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After an amazing 6 days of looking at our Purpose design in our hands, more wisdom is dropping in each day. The power of knowing the wisdom staring back at us. Using Hand Analysis and decoding what it is telling you is profound. Something that is brewing big time is the need to go “Next Level” but for me that is diving into the Underworld. To the Shadow, to the emotions, to the hidden parts of us. We all show a certain “face” to the world. This is called “Facebook” and of course we put our best foot forward. And what happens behind the scenes can be something different. When there is grief, shame, guilt, rage, abuse, pain that is stored in our body and our emotions – where does it go? It gets expressed unhealthily – through addictions – name them all. There are also those that use other peoples grief, shame, guilt, rage etc to control them. That is UNTIL you resolve it for yourself. In a world where it feels so judgmental to show your weakness, we can turn that around to our biggest strength. Over the past few days I’ve thought deeply into why people do the things they do. The face/mask they put forward (I include myself in all of this). We want to be loved, we want to feel included and we all have secrets. All of us. And in their being “secrets” – being “quiet” so not to rock the boat, is again controlling how we show up in the world. How we “PUT up” with behaviour from others that are not inspiring. How we PUT up with our own disempowering behaviours because we don’t feel safe to share our deepest darkest secrets. And when you finally do – it feels like a huge load has been lifted. No more can it hold you back. I own my intuition – I know my feelings when I meet someone. I know when I am triggered (most of the time) and I am still human. But I know that judgement of another is judgement of myself. You have not walked in their shoes. We are all on this journey. My conversation today was – sometimes its challenging being conscious, and when I look back to when I was unconscious in thoughts and beliefs I still remember knowing there was more. There were happy moments for sure – and we don’t walk around all blissful 24/7 haha and I sure don’t believe anyone who professes to be this way. We are both light and dark. And the balance that we seek is owning all parts of that. For those of us on a Self-growth journey – you know what I mean. So in conclusion to an epic week: I am called to go even deeper. I realise what is calling. I know what I am ignoring and I know what to ignore – duality of all of this. Not everyone is ready for this journey – if it scares you or excites you then you know what I mean. Goddess musings mulling around. Pregnant with ideas and purpose. Growing them with time, love, excitement and trepidation. Big blissings Luanne ♥♥♥ #goddessonpurposemusings #returntoself #gopisonitsway

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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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