Self-Reflections: Every day I am getting better at what I do

I approach each day with the objective of improvement. I like to improve at everything I do. I figure if I am going to spend the time anyway, I am going to make the effort to become better.

If I constantly improve each aspect of my life, my life can only improve overall.

I avoid being obsessive when it comes to improvement. I simply pay attention to what I am doing at any moment and do it as well as I can. This is easy for me to do.

I feel more relaxed and at ease when I put my full attention on the task in front of me. Using my full attention maximizes my results.

I enjoy my life more, because I am making progress each day. I am literally getting better at everything I do each and every day.

I am happy and satisfied when I make progress each day. The more progress I make, the better I feel. The better I feel, the more I want to improve.

Today, I am looking forward to making several small improvements. These improvements are happening in my work, relationships, hobbies, diet and exercise program, and everything else I do.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. In what areas of my life have I failed to make progress? Why? What can I do to begin making small improvements in those areas?
  2. In what areas of my life do I seem to continue to make progress? Why am I improving?
  3. What would my life look like in six months if I improved each day in all the relevant areas of my life?
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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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