. And it was just great timing that the opportunity came out with you. And here I am, nearly a year later.

Luanne: Nearly a year rigth. And there’s so many Ahas’! I mean each week we get on and you ask the best questions by the way too. And I love that you said self discovery because Im the same. Im like, and you’re School of Service so we like to discover. Could you name one of the biggest Ahas’ that you got from learning, doing the certification so far?

Iveta: I think its really, we’ve got it here. Its here. It is in our hands and I think just reflecting on my year, I’ve thought well not every one but a certain number of people, there’s something in them that they feel, there’s something there right, and then these hands seem to confirm most things and highlight them.  So I think that’s been the hugest thing and then also really a big Aha was we have our purpose in our hands, we have our lessons and I think initially I was a bit confronted with the whole lesson thing because I feel like Im queen of lessons in the world, in my experience, in my lifetime, and do I freaking need anymore lessons. You know, I think I just didn’t want to see them, but then when I was able to flip it, to go these are really beautiful experiences and they are taking me closer to a deeper connection with my purposem that got me all goosy right now but this is totally off the cup but… and I think that can be really powerful for me to embrace those. And then knowing them, we can, that awareness and we can work with them from a more loving, accepting space rather resistance and pushing away because that’s just going to come back in a different form and it’s a beautiful experience.

Luanne: I love that, I do, because what I heard was that everything comes up to the consciousness like youre conscious of it and when you said lovingly work with them that’s beautiful, because its not supposed to be a struggle but you feel the resistance but then when you said lovingly its like yeah these are loving lessons and they are beautiful and I own them, and I am flipping them. And you learn how to flip them right. Oh gosh I love it.

Iveta: I know. But I think also we’re going through such a transition in the world and the whole constriction, confinement in a way our life is meant to be, how we’re supposed to be living, however our conditioning has impacted. I think this can allow us a different sense of freedom and liberation as well in knowing our hands, knowing our purpose, our lessons, that can be very liberating in this whole process.

Luanne: Beautiful words, because I always feel like it gives you the confidence, it gives you clarifty but just take it at another step like liberating, I really love that. But what ha it helped you to do in your purpose? Knowing it is one thing, taking action is another, or expression?

Iveta: This might sound really crazy, in a way its given me permission, I mean this is going to sound really dumb, permission to accept myself. So for example, probably most of my life, I’ve struggled with that because of different experiences in things. So embracing that this is my souls journey and what im here to experience and what I want to create. And we’re all different pieces of the puzzle. There’s no same piece of the puzzle. So its really embracing that and being okay with that and its still a work in progress but it has helped me take those steps forward like showing up more on video and feeling into my work and not giving up on it and just continuing to expand and grow. Because I think there are a number of us who are here to really support and guide people, and hold people in this time. Its massive, really massive.

Luanne: It is. Everytime I hear this is why we’re doing the work, this is why we do it. And its not work as such but another word is its Illumination. Illuminating, because theres something very special that you’re working on and im not going to get that out of the bag just yet but I know that you do illuminate in your beautiful womens circles. Theres so much information in the hands but how you express it is different to the next person. I love the puzzles, right. You are the divine expression of the creator, right. This one, Im this one, theyre this one but we’re all, we all get to activate each other. You already had a paying client, have you not?

Iveta: Yes.

Luanne: Because this is the thing right, some people will go into a certification right, and that’s nice, and I really wanted to make money but you actually went out and did it right?

Iveta: Just in conversation came up and I think, you know, [its all the] I think when we’re in that space of being and we’re showing from the heart and just the connections are the right people, the right circumstances they come up and show up. And its beautiful.

Luanne: And I love it. I love that other people are doing it as well but you were kind one of the first because it was just the new year. But its your, it’s the excitement and the energy and its just like, whatever you say, they feel it. They may have never heard it, so theyre like yes please how do I do that. So congratulations on that and you’re doing readings for others, people who want readings. So can I ask you, why would you encourage others to do this course?

Iveta: I think because its just here for us. Its not going away, I mean our palms change but our finger prints don’t. It’s a beautiful self discovery tool and I think the way you created, like what really drew me to the course was the weekly connection with you, so that is really important for me in terms of learning because I need to talk, I need to ask questions. I need to be in the discussions, I need to hear what other people are experiencing and expressing, so that is critical, that’s a huge part for me. And there are different modes of learning through that, the way you deliver the information is just awesome. You can watch videos, you can face-to-face, youre doing your own work, your own revision but its all, you know, I suppose it depends on your mode of learning and what you prefer but I think the variety is awesome.

Luanne: I love it. Just recently we’ve been doing the breakouts and doing reading for each other in a safe space and I don’t see whats going on in there.

Iveta: But theyre awesome!

Luanne: I can feel them. Technology is great where you can pair up and that’s really what it is. You get that validation and you’ve just been really special in all that. Well everyone is special but like I said, the questions, your questions and other peoples questions its like it drops for them.

Iveta: And that’s the beauty of the group, coming together and then meeting different people all over the world is awesome. Im all up for that too.

Luanne: theyre great, I want to say tribe, it’s a great tribe and you’ve all got different gifts so its like you can feel when somebodys got a question or saying something and then they express it, its just magical so thank you. So where can we find you?

Iveta: Well in lots of different places. Ive got Love Focus Shine which is a gorgeous intimate Facebook Group, you’re welcome to join that. So that’s really a safe space, more inspiration and motivation. I do have Sister Circles, actually one is coming up in Friday week, those details are yet to come out but that’s all going to be about nourishing our internal world. I think, I really feel we need some nourishment right now. And then theres you can go and visit that. Or feel free to message me if there’s anything specific. The Illuminated Woman is coming, that’s going to be a 5-week program for a small group to go through. And one-on-one if people are looking for one-on-one type of work involving hand analysis.

Luanne: That’s what I was going to ask you. We will put all the links here. How do you see this integrating because you do lots of different things, how do you see it working with your business?

Iveta: Well all through it. So I think, I mean it is key for someones understanding of themselves. They just get a deeper understanding and appreciation of their beingness here. Its like a foundation really, that they can take that however deep they want to go really. I mean there are so many layers to it, and I think, I remember my first reading with you Lu, it was like… It takes that conversation because it’s a different language as well. But once I got used to it and could feel its power, it was really beautiful. My intention is to, I suppose, is make it as tailored to that persons needs a time and then we can go whatever way they need to. So I think that is key for something that with my work is very much working with that person to what they need.

Luanne: Great foundation. So its like, anything that I do give me a hand, and then we work on the other stuff. But you know, I feel like its going into the Illuminated Woman program to other things you can do and then you also do it stand alone. So theres lots of options there for a person whose not even when you started a healing business but if you want to integrate that after learning back to yourself, right? Well any last words before I go?

Iveta: I just want to say thank you! Life is just beautiful if we want it to be. And im just very greatful for my experiences with you and the different rides we have been on. Its really important to withdraw and check it out because we need each other. We are growing, learning  making the most of this magical time were in.

Luanne: our contract is up there and then we drew it out and we did it. We’re doing it. We found each other on this huge planet and its like that for everybody.

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