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Events Galore and why you need to create your own

10 years ago I put on a 3 day extravganza event on the Gold Coast in a really posh hotel !. I live in Melbourne but I couldn’t find the right venue here …. so why not book somewhere in another state right? I also had a small email list – approx 700 (which is small when you need to fill a room for a 3 day event). I was a new Hand Analyst and I did have a few Goddess gatherings under my belt – but they were 3 hour events not 3 days.

I was encouraged to ask some back then “influencers” if they would share my event …. and all of them said, hmmmm that doesn’t really suit my audience so sorry but not right now.

Did I get discouraged? Nope … I got pissed off and rolled up my sleeves and got to work taking action. I booked in talks with other groups that actually did align with me, I flew to other states, I joined other groups (paid membership) and sussed them out and I ran my own goddess circles and told women about it. There no facebook ads back then (not that I knew back then how to use them if i did) and I don’t even think instagram was around? I was certainly not tik toking either.

So when I eventually got 80 beautiful souls (many of whom flew from Melbourne to Gold Coast) to want to come and paid for it – I was so excited. It wasn’t easy, but it was in FLOW and aligned to my Purpose. We had a great time !!! – so I did it again in 2013, 2014 (Melbourne), got divorced, regrouped, then again in 2017, 2018, 2019. 2019 I worked out that the sisters wanted smaller events so I actually took my event on the road and travelled to 2 states. I say this not to brag …. I say this to say when I see another sister put on her own event …. I HAVE HUGE APPRECIATION for her. It takes courage, Purpose, planning, risk $$$, unwavering focus and of course all the woo woo help we can call in. Also I believe that a little Naivety too. My first event in 2012 – I just remember I KNEW I WOULD NOT AND COULD NOT FAIL. I knew many were amazed at this but it just wasn’t in my “Field”. Because I had seen others in the USA do it – I attended them and thought oh hell yes lets do this here.

Because of that naivety, I didn’t actually realise it COULD fail. It was already done. One other thing that I do attribute the success to is having a MENTOR and COACH. My mentor had done it, so I could do it. When someone said “hmmmm you are doing what ???” I talked to my mentor and she helped me to get that negative thought away. And off I skipped doing the work I love. She actually was amazed that we got 80 souls to my first 3 day event !!! (lucky she told me that AFTER I filled it ;)).

So this is why I am now sitting back and JOINING other women at their events. I love supporting them and wished that was possible for me (it was in the later years after i had “proved” myself) but I am sharing 2 events that I was invited to be involved and I know exactly what it takes for them to create this from their Purpose. I’m so honored to be a part of both events. See below for links

I also got called out of “retirement” this month. I retired my Step out and Shine Business Mastermind last year, to concentrate on the Hand Analysis Academy. At one of my recent Awaken Your Purpose events I was asked ….. Lu are you doing business coaching ? They told me “I want to be coached by you … I wasn’t ready before, I couldn’t afford it before… BUT I AM READY NOW !!! ” how could I refuse 🙂 My heart beamed –

Little did they know that I had already created a shorter version coaching/mentoring program and called it – and while I had kept it under wraps ….. I laughed and said ladies, you will never guess. So until now I am now opening up the doors for this.

I have decided that I only want to run smaller groups for now. Not forever, just for now. ie: my 1 day event is 10 max, my Prosper from your Purpose is the same. I realise that this is the way I want to work …. For now. My fingerprints tell me so …. and I am listening.

So there you go gorgeous – it’s been a wee while since last update email but stay tuned for more Hand analysis, Purpose, Healer business content coming your way. You can even hit reply and let me know what you would like more of or if you have questions.

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